January 17, 2017

University SJWs whine that 'old white professors' are unfit to teach black students because they're 'potentially racist'

StaffRebel Columnist

In a display of irony, black students studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London are discriminating against professors because of their skin colour.

According to The Daily Mail, “said under-representation of black people among the teaching staff, relative to the student body, made students feel 'isolated', unable to engage with their studies and lecturers.”

These comments were taken from interviews with students by the SOAS Student Union and submitted in a report asking why less black and minority ethnic (BME) students achieve 2:1 or first class degrees than their white counterparts.

The report claimed that “confidence and engagement during their studies is affected by 'racial exclusion and discrimination in the learning and teaching environment.” It also blamed a “white curriculum” and being “excluded” from discussions.

“Some felt it unrealistic to expect their white tutors to be able to empathise with their problems, especially those who had experienced racial abuse in comparable settings in the past,” the report said.

Sir Anthony Seldon, 63, vice-chancellor of Buckingham University found the report ridiculous. “White people can't teach BME students? Really? I think this claim is unfair and untrue and disrespectful to universities and members of staff. We are human beings, first, second, third, fourth, fifth,” he said.

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commented 2017-01-18 16:54:53 -0500
more like ’ they a Actually expect you pass an exam’—- and that is Racist.
commented 2017-01-17 21:51:59 -0500
EH!!! You brain dead colored people – WE all have color!! If you don’t like it go pull a “Jackson” !!
And while you are at it _ GFYS!!
commented 2017-01-17 17:35:06 -0500
Everyone on the planet is “potentially racist”.
And like Peter said below , they are the only ones we can be sure are racist.
commented 2017-01-17 17:34:04 -0500
Ummm sorry , no black person alive today was a slave in the US so all the teachers know is historical facts and records, no specific color need to understand those.
commented 2017-01-17 16:21:42 -0500
Gives me hope that a prof is at least resisting and seeing this for the nonsense it is. As I said on another thread here I thought that back in the seventies already in the age of Archie Bunker we had pretty much put racism to rest. However, under Obama’s watch coincidentally, the pendulum has swung over so now it’s whites who get discriminated against. Didn’t see that coming.
commented 2017-01-17 15:27:48 -0500
Self destruction is coming upon the civilized part of the world
commented 2017-01-17 14:54:47 -0500
I’m surprised that the Vice-Chancellor stood up to them. In most Universities these days, the staff is in lock-step withe SJW students. The fact that they even HAVE a school of of Oriental and African studies suggests victimology indoctrination.
commented 2017-01-17 13:59:01 -0500
What a bunch of little snot nosed, bigoted, racists.
commented 2017-01-17 13:56:20 -0500
The only people we can be certain are racists are the SJWs themselves.