November 08, 2016

Unlike Alberta NDP, BC Liberals won’t go “new age regressive” with education policy

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

School choice for parents is currently a big issue in Alberta but in BC, the NDP have consistently attacked the BC Liberals over their stance on public education and condemned government funding of private and faith based schools.

Recently the province determined it had no choice but to remove the elected Vancouver school board for failing to balance the budget. If you saw my original report on this decision you will know the backlash from the BC NDP was ironic if not hypocritical.

Over the weekend at the BC Liberal convention, I caught up with Education Minister Mike Bernier. Watch as we discuss the decision to remove the board and then have a frank discussion about parental choice and the value of independent and faith based schools.

While his response on the preference some universities have for international students, was a bit disappointing, I was impressed with his unabashed defence of independent and faith-based schools.

This is just one example of how the BC Liberals don’t allow themselves to go to go all “new age regressive” with education policy the way we have seen in Ontario and now Alberta.

Of course the matter around the now dismissed Vancouver school board is not over. If you recall we are in the process of filing a freedom of information request surrounding the toxic work environment at the board prior to dismissal.

I will update you on that as we make progress on trying to get a proper price after the school board attempted to throw a $20,000 price tag at us.

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commented 2016-11-08 20:58:14 -0500
Bill ,they don’t act like the wackos in Ontario or turdo’s libs and in next Mays election i hope the people of BC have enough brains to reject the ndp’ers after seeing what that disgusting bitch nutley is doing to Alberta , bc’s libs aren’t perfect but we can not let another bunch of ndp’ers in , that party should not be in charge of any province , at least Clark is trying to get our resource sector going and our pipelines built even with great opposition from the tides foundation , cities of vancouver , burnaby , victoria and suzuki’s brain washed fools , she has her hands full ,but in my opinion she has let them get away with too many protests all with the help of cbc ,msm and the province and sun newspapers, they are all very anti resource and anti pipelines and pro turdo , i cancelled my subscription to the province paper because of that BS , we have a lot of ecco nuts in the lower mainland .i did e mail her party about when they tried to gouge alberta when alberta wanted to get that pipeline built through BC , me and many blue collar workers were mighty pissed , i tried to tell the libs they should be joining up with alberta to get more clout and power and tell turdo to go screw himself , but that’s all changed now as nutley is destroying alberta with turdo ,winnie and the province of Quebec ’s help and the welfare maritime provinces .
commented 2016-11-08 19:49:54 -0500
I’m actually glad for BC this current government is the most stable and reasonable government they have had for a long time.