October 01, 2015

Unlike Obama, Putin is in Syria to win. Here's how he'll do it

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

According to some reports, Russian fighter jets have just wiped out the so-called "moderates" in Syria that Obama has been arming.

Russia has long had a port in Tartus, Syria, one of great strategic importance.

No wonder Putin has been pouring equipment and personnel into the country. 

Putin is determined to destroy ISIS and anti-Assad militants, and he's told Obama to stay out of his way.

So what should the U.S. -- and Canada -- do?

I don't like Assad. He's a tyrant who's said to have used chemical weapons on his own people. But within a year, if Putin stays on course, Russia could very well wipe out ISIS.

That's because Russians fight differently than we do. They always have...


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commented 2015-10-11 19:07:35 -0400
wow quite the debate on this topic so lets talk about the homegrown terrorists the ones going to fight with isil/isil . its not just Canada its a worldwide deal. My understanding is that if you are found to be a terrorist ( home grown ) that that counts as treason as a Canadian citizen as far as I know unless its off the books being convicted of Treason is death by firing squad but instead we are goi ng to boot them out maybe we should boot the whole family out who came here to have a better life and contribute but their lost soul children join the Islamic fundamentalists. To come to Canada or any other country there are laws for its citizens and if you are coming from another country you should be living mainly by our laws youve left your shit to come have a better life but our govts have let them take a little control. I say Merry Christmas to a Muslim they are offended if your offended get the fuck out. I didnt ask you here we opened our door. none of this may make any sense just whats rolling around in my head.
commented 2015-10-03 11:16:18 -0400
I had to laugh watching the news last night on CTV. Chretian was out again flapping his gums and saying that we should be welcoming Putin’s help which forced Justin Trudeau to clarify his position that as much as he respected Chretian he disagreed on this issue and considered Putin a menace. Perhaps he should have vetted Chretian before letting him off leash in public.
commented 2015-10-03 10:01:26 -0400
What were the names of those bombs? Tall Boy and Little Man? Something like that, eh?
In very different ways, they are both dangerous clowns. Little Man is, because Tall Boy isn’t…which, in a passive sort of way, makes the Presidential Putz dangerous too. They are both narcissists and sociopaths, but Putin has cold-blooded cunning and resolve – Obammy only has his mirrors and his vacuum.
commented 2015-10-03 08:19:06 -0400
@ Richard Vanderlubbe – Nice to see another voice of reason on here – I have been saying from the start we are backing the wrong team – but that is because we are unable to get out from under the POS administration in the white house.

I was once thrown out of a meeting in NDHQ for saying the above.

Assad is not the greatest guy but he is not the bad guy the media paints him as – in fact his country was pretty much at peace and living well until the shit started in Daraa. I know – I was there.

Putin has it right – and there will be civilian deaths – that is a fact of war – and both sides know it and the average civilian does not.

In the end those deaths will help stop the war – but not before the rebels are dead – and then – PUTIN will have to take on the FSA – which the Americans are backing. They are as bad or even worse than anything in the field right now. They will rise up – and their slaughter of the people left living in Syria – should the FAS finally win – will be of biblical proportions.

All brought about by the American and their allies – in this case we will be on the guilty team as well.
commented 2015-10-02 20:51:34 -0400
Wait I said trillion there, it is billion… Not trillion… Still big money though… Money we don’t have… But what’s a billion when you’re 616 billion in the hole right??
commented 2015-10-02 20:41:45 -0400
I was saying $700 million toward a Syrian “civil war”, but I’ll be damned, they’ve committed another $100 toward it now. I stand corrected $800 million toward the Syrian “civil war”.

Speak up, explain to me why I should see value here… Getting pretty close to a trillion tax dollars… Let me hear it, tonight’s asignment is “Why I like funding Islamic Jihad with Canadian Tax Dollars”… 300 word summary.

commented 2015-10-02 20:28:22 -0400
Agent of “the crown”, please tell me why you cheer for “moderate rebels” (Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, “FSA”, etc) to facilitate “regime change” (mass-murder of Christians) in a foreign secular country. Is it good for business??

Let’s get a longer response from the Ottawa bureaucrat this time around… Tell me how your “moderate rebels” are saving Syrian Christians from evil Russia and Assad… Tell me about bringing them your Ottawa “democracy”.
commented 2015-10-02 19:36:04 -0400
commented 2015-10-02 15:54:52 -0400
Nah, not intended as a biblical reference.

Russia: fights Al-Qaeda, expels George Soros from their country, defends sovereign secular countries openly Christian and nationalist, cracks down on the globalist gay/tranny thought police, attempts to disrupt the globalist depopulation schemes by restricting and recent attempts to ban abortion… Allows their people to concealed carry with a permit.

Canada: funds Al-Qaeda with tax dollars, allows George Soros to run Black Lives Matter and Idle No More in the country with impunity, conceals and erases evidence of their Christian heritage, participates in coups against sovereign secular countries, acts as a global hotel for Muslim extremists, focuses on banning the words “mother”/“father”/“boy”/“girl”. “Citizens” of Canada are not trusted to concealed carry with a permit unless they’re knights or nobility.
commented 2015-10-02 15:29:51 -0400
Are you making reference to the ‘approach’ to Gog – Magog? (Psalm 83 war)
commented 2015-10-02 14:59:53 -0400
It is speculation to say what will happen with Iraq… But I’d suspect that at the very least, a strengthened Assad, with the help of Russia will protect Syrian borders from having foreign-funded Al-Qaeda terrorists re-enter the country.

I can only hope that Russia will go the full mile, bring the puppets who supported “moderate rebels” to international court in The Hague. Russia may be able to save the Syrian people, but it remains to be seen if they’ll be able to bring our globalist puppets to justice, stop the use of jihadi mercenary coups entirely. They certainly have my prayers and support.
commented 2015-10-02 14:46:16 -0400
Syria is turning out to be another Franz Ferdinand moment. There are no playing cards to tell the white hats from the black hats. ISIL, bad, Assad, bad, Muslim Brotherhood, bad, Hamas, bad, Hezbollah, bad, Boko Haram, bad. UN, useless, USA, indifferent, Iran, scary, Israel, scared to death. This is a shitstorm of infinite outcomes.
commented 2015-10-02 13:06:18 -0400
That’s what scares me Liza, but are we going to be scrapping on the right side. Will our government have us fighting for the globalists or will we be fighting for our inalienable right to be a free person on this planet.
commented 2015-10-02 12:58:47 -0400
It may be too late for anything else for now,Kevin.
We may have to sit out Syria for now, since Russia has taken the steering wheel, but I don’t think Israel will stand by and wait while Iran becomes emboldened even more. When Israel makes a move is when ‘hunker down’ won’t be an option.
Israel will do what ever it has to to defend its people, and rightly so, they have been abandoned by the U.S.
I’m afraid that when the sht really starts flying,we’ll have to get off our duffs.
commented 2015-10-02 12:42:31 -0400
other than their hockey teams – i cheer for RUSSIA- they got the balls to get things done – good for them – no liberals (ballless) rulers there
commented 2015-10-02 12:09:35 -0400
Richard, what are your views on what happens after Isis is defeated? What of Iraq ? Will Russia keep going and try to stabilize Iraq ? Iran wants pieces of Iraq . Then of course there is Israel , I know there is a relationship with Russia, will they then defend Israel from the threats from Iran ? And then there is the Kurds will they be left alone to finally live in peace? And then there is Turkey, a wild card? Bottom line is when the dust settles Obama is going to look like an absolute joke in all of this. France is already siding with Russia. Like I said before, it’s time we got our toys out of that sand box an stay home and hunker down
commented 2015-10-02 11:31:09 -0400
The way Russia was kept out of the Middle East was by starting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, which later was a convenient cause to keep us in the Middle East. We have given Russia the duty to protect Christians, only because we gave Islamic extremists the chance to rise and commit acts of religious genocide on our dime.

I don’t care what little dramatic show the zionists put on at their UN festivities. I am PISSED that they supported “moderate rebels” who killed Christians. For all the talk of the threat of Islam they do, in the end, actions speak louder than words… They aided and abetted terrorists, as did our parliamentarians here.

For all the anger Canadian traitors and zionists have at Obama, they sure see eye-to-eye on the funding of “moderate rebels” and “regime change” in secular countries. I have been given cause to be anti-Islamic, anti-Zionist, anti-government. You have served yourselves damnation.
commented 2015-10-02 10:55:41 -0400
We used to think keeping Russia out of the middle east was important. The west used to be running the show. For those who think its about time the west took a back seat, you are about to find out what Putin as boss in the middle east really means. Russia is crippled by sanctions and their economy is tanked, it still wasn’t enough to hobble the old Bear. Now Iran is all flush with money, I’m sure they’ll help Putin out. He’s not going down, now that we have given him the chance to rise.

I don’t know what will happen. Did anyone see Netanyahu’s face when he was addressing the UN the other day? He is PISSED. And he has come across the ocean to express that…one last time.
commented 2015-10-02 07:35:34 -0400
and what will Putin do when ‘Jihad’ Justin Idiot starts dropping parkas on him????
commented 2015-10-02 02:06:51 -0400
what did harper do did canada deafeat the taliban yet
commented 2015-10-02 01:32:52 -0400
prince let kill saddam off where the leadership is irraq?canad canada help kill gaddafi off where was the leadership in libya?
commented 2015-10-02 01:08:07 -0400
I’ve read all the comments, and I still can’t figure out what Garry Wood’s point is…
commented 2015-10-01 23:43:37 -0400
keith i bet you copy paste to!
commented 2015-10-01 23:30:14 -0400
Wow, who taught you how to Copy and Paste. I have an idea Garry, why don’t you press that little button on the end of the wire. A Pretty Lady will come along and give you a nice candy. This will make you feel a lot better.
commented 2015-10-01 22:46:03 -0400
When Europe recovers from the shock and grief of the attack on the French journalists in Paris, I hope they will also realize that they have the wrong people on their terror list.

The European Union and NATO have listed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as a terrorist organization. They have closed down PKK TV stations more than once and persecuted its members in different countries for years. But when was the last time the PKK or any Kurdish party bombed a European city, killed a journalist or called for the death of Jews and Christians?

Since the 9/11 attacks and growth of Islamic radicalism, Western countries have dramatically increased their budgets for national security and intelligence and they have gone to Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Mali. They have established various police and anti-terror forces, and tap telephones and emails in order to stop the next terrorist attack.

But none of that budget increase, surveillance or forces are to counter Kurdish terrorism. I don’t think Europe has spent a dollar on the imaginary Kurdish terrorism, as opposed to the real Islamic terrorism. Yet, they have the PKK listed as a terrorist organization and they wonder whether or not it should be removed from the list.

Treating the PKK members as terrorists has separated many families from each other. Their immigration and asylum cases are regularly rejected in Europe, US and Canada. They are threatened with deportation or left in limbo for years.

These governments do not have any proof that PKK members are terrorists, nor have these Kurds shown any terrorist intentions. They are treated this way only because the organization is on the blacklist.

This is not only true for the PKK. Until recently, the Kurdistan Region’s two main parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were also on the US Tier-3 terror list.

Throughout decades of armed struggle, the PKK, PUK and KDP have almost acted like a state and treated their prisoners with respect and sent them back to their families safe and sound. They have never bombed a city, nor have they exploded car bombs in crowded markets.

On the other hand, all kinds of radical jihadis who have every intention of evil, of imposing Sharia law in Europe or of killing every non-Muslim, come to Europe and receive asylum, citizenship and every right. Because they do not belong to an organization like the PKK, they are not considered terrorists and they easily hide their true motives until it is too late.

That same way, the EU General Court ruled last month that Hamas should be removed from the terror list: this is an organization that fires rockets in broad daylight into a sovereign state, one that runs children’s TV shows on hating the Jews and how to behead them – an organization that is proud of its terrorism. But the same court refuses to remove the PKK from that list.

The attack on the French journalists, the killing of the British soldier in London and the Dutch filmmaker should make Europe, US and Canada rethink their position and policies. They should remove the PKK from the terror list immediately and welcome it as an ally in the fight against terrorism.

Thousands of French police officers and anti-terror squad are mobilized to find the Muslim attackers. Other European countries are tightening their security everywhere. But that is what the Kurds are doing everyday at no cost to Europe.

Every Islamist militant the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) kills in Kobane could be one of the Paris attackers. The YPG and Peshmerga have killed hundreds of diehard Islamists in Syria and Iraq, many of them holding European passports. If these militants were not in Syria or Iraq they would be in Europe killing journalists and cartoonists.

It is obvious that the Kurds are fighting Islamic extremists to defend their own land, but this is where the Kurdish and European interests merge. It is time for Europe to know who the real terrorists are, to know that the Islamist militants of Kobane, Shingal and Paris are all the same.
commented 2015-10-01 22:44:06 -0400
Garry, isn’t it true that Al Qaeda is labeled “moderate rebels” by parliament? Being as that is the state of affairs, why the hell would I care what obviously false labels those traitors apply to anyone?

Assad helped during the Gulf War. Assad’s wife and daughter do not wear burqas. Christians lived in relative peace prior to idiots like you saying Assad needed to move over for a CIA-run “Arab Spring” Sunni militant caliphate.

Proud to say I’m “old stock” Canadian, and it is NOT old stock Canada to go dumping $700 million of tax money into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

I’m not sure if you’re just a moron, or drunk, or high on painkillers, but I pray you one day see the evil of what you’ve supported… That you see how un-Canadian it is to fund Islamic caliphates for “regime change”.
commented 2015-10-01 22:40:53 -0400
Now, if Garry Wood make some sense, perhaps we could all understand what the EfinL he is talking about. Perhaps he is Jimmy in his incognito mode.
commented 2015-10-01 22:29:28 -0400
richard idnt true kurds are labeled by canada has terrorists but were supportingthem in iraw?
commented 2015-10-01 22:22:41 -0400
I don’t support any foreign intervention, I support isolationism, securing these borders, protecting this country, not flooding it with jihadis and funding Islamic Caliphates abroad. Goddamn, you sure do not wanna answer my question. I can guess what your answer is based on your refusal to address what I’m asking you. I ain’t interested in conversing with the supporters of Islamic terrorism. If you own a business, let these types of “moderate rebels” supporters know you won’t be serving them, tell them where to go, on behalf of the hundred thousand or so dead Christian folks they try to ignore.
commented 2015-10-01 22:19:38 -0400
richard do you support killing of gaddaffi