July 15, 2019

“Unplanned” in Toronto: Protests outside pro-life movie smaller than expected

David MenziesMission Specialist

Pro-abortion advocates recently picketed a Toronto Cineplex theatre due to its decision to screen Unplanned, a movie that offers a (shudder!) pro-life message.

While the protesters failed to articulate their argument, their message was clear nevertheless: women have the “right to choose” when it comes to terminating a pregnancy; but women shouldn’t choose to see a movie that has a pro-life narrative.

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commented 2019-07-16 23:28:09 -0400
Maurice, you can not change Andrew the fake PhD Stephenson’s mind until the violence is visited upon him and/or his loved ones, just like the politicians. They talk the talk until it hits them personally, then they shut up, realizing it was true, probably knew it all along, but now their mouth is useless in undoing the damage. No other thing will change the likes of the fake PhD. If a terrorist were to visit the violence/damage on a politician, they would just disappear from public life, and the party would cover. Such is Andrew the fake and everything he says.
commented 2019-07-16 21:17:09 -0400
Andrew Stephenson try wearing a maga hat around left wingers.
commented 2019-07-16 21:11:05 -0400
Andrew Stephenson we are not censoring opinions we do not agree with! Need anymore?
commented 2019-07-16 20:24:32 -0400
Many scholars have agreed that Catholicism is as sane as you can get. The church established by Christ. The one true faith. Free will is out of control, we need to
re-establish order. Without rules, it’s Chaos
commented 2019-07-16 19:37:42 -0400
Sorry, Andrew Stephenson, but I have done some study on Islam. I’ve never criticized Muslims. Muslims are people, and people are individuals…. some good, some bad. My critique has always been to expose the ideology of Islam, its prophet, Mohammad, the Koran and the Hadiths, which has inspired Islamic fundamentalists to commit 37,498 attacks, kill 242,092 people and injure 321,361 more, since September 11, 2001. When the Islamic fundamentalists carried out these attacks they are literally obeying the commands of their prophet, Mohammad, and their god, Allah. I could quote you chapter and verse from the Koran, and their correct interpretation by Muslim scholars of those Koranic verses, as stated in the Hadiths, but I don’t think that would make any difference. In any case I think I probably have done a lot more research into Islamic doctrine than you have. And I’ve done much more study into Christianity, and though there are violent passages in the Bible, it is never promoted as something good. So there is no equivalency the Koran and the Bible. It’s night and day. One is good and the other is evil. .
commented 2019-07-16 17:54:59 -0400
Here’s the problem. No form of contraception is fool proof. The more you have protected sex, the more likely you are to get pregnant. Women buy the lie that you can have lots of free sex and when they get pregnant, some feeling betrayed turn to abortion. This produces two victims, the dead baby and a damaged mother. This is why so many women freak out when they see a pro-life demonstration with pictures of dead babies. Their consciences are triggered.
commented 2019-07-16 17:42:49 -0400
Andrew the fake PhD Stephenson, I know and have worked with many Muslims over several decades, and they all say the same thing: what is coming over now is nasty and they want no part of it, they want it stopped. They are not embarrassed by the association, they are really ticked off that the current invasion gives them a bad name. You must live in a bubble, or you refuse to hear what they are saying, both I would say. You are pathetic, both at what you do, who you are, and as a troll. I don’t think you know any Muslims or you don’t listen to what they have to say because it doesn’t fit your narrative. No matter, once again you open your mouth, provide no tangible on-target argument, and remove all doubt.
commented 2019-07-16 14:46:36 -0400
Henry good post. I agree entirely. I find it highly offensive when some women practically use abortion as a method of birth control, and changing your mind after a few months is equally offensive. Women need to take more responsibility for their actions. Of course one can’t be held responsible for rape or illness or any other critical physical threat to the mother, which is always the argument they use to justify their actions when in fact they are just irresponsible.
commented 2019-07-16 14:36:42 -0400
Briefly and not to derail, "The paranoia about Muslims "
Well Andrew the cultural, and ex Muslims I know are horrified at the Islamists being imported and the radical behaviour being tolerated. They didn’t come here for that crap. Its why they left. Maybe you don’t know a little taqiyya when you see it.
commented 2019-07-16 14:32:37 -0400
In a nutshell, “The bullies are trying to drown out the sound of your conscience”. Well said Deborah.

We all have a conscience for a reason. It can be blocked off for a time, but the wall is never high enough. It always comes back demanding examination. Its the main cause of mental turmoil and social unrest if not dealt with. It can’t be escaped. If you can’t live with yourself, you become disassociated, unhappy, angry and self destructive. The only cure is forgiving yourself and to do that you have to look at the truth.
commented 2019-07-16 14:21:49 -0400
The thing that has always mystified me about the “woman’s right to choose” is why the exercise it so late. Wouldn’t it make a LOT more sense for women to use contraception – or insist that their lovers do – rather than getting pregnant and then taking a human life-in-the-making via abortion? Contraception seems like a MUCH better choice than abortion to me.

And yes, I know that wouldn’t handle the cases where women are raped but such cases are very few and far between compared to the number of babies arising from unprotected, consensual sex. I’d consider it a massive victory for all concerned if women about to indulge in consensual sex used contraception – or made their lovers use contraception – and all those unwanted pregnancies were PREVENTED rather than terminated. That would prevent probably 99% of all abortions right off the bat without taking away anyone’s rights.

I have less trouble with the idea of aborting a baby conceived of rape than one conceived by people who were simply too lazy to use birth control.
commented 2019-07-16 12:30:41 -0400
ALBERTA MAGA commented 10 hours ago
Andrew Stephenson we are far more flexible than Liberals.

Why don’t you give us an example to support that claim.
commented 2019-07-16 12:25:42 -0400
“Either way, it’s not normal. Continue posting all you want, but I’m just baffled as to the motivation.”

Mostly, I enjoy debate and learning other perspectives on issues, but it’s also good for everyone to have some exposure to different opinions. That sort of curiosity is very normal.. You may prefer your rabbit-hole but it’s not a healthy place to live. If your perspective is a good one, it should survive outside scrutiny. How much of conservatism arises out of fear and subsequent confirmation bias rather than fact? The paranoia about Muslims would last about 30 seconds if you actually interacted with them and found out that they are just regular people .

ALBERTA MAGA commented 9 hours ag o
Andrew Stephenson telling the TRUTH about PP may change some minds.

Planned parenthood doesn’t even really operate in Canada, where it’s mostly done via public health clinic, or family doctors. We also have easy access to pill based methods, which dramatically reduces the need for “abortion clinics” as unwanted pregnancies rarely progress to the point where specialized care is needed. (and, again due to our healthcare system, when it is needed it is done in hospital). Go ahead and change minds about planned parenthood, it’s irrelevant here.
commented 2019-07-16 10:23:00 -0400
The bullies are trying to drown out the sound of your conscience, by trying to hide the truth from others, on what abortion really is, and that is murder. The conscience that God gave each one of us, to assist us on the path to true freedom. True freedom, which involves responsibility for our actions.
commented 2019-07-16 02:56:13 -0400
Andrew Stephenson telling the TRUTH about PP may change some minds.
commented 2019-07-16 02:55:37 -0400
Andrew Stephenson we are far more flexible than Liberals.
commented 2019-07-16 01:39:19 -0400
The girl in the striped top needs to stay on whatever she is on. It makes denial so much easier to maintain. Her argument is simplistic to say the least.
These people don’t want anyone even talking about it. Period.
commented 2019-07-16 01:31:45 -0400
Its a hard thing to have to look at the truth about something that has been sanitized and sanctioned by modern culture to relieve women of having to face and live with the guilt. Its daunting and I think these women protesting are afraid have to look themselves in the eye.
commented 2019-07-16 01:20:54 -0400
Even if there were any truth to your comment Andrew, it wouldn’t matter. The point is that people are talking about it, curious about it and starting to question. Its proof that a national conversation about the abortion issue is under way, like it or not. And that was the idea. The success of the film has already been realized.
commented 2019-07-16 00:43:01 -0400
Andrew Stephson, why do you even follow RebelMedia? You disagree with our views on everything. And you’re right, you’re certainly not about to change our views, but then neither are we about to change yours. So I guess we’re both obstinate. Don’t get me wrong; I fully support your right to post here, but it doesn’t make any logical sense…. unless, of course, you take some sort of perverse pleasure sarcastically denigrating conservatives for their views…. or some masochistic pleasure in having conservatives heap abuse on you. Either way, it’s not normal. Continue posting all you want, but I’m just baffled as to the motivation.
commented 2019-07-16 00:03:04 -0400
COMMON SENSE commented 26 mins ago
Ah, Andrew the fake PhD Stephenson, the same can be said about you commenting here… no-one’s mind was or ever will be changed by what you say, other than to just add you to the list of useless clueless trolls.”

I agree with that. Conservatives have never been accused of being flexible and open to new ideas.

LIZA ROSIE commented 33 mins ago
The cinema’s were packed right across the country, so clearly Canadians are more than ready to re-open the debate.”

I imagine the ones that saw it do indeed want the “debate” reopened, but I suspect they felt the same way before and were going merely to confirm their opinions.

350k is about 35,000 individual viewings, which is a tiny fraction of even the couple million people that could be called “pro-life”. The real question is how many curious onlookers were there, and how many responded along the likes of the journalists who went to see it and came back feeling it was little more than propaganda?
commented 2019-07-15 23:28:01 -0400
Ah, Andrew the fake PhD Stephenson, the same can be said about you commenting here… no-one’s mind was or ever will be changed by what you say, other than to just add you to the list of useless clueless trolls.
commented 2019-07-15 23:22:18 -0400
The cinema’s were packed right across the country, so clearly Canadians are more than ready to re-open the debate. I would wager that those most adamantly opposed to the movie or any regulations to abortion are unable to face what they have done. Its a self protection response.
commented 2019-07-15 21:01:04 -0400
Yeah, so there, you stupid, baby-murdering, Marxist cows! Protest this!

“My rights. My body. My choice. My health. My. My. My. Me. Me. Me. Me!”
Narcissist much?

So what about the basic right to life for that human baby you helped to create, and now want to murder? It takes two to tango and God in Heaven to make a baby…
commented 2019-07-15 20:57:36 -0400
Those abortion supporters are here because their mothers DIDN’T decide to abort them. But that never occurs to those empty-headed lunatics. They’re like Chatty Kathy dolls. Pull the string and the little record inside repeats the same nonsense and in such a tinny voice. Also, their silence and idiotic comments speaks louder than if they did give a reasoned reply. I find this so common on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.
commented 2019-07-15 20:22:04 -0400
I saw it in a sold out theatre. I wasn’t the only grown man crying. Those people don’t want to know. You can choose to be chaste. I was 37 when I consummated and I never had relations I wasn’t committed to. People should learn that. Watch the movie and check out “Gosnell”. The movie Rebels helped crowdfund. Everyone has free choice. It’s what you do with it
commented 2019-07-15 19:48:59 -0400
It is a pity that ANDREW STEPHENSON’S mother did not submit to abortion before launching him.
commented 2019-07-15 19:44:55 -0400
Abortion is the leading cause of the decline of the white race, this is why it is encouraged by the current Government. Encouragement or not, any woman who voluntarily has her child aborted is a murderer….Meanwhile the white race continues to decline.
commented 2019-07-15 19:43:53 -0400
“but women shouldn’t choose to see a movie that has a pro-life narrative.”

Perhaps this is why the protests were so small. You go ahead and watch your little movie, I doubt anybody’s mind was changed.
commented 2019-07-15 18:54:57 -0400
Big mouths do not necessarily mean big numbers of followers.