May 29, 2015

Unsealed memos show Chretien's Liberals were no friends of the CBC

Brian LilleyArchive

Liberals who love to bash the Harper Conservatives for not giving CBC more money won't like some documents that have been made public after 20 years.

Documents from Jean Chretien's Cabinet circa 1994 show the Liberal PM's desire to freeze CBC funding.

There's more -- all of this information busts the myths that the Liberal Party are the best friend the state broadcaster could possibly have.

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commented 2015-06-01 15:05:29 -0400
Vlad – remember Chretien’s little speech on “proof?” At the time, that was one of the dumbest things I had ever heard from an elected politician! Fast forward to now, and the media doesn’t even bother reporting what their cult leader says, if it makes him look like the numbskull that he is. Which seems to be every time he opens his mouth, in my opinion.
commented 2015-05-31 20:41:50 -0400
No, Terry, I am just my usual crank self. :)
commented 2015-05-31 17:20:18 -0400
Peter, are you taking cranky pills this week? Lighten up, dude.
commented 2015-05-31 16:48:08 -0400
Terry said, “(LOL. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)”

You could not resist it because it is what you believe at the very core of your very being. :)
commented 2015-05-31 14:36:47 -0400
“I can tell those that get all their news from CBC and CTV.”
Ah. Those would be the ones you can actually have a informed, intelligent conversation with?
(LOL. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)
commented 2015-05-30 19:34:41 -0400
Funny when I have conversations with friends I can tell those that get all their news from CBC and CTV. These networks are absolutely vile toward anything Conservative.
commented 2015-05-30 18:57:41 -0400
Nathan asks, “Where is the funding for conservative media on this scale?”

I wish! I would like TheRebel.Media to get that $1 Billion. Imagine what they could do with $1 Billion/year!
commented 2015-05-30 18:31:47 -0400
The CBC makes me physically ill when I listen to it, with few exceptions. It’s a whore, peddling its wares to the largely lazy Canadian public who choose their news station like they choose their gas station. What’s the closest/easiest to find? The fact that they are publicly funded and have the gall to include the word “Canadian” in their name is a disgrace to this country. Where is the funding for conservative media on this scale?
commented 2015-05-30 17:11:34 -0400
Donald – " . . . and the hate filled milewski, who snarls every time he says conservative or (snarl and spit) harper."

I was wondering if I was the only one who saw that. I thought I was imagining it.
commented 2015-05-30 16:21:30 -0400
the cbc is a self fulfilling prophesy…. they are only interested in the money trucks stopping at their doors….$3.3 million per day for them to spin that they need more than $3.3 million per day to keep canadians informed about how much we need their special abilities.. i am especially fond of spinmaster solomon and the hate filled milewski, who snarls every time he says conservative or (snarl and spit) harper.
commented 2015-05-30 15:29:59 -0400
Peter, sorry, but you didn’t actually contradict any of the points I raised. Nice rant, though. And yes, you are no doubt much better educated than I am. I’ve been a working man pretty much my whole adult life.
commented 2015-05-30 14:39:33 -0400
Terry said, "Peter, I’ve explained this before, but I’ll try again. "
– Oh, please do, Terry, please do! I am such a dullard. Please do!

“The Opposition opposes: they criticize. "
– This is the fundamental flaw in the thinking of the opposition, whatever party they may be. They oppose just to oppose even if they would do exactly the same thing if they were the government. They are actually there to oppose if they really do oppose it because of their party’s political beliefs.

“When media provide analysis or commentary that’s anything less than perfectly laudatory, the government and its supporters scream media bias. "

Terry, I understand that you will never see the bias the CBC has against the Conservatives. This conversation is pointless.

You believe the CBC and others are all perfectly fair in their news and commentaries. I and many thousands know this is not the case. We really are not the dullard idiots you seem to think we are. I am sure I have as much higher level education as you do, and I will match my intellect against yours any day. I can perceive what the media does. I know TheRebel.Media is conservative biased. I can see Fox News is and Sun News was conservative biased. I can also see that the CBC, CTV, Global, Toronto Star, etc. are left wing biased.

All of then that are left wing biased that are privately funded I say, go for it, but not the CBC. I pay for the CBC as do all the conservative folk in Canada.

I am sorry you cannot see that.
commented 2015-05-30 13:51:13 -0400
It is long overdue to privatize the CBC, if people desire to view it – then pay for it, but not give it welfare – too many other important items for the government to fund.
commented 2015-05-30 12:45:12 -0400
Peter, I’ve explained this before, but I’ll try again.
When a political party is in power, inevitably and infallibly, the leadership and supporters of that party will complain that the press is against them; the opposition will complain that media are giving the government a free ride, and not paying enough attention to the opposition’s achievement.
That’s mostly because governments in power DO things. They act. They formulate and pass laws and regulations. The Opposition opposes: they criticize. When media provide analysis or commentary that’s anything less than perfectly laudatory, the government and its supporters scream media bias.
I’ve been directly or indirectly associated with media and communications since the days of Trudeau the elder, and that principle has held true.
commented 2015-05-30 12:04:27 -0400
chrechen was a dirty communist pig.

Here’s a book that should be posted on TRDM’s homepage. Entitled Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal, this says it all.

Published in 2004, Paul Tuns, the author, has never written a published book other than this one – or so says amazon.

Chrenchin exchanged CBC funding for liberal pigs party promotion from the CBC – that’s the type of nasty communist pig chritchen really is.
commented 2015-05-30 08:38:20 -0400
Terry, most people here already knew that the Liberal party was no real friend of the CBC when Chretien was in office. However what many here claim is that the CBC is a lover of the Liberal party. There is a difference. Today the Liberal party is more favorable to the CBC.

It is obvious to anyone with the even slightest bit of objectivity that the CBC is politically far left and that they present the Liberal party in a very favorable light in their reporting.
commented 2015-05-30 08:25:32 -0400
" all of this information busts the myths that the Liberal Party are the best friend the state broadcaster could possibly have."
It’s good see Rebel Ideologues finally admitting that their nonsense about Liberal Party being in the pocket of the Liberal party is, and has ALWAYS been, a simple lie.
Budget cuts to the CBC under Chretien exceed cuts under Harper. Both Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien loathed the CBC. Brian Mulroney, on the other hand, was a close friend of Peter Mansbridge.
commented 2015-05-30 05:49:31 -0400
The part of the CBC that needs replacement the most is the news service. There are a couple of good radio shows but they are not big ticket items. However I rely don’t think we would get an improvement in news bias if the CBC news network was replaced with a consortium of what then remained. True we would not be tax funding it which to me is just paying people to malign vilify and insult me. And I really don’t think that whatever replaced the CBC would be less inclined to censor what I would have to say in response to their propaganda. And just because none of the REBEL supporters would ever consider hiring them as news pundits doesn’t mean that the other networks wouldn’t snap them up.

You have to have to surround their graves with garlic and burn their caskets before they return at sunrise…………..:-)
commented 2015-05-30 05:36:25 -0400
Sell the CBC while it still has monetary value to the taxpayers of Canada.

In 100 days, The Rebel is close to internet traffic levels. Media will continue to fragment and be more independent – the new battlefront is online. Can’t remember how many years ago I stopped watching TV news.

CBC doesn’t stand a chance – unionized, socialist agenda driven and moves at a snail’s pace (except when making terrorist pig kawder promo movies) and virtually no TV audience. Who watches TV news under the age of 40 when it’s all online?
commented 2015-05-29 22:22:29 -0400
The subsidy to the CBC is an awful lot of money for something that no longer requires a national broadcaster. It had its place in the time before satellite technology and the internet. Time to privatize it completely and let those portions that are no longer necessary or viable disappear.
commented 2015-05-29 20:32:59 -0400
I just don’t understand why we need the other two parties
commented 2015-05-29 20:25:45 -0400
So who wants to keep the CBC and why?
commented 2015-05-29 19:55:38 -0400
You can’t combine truth, reality and Liberals on the same page!