January 08, 2019

UPDATE: Trudeau's $65K sauna saga — Here's what the CBC didn't report

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Last summer CBC broke the news of a near miss with an expensive sauna installation at the Prime Minister’s cottage at Harrington Lake as part of a broader story about some of the upgrades being made at the retreat.

According to CBC, Justin Trudeau ultimately paid the tab for a lavish sauna but taxpayers were stuck with a nearly $4,500 bill for wiring the behemoth.

But, access to information documents obtained by the CBC also showed it could have been much worse because the sauna installation was initially going to cost $65,000.

Plans show the sauna was to be installed in one location for the winter and then moved to another in the spring. Two wiring bills, two landscaping bills, plus a new deck and enclosure caused the quoted costs to skyrocket.

But brakes were put on the travelling sauna scheme.

Again, according to the CBC:

“The idea, considered for a while, to move the sauna to a constructed deck was discarded. It remains in the original location," said NCC spokesperson Jean Wolff.

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) agreed with the less costly approach.”

The CBC, the PMO and the National Capital Commission - the agency in charge of Harrington Lake and official Prime ministerial properties - want Canadians to believe they didn’t proceed with moving the sauna due to the cost.

Trudeau became a fiscal conservative when it comes to his luxury sauna? No way.

We didn’t believe it, so we dug deeper and found many of the same documents the CBC did - quotes for a total of $64,386 to have the sauna hop around the yard.

We also saw an email with bureaucrats trying to make the Trudeaus understand the kind of sauna they had bought and how to use it properly without ruining it. The Trudeaus bought a dry sauna but treated it like a wet one, dumping so much water inside that bureaucrats took the ladles and buckets away so the Trudeaus didn't destroy their new spa!

We learned about cedars that were very nearly chopped down because they obstructed the view to and from the sauna’s new location.

And we also found the real reason the sauna wasn’t moved, and it certainly wasn’t cost.

Watch as I show you how we know money was no object to these people.

The CBC ran with the Liberal friendly bureaucratic excuse that the PM chose the cheaper option, but unlike them, we’ve published the documents so you can see for yourself.

You know what they say: You just can't trust the mainstream media.


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commented 2019-01-09 20:21:32 -0500
Great work Sheila. If it weren’t for you and The Rebel Team we would always be walking around in the dark.
commented 2019-01-08 14:31:47 -0500
So since The Majesties, Baby Doc Justin and Princess HasNoBrains paid for the sauna itself, will they take it with them when they leave? Oh wait, they will be dicktators for life if they can just bribe enough MSM and federal ridings into it.

But I wonder, doesn’t our genius Wonder Child, dumber than a rock Trudeau, realize that his fake eyebrows will unglue from the heat? What ever happened to Sweating to the 80s workouts?

His real father from Cuba would be very proud of how he manages his entitlements while the country goes belly up.
commented 2019-01-08 14:26:34 -0500

Yup, if Sharon Maclise can’t get her party off the ground in time then we should all pile into the FCP. Fildebrandt’s far from ideal, but the party itself will may be a good mobilising vehicle.

Kenney’s worse than Notley.
commented 2019-01-08 14:09:45 -0500
@ William Kay: Derek Fildebrandt`s “Equality or Separation” is a `Freedom` call not unlike Bravehart, and he will hold Kenny`s feet to the coals. Maybe we`ll get lucky and he`ll run for PM, rather than what the `Dud and Stud`have to offer.
commented 2019-01-08 13:34:41 -0500
Not that I would read 174 pages but thank you for posting as it gives credibility to your story. But honestly, I never understood anyway why tax payers should be on the hook at all for any of his personal expenses like Nannies for the kids or saunas or the like? The guy is rich enough to pay his own sauna, summer vacation home etc. How does being a politician give you the right to a tax payer funded lifestyle? Why can’t he live off his salary like those who pay his salary?
commented 2019-01-08 12:49:53 -0500
Connection between the two? Trudeaus’ (Pierre and now son) and the Liberal bureaucrats’ machinations have broken the Canadian Legal System. Damned if you protect yourself and damned if you don’t, Canadians are nothing but only an endless tax trough to them.
commented 2019-01-08 12:21:36 -0500
Soon after Jason Kenney becomes Premier (and Sheila’s boss) his federal pension will kick-in thus boosting his annual rake from the taxpayer to $450,000. This will be topped up by a lavish expense account. Imagine the harem of boy-toys Jason will keep on the string then. Every night will be “blue tent night” at JK’s.

No one, other than Sheila, is paying much attention to federal politics in Alberta these days; what with a provincial election a few months away. Kenney’s election team, of which Sheila is a member, hopes to keep the focus on Trudeau as though this were a federal election; and to keep the focus off of Kenney. Why?

Because Our Blessed Virgin Kenney:
a) supports carbon taxation;
b) endorses establishment climate “science”;
c) promotes the coal and oil phase-outs; and
d) oversaw a massive increase in immigration including the Temp Worker atrocity which imported hundreds of thousands of indentured servants for the express purpose of preventing Canadian workers from fully benefiting from the Western boom.

Albertans don’t need another gay Liberal from Ottawa.
commented 2019-01-08 11:28:23 -0500
Wonder what the cost is of his private Harrington lake Mosque ?
commented 2019-01-08 11:18:10 -0500
Didn’t THEREBEL recently do a story about Jihadi-Justin-Groper steaming his vagina…I can’t recall the details of the story…I’m getting old…but it sure sounds about right!
commented 2019-01-08 11:16:20 -0500
Justin is the biggest waste of oxygen in Canadian history !
commented 2019-01-08 11:08:01 -0500
Using a dry sauna like a wet one?! It’s unfortunate these two clucks were allowed to breed!
commented 2019-01-08 09:51:40 -0500
Even if Trudeau sat in his sauna for the rest of his miserable life, he would never get rid of the stink of Marxism that oozes from his sweaty pores.
commented 2019-01-08 09:29:44 -0500
Therebel.media, you are just great. I’ve never seen any mass media that publishes documents or informational sources. Keep going!
commented 2019-01-08 09:25:16 -0500
Good see Trudeau enjoying and pampering himself on the taxpayer dime-because you know he’s working hard for those you want to join the middle class!! People are having a tough time making ends meet and here in Alberta people are losing jobs and can’t find work meanwhile Trudeau is steaming his ass!! Another example of this arrogant POS wasting our money.