February 07, 2019

UPDATE: Notley sends NEW threat to The Rebel — We'll see her in court March 15

Rebel Staff

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s election commissioner is taking another run at us. They’ve sent us another threat letter.

First, just a reminder of what this is about:

Last month, Notley’s hand-picked commissioner declared that we at The Rebel weren’t legally journalists, but rather, because we criticized Notley and the Alberta NDP, we were actually a political campaign group. So we had to register with the government.

We were convicted of this "offence" in secret trial.

We still have not been shown a copy of the complaint against us.

Notley’s commissioner proposed a $5,500 fine, and warned us that we could be at risk of a $100,000 fine if we didn’t obey them.

Now, obviously we’re not going to obey them. We appealed the decision.

Now we have a court date — March 15, just over a month from now.

I think Notley was surprised that her stunt backfired. After this blew up in her face last month, we hadn’t heard a peep from them.

But then, this week, we committed another an act of journalism:

On Tuesday night we released a massive investigation into a fraudulent announcement by Rachel Notley. We showed that Notley was lying about a $440 million loan guarantee to an oilsands upgrader. 

We released that video on Notley’s upgrader scandal on Tuesday night, February 5.

And only hours later, we received another notice from Notley’s commissioner.

Is that a coincidence?

This letter is not so much a new threat, as a new lie. You can read it in full below. It’s designed to waste our time, and to require us to pay our lawyers to respond.

You can read our lawyer's reply below as well; It will not surprise you to learn that we still have no intention of replying to Notley’s clownish commissioner. 

We'll see them in court on March 15.

Of course, Notley's lawyer is paid by Alberta taxpayers.

Can you please help us continue to fight this censorship? I know we’ll win in the end. Our lawyers are great.

But if you want to help us cover our legal fees — that’s the one piece of the puzzle we could really use help with.

PLEASE DONATE, and READ MORE about Notley's attempt to censor honest journalism, at StandWithTheRebel.com

Thank you again! We value your support, and promise to keep fighting to bring you the truth!



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