January 21, 2019

UPDATE: Once a press freedom champion, Alberta Senator Simons silent as Notley tries to kill The Rebel Media

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Rebel is under attack by Alberta’s far left-wing NDP Premier Rachel Notley, and she’s using her newly created elections commissioner bureaucrat as her mercenary to convict us of illegal criticism of the government.

In our absence, we were fined $5,500 by the Premier’s hired gun for a billboard placed on the highway asking Notley to fire the failing education minister, David Eggen. It’s our editorial opinion that Eggen is a failure — a disaster that needs to go, just like any other editorial opinion, in any other publication in the province.

But only our editorial opinion and the views of a few other conservative groups, were deemed illegal.

Today, I’ll provide a little history of media censorship going back 81 years to the Aberhart government.

The Accurate News and Information Act law levied fines and gave government the power to stop publication of papers that failed to comply. It ordered journalists to reveal their sources to an unelected, partisan panel and forced media outlets to publish government rebuttals.

Back in 1938, the Edmonton Journal fought the Aberhart law all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and won. The paper was honoured by the Pulitzer committee, one of the first non-American publications to ever receive the honour, which still hangs in their office.

All this brings me to the silence of Alberta’s newest independent Liberal senator, Paula Simons, who for years, was an opinion journalist for the Edmonton Journal.

This past May, not long before her patronage appointment, she penned a column recounting the history of the paper’s successful fight, writing that “any suggestion that a government should ‘encourage’ or direct reporters to report in a certain way starts us down a perilous path. Anyone unhappy with our coverage has every right to complain, to lobby us to change. But demanding the government get involved? That summons the ghost of Aberhart’s Press Act from the grave.”

Rachel Notley’s government, just like Aberhart’s, is using the strong arm of revamped government policies to silence its media critics.

And Alberta’s newest Senator is silent about this attack on the Rebel, just as she’s silent about her boss Trudeau offering carrots to the press for favourable coverage of Liberal policies.

The ghost of Aberhart is indeed summoned and now Simons is hiding under the blankets.

P.S. If you agree that this is a fight worth fighting, please visit StandWithTheRebel.com to find out how you can help.

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commented 2019-01-22 16:15:28 -0500
Craig James show me proof they are registered, do unions first!!!
commented 2019-01-22 16:13:56 -0500
Craig James calling for someone to be fired for improper actions is hardly political.
commented 2019-01-22 16:13:02 -0500
Craig James when did i say that? And when did they even investigate the Rebel ads or ask for any info as to who paid for them? CASE CLOSED!
commented 2019-01-22 14:42:00 -0500
The’billboards’ of the lobbyists materialise in the form off government propaganda. They just don’t want any one to get in the way of the narrative they paid for.
commented 2019-01-22 14:37:09 -0500
Your kidding aren’t you Andrew? The third parties effecting elections in this country are many, domestic and foreign. If not outright, they do so through laundered donations, but if you follow the money you can see where the root of the rot comes from. Start by studying the list of donor’s you can usually trace them back. Canada is already pay for play, the Rebel’s billboards are a small way to counter the corruption. Its free speech and nothing more. To try to stifle that is silencing Canadian citizens who need an avenue to be heard since our own government ignores us.
William K. you do not speak for the Rebel. Speak for yourself.
commented 2019-01-22 13:23:14 -0500
Political billboards aren’t journailsm.

Third party political advertising should be banned. We do not want to become the US where the PACs control the country. Yes, this includes the Tides foundation and various other right and left wing lobby groups.
commented 2019-01-22 13:19:02 -0500
“Sharon Stevens commented 16 hours ago

A class action lawsuit needs to be filed on behalf of ALL Canadians, against Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, to recover the cost of Trudeau’s Tweet. "

You’d have to prove that the ultimate cause of the surge in border crossers is due to the tweet, and you’d probably have a hard time doing that, given that there’s an even likelier explanation: the implementation of harsher policies in the US, which had the dual effect of driving people to flee the US, and of inciting Trudeau to post that tweet. The tweet isn’t a cause of the migrants; both are effects of American policy.
commented 2019-01-22 12:58:01 -0500
Ron C
When I said it would be impossible for a provincial government to fire a Senator, you introduced the example of Senator Mike Duffy as counter-proof.
I’ve never had any involvement with Sick Children’s Hospital nor have I ever appeared on this Comments board under any other name.
You accuse me of being a paid government agent but you don’t provide any evidence, because their isn’t any.
You seem to be thrashing around, refusing to admit an error, and making spurious allegations.
We’ll let you off with a reprimand this time; but in the future we’re going to hold you to a proper The Rebel standard.
As you were soldier.
commented 2019-01-22 12:28:35 -0500
William K , Are you that troll that said he was going to give money to the sick children’s hospital to match my donations and lied about it . You seem really familiar . I think you had a different screen name than because you are saying things I never said and expecting some sort of answer to it . Where did I say Duffy was fired . Anyways I have to go to work now to help pay your wages so maybe you can make up some more things up and try to make sense of it in whatever way you want . You know things like , why is the sky blue? Why is water wet and so on . Just make it up like in your previous comments if that makes you feel more intelligent than I’m all for it . Oh yeah Definition of troll in 75 words or less . Troll – Government paid minions that try to disrupt public forums and discussions with false statements in attempts to sabotage the discussion . Nice try but still pathetic in my opinion . I know your kind , all talk with very little action . Cowards have the very same morals as trolls .
commented 2019-01-22 12:10:29 -0500
Well clearly a standing government can change the rules surrounding the senate. It used to be that senators sat for life. In 1965 that was changed to age 75. I would like to see terms of office changed to four years and have all senators elected by the people, or have rotating two year terms which citizens would hold, kind of like a call to jury duty( but with means to decline, so as to still be a voluntary service to the country/province).

Watch a senate committee on cpac and tell me we are getting any value for our buck. ‘Sober second thought’, my tush.
commented 2019-01-22 11:41:56 -0500
There are 8 steps to becoming a socialist/communist state in North America.
5/8 are currently in place. Take note of #8.

1. Health Care:
Control health care and you control the population. It controls the income of the nation.

2. Poverty:
Increase poverty levels as high as possible. The poor are easy to control on welfare because they won’t resist if you are providing for them.
When the unemployed outweigh the employed, national collapse occurs.

3. Debt:
Increase national debt to an unsustainable level so to increase taxes on the rich (the rich are considered those who are employed).
Take taxes and distribute to those who are unemployed (welfare)

4. Gun control:
Remove citizen’s ability to defend themselves from government control.

5. Welfare:
Control all aspects of people’s lives (food, housing, income etc) once you control the people you now control the voters. The more “refugees” that enter the country the more votes Trudeau will gain.

6. Education:
Control what children are being taught today and tomorrow it will become policy.
-teach children they have the right to entitlement and it becomes policy
-teach children they have the right to welfare over working and that too becomes policy
-teach children that homosexuality and transgender lifestyles are natural

7. Class warfare:
Divide the employed from the unemployed (welfare recipients) and you gain full support for all decisions government will impose by force against the employed.
-racially divide the people
-economically divide the people
-politically divide the people

8. Silencing the free press
- Dictators always get started by suppressing free press. In other words it’s a consolidation of power. When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press or at least the press that criticizes them.
-The free press reports on all the above mentioned factors regardless of politicians demands or opinions. Without honest and current updates how can the public understand the state of the nation? It can’t.

These steps make it easier to tax the rich and create anger which gathers voting support of the poor. Hitler did it and look what happened to Germany then and now.
For the few to control the majority is evidence that democracy is about to die in Canada.
commented 2019-01-22 11:02:48 -0500
“The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil”.
commented 2019-01-22 10:18:47 -0500
Ron C
Mike Duffy remains a sitting Senator and will do so until 2021 when he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 75. Are you suggesting Mike Duffy was fired by a provincial premier? Are you suggesting persons with at least an elementary understanding of Canadian governance must be trolls?
Define “troll” Ron, 75 words or less.
commented 2019-01-22 09:53:06 -0500
I think it’s time for trolls to up their game ! LMAO 😂
commented 2019-01-22 09:41:12 -0500
I wonder what happened to senator Mike Duffy when he was falsely accused ? Troll
commented 2019-01-22 09:30:57 -0500
William K , TROLL
commented 2019-01-22 08:19:31 -0500
Ron C
The sequence of events:
You predict a Canadian Senator will be fired after a change of a provincial government.
I point out that this is not constitutionally/legally possible.
You spew vulgarities and call me a paid troll.
It’s time to up your game Ron.
commented 2019-01-22 08:05:23 -0500
You cannot expect morality from the Left Wing press. It does not exist anymore
commented 2019-01-22 08:02:46 -0500
From a left wing media perspective if you were offered a piece of the 595 million to oppose a media site (The Rebel) that you already hated even though that contributed to the suppression of their free speech, would you turn it down? It is a win/win for the left wing press, no down side for them.
commented 2019-01-22 07:55:05 -0500
Another free speech sell-out for position and wealth, mostly from the Left, but not exclusively.

I guess we will see if there is any free speech advocacy groups that will come to The Rebel’s aide, or is it that the free speech advocacy groups will only come to the support of left wing media outlets?
commented 2019-01-22 06:46:32 -0500
I’m amazed that with all the NDP and Liberal corruption they haven’t increased the budget for their hired trolls because they are obviously hiring from the bottom of the barrel . I guess the only prerequisite for troll hiring is 1 – Can you breathe ? 2 – Are you able to make it to the washroom without crapping your pants? 3 – Do you have a heartbeat ? If you can answer 2 of these questions yes than you are hired .
commented 2019-01-22 06:32:14 -0500
William Kay , Everyone is expendable , even you can be replaced by another government paid troll . Oh yeah I heard the Government paid propaganda CBC is looking for more trolls maybe you can apply or get transferred . If that doesn’t work try licking some liberal butts .
commented 2019-01-22 00:54:53 -0500
Trudeau hates everyone and everything conservative and anything conservative hates Trudeau, because the rest of the libs. have no mind of their own and always do his bidding for fear of retribution, or worse ‘demotion’. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
commented 2019-01-22 00:50:08 -0500
Ron C
Paula Simons is a Senator in the Federal Government. She will occupy that job until age 75. No Federal election will dislodge her, and certainly not a provincial one.
commented 2019-01-22 00:30:03 -0500
She’s sold out because she’s finally reached her level of incompetence and is on the proverbial power trip.
commented 2019-01-21 23:41:58 -0500
It sounds like Paula Simons traded her morals for some government job and now is just another corrupt person . There seems to be no shortage of that since Communism is the end goal . I wonder if she knows she that her job is going to end soon when we kick these socialists to the Venezuelan gutter come this spring and when that happens it’s going to be a glorious day in Alberta ! And next up little potato’s exorcism !
commented 2019-01-21 22:14:02 -0500
I want to believe these turncoats and Benedict Arnolds have been threatened or coerced somehow, and that’s what causes these 180’s and U Turns, that there’s some secret threat that causes SCOTUS justices like Roberts to do an about face like he did on Obumbler Care, or this ex Edmonton Journalist to attack THEREBEL like this, or other prominent people walking back and apologizing for things they’ve said and done previously – or thought crimes! The list is getting quite long. More and more are going over to the dark side…
Because the alternative is to consider that the motives of these morally bankrupt trough snuffling piggies and attention junkies has been one of puerile self aggrandizement!
Which of course would mean the past few elections haven’t in fact been fixed – more than what’s obvious – and that Canadians are in fact a bunch of retards…voting for totalitarian global fascists…over and over again! Retarded or insane – take your pick.
It’s embarrassing enough being a Canadian these days thanks to the LPC and their Drear Leaker, Jihadi-Justin-Groper, prancing about the world in Ms. Dressup mode…spending all our money, but the blatant greed and narcissism of many of these Post Canadian Globalists has been broadcast around the world – not of course by any Fake News Media Party ‘journalists’ in Canada – and the world sees what good useful idiots Canadians have become, giving it all away.
Oh Canada…
commented 2019-01-21 21:55:53 -0500
Henry W….you are so right about that, I too hope the majority wake up.
Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
commented 2019-01-21 21:53:43 -0500
Karen…..time to put the cap on the pino griot.
commented 2019-01-21 21:47:50 -0500
These are some pretty sad times in Canada.
My family came to Canada to escape these very same things in Eastern Europe under the communist iron curtain dictatorship there. Now these traitors, trudeau and notley are bring these same oppressive things to Canada.
Wake up Canada before it’s to late!