September 15, 2016

UPDATE: A&W touts tomato patriotism in slick ad, but where’s their Canadian beef pride?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

I want to bring you a quick update on my story debunking pseudoscience claims and innuendo A&W Restaurants is using to push it’s “better beef” program.

You can see the whole story at where I take apart the false claims and fear marketing about hormones and antibiotics in Canadian beef that A&W is using to market their “better” burgers.

This anti-science quackery has taken Canadian beef off the grills in many A&W Restaurants across the country.

So Canadian beef isn’t good enough for A&W? But did you know Canadian tomatoes are?

A&W made a slick PR video proudly touting their decision to use only Canadian made French’s ketchup in all of its locations. They wanted to show the world that they support local farmers and producers - of tomatoes though, not beef.

Pick a lane A&W. Are you a patriotic company or not? Do you love our beef farmers and respect the work they put into raising happy healthy, delicious cattle or not?

A&W is off my plate until they are more than just tomato patriots. They need to be beef patriots, too or feel the wrath of those of us who are.

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commented 2016-09-28 16:50:36 -0400
I just received the A+W coupon book in the mail and threw it out.
commented 2016-09-23 22:24:12 -0400

Well you clearly make Ryan Lochte look like a candidate for Mensa, since you were unable to conclude that they would be deleting your email, because they don’t give a fuck what you have to say and won’t be responding.

Way to go brainiac.
commented 2016-09-20 17:25:23 -0400
“I am quite sure your new email will be deleted to go with your old email. "

I’m quite sure too, JIMMY REECE. I think that’s what happens to all emails.
Bet you spent a lot of time at the top of your class.
commented 2016-09-20 13:15:58 -0400
ok ok. they don’t use heinz (french’s actually)
commented 2016-09-20 13:08:23 -0400

not Halal agenda. Canadian farmers DO use antibiotics; however, those animals do not enter the food chain until 30 days after treatment (i believe that’s the number i read…too lazy to look it up right now)
commented 2016-09-20 13:05:58 -0400
…and heinz already closed it’s Ontario plant…nice one guys
commented 2016-09-20 12:38:55 -0400
Jimmy Reece = Prag
commented 2016-09-20 12:26:15 -0400
I wonder if they’re pushing a HALAL Agenda?

Have you looked into that, Sheila Gunn Reid? Hmmm…..
commented 2016-09-19 21:04:47 -0400
Jamie MacMaster,

I am quite sure your new email will be deleted to go with your old email.
commented 2016-09-19 19:04:20 -0400
Keep on them SHEILA , I take it to Mcs and subway
commented 2016-09-19 08:48:17 -0400
Dear JIMMY REECE. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have reworded and re-sent my email message to Mr. Leslie:

““My family and I will boycott A&W until you start using ONLY Canadian beef.”
commented 2016-09-18 21:56:53 -0400
Yeah, didn’t think so your nut sack is as small as your bran.
commented 2016-09-18 21:34:42 -0400
Reese – out back NOW – bring your tiny brain with you , A beatin’ is coming to you.
commented 2016-09-17 16:49:27 -0400
Jamie MacMaster,

They do use Canadian beef in addition to other sources. Maybe you missed Sheila stating that.

So you are wrong in your demands that they START using Canadian beef. They have been using Canadian beef for years, but also use other sources to get their beef – and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Thousands of restaurants across Canada get their beef from Canada and other sources. Are we going to boycott every restaurant that doesn’t have a hard on for Canadian beef?
commented 2016-09-17 16:33:11 -0400
I’ll sign the petition when you change the wording from this: “A&W must stop embracing pseudoscience claims and put Canadian beef back in their restaurants.”

To this:

“My family and I will boycott A&W until you start using Canadian beef.”

And/or, you can do like I just did. Send that nice little message personally to: Don Leslie, Chief Financial Officer, 604-988-2141, Email:

Now, if I was a journalist, with a job to do and time to do it, I’d be getting to the bottom of the “real” reason they are not using Canadian beef.
commented 2016-09-17 13:26:43 -0400
Great post Jack – Sheila is completely wrong here. This is pathetic and embarrassing – The Rebel should pull this off the website, but of course they won’t.
commented 2016-09-17 13:21:15 -0400

No one cares about this, beyond a few Rebel dipshits that will sign the petition and boycott a restaurant that they probably weren’t going to very much anyway if at all.

This is going to have ZERO impact on A&W.
commented 2016-09-17 13:11:35 -0400
Sheila, A&W did not really promote the ideas that may be anti-scientific. As I heard in the ad, they merely specify that they have a product that people may deem superior. It is NOT their job to attempt to re-educate the public on the science of the matter. If you believe in the free market, you would understand that it is their job to give the people what they want. If you want to educate the public, raise some funds and create an education campaign. That is your right.
Essentially, you are asking for a boycott of a company because they will appeal to the stupidity of the people and not want to educate them instead. If they can not get the products they need sourced locally, the question should be “why not?”.
As a contributor not only the founding of this channel, and to some of the legal campaigns, I will state that not only will your illogical request for a boycott CAUSE ME TO GO OUT OF THE WAY TO GET A&W, it causes me to lose my respect for you. Yes, you can call for a boycott on grounds of patriotism, but educating the public is NOT their job, just as “corporate social responsibility” is NOT the job of corporations.
commented 2016-09-17 11:00:05 -0400
I would think that A&W is the weakest of all the fast food hamburger franchises and could not afford to intimidate Canadian customers and lose important market share. And healthy burgers ? Give me a break. That’s like saying your garbage is better when it is picked up by a clean and polished garbage truck. Like who really gives a hoot that the beef is organic and free of toxins and blessed by Allah. Because we all know Allah and those people are behind this in some way.
But let’s honour and show gratitude to A & W for using Ontario tomatoes and sing along :

“Big size french fries how they love tomatoes
So dress them up with (Heinz) French’s ketchup
Ketchup loves potatoes, Ketchup loves potatoes
commented 2016-09-17 01:53:43 -0400
It’s too bad that Sheila is too afraid to actually debate people here in the comments section who disagree with her like real journalists do. The Rebel only cares when you agree with them and when they can take your money.
commented 2016-09-17 00:34:17 -0400
So another socialist. Wanting only canadIn beef for a Canadian location stores. Yep total against free capitalism. She a socialist. And if you support her in this…. Your a socialist too.
commented 2016-09-17 00:14:18 -0400

I am sorry that your bleeding vagina has put you in a bad mood, but don’t take it out on me.

Why don’t you just go to sleep for a while and get some rest. You will have plenty of time to post your usual batshit crazy bullshit later.
commented 2016-09-16 23:14:03 -0400
Reese (AKA Mickey Mann) You talk like some blithering detached Mestoplex ass-wipe who thinks they are impervious negative inpacts to the Canadian private industry. What self-centered twat.

Siciliano – stop virtue posing with your food choices – You’re like these Social media snowflakes constantly reminding everyone that you’re a vegan and obsessively chastising anyone who isn’t. Yeah, we get it. We know you’re a vegan. Change the f**king subject, it isn’t about you, the world has larger issues.

I’m not in the mood tonight, F O both of you trolls.
commented 2016-09-16 20:02:00 -0400

Earl’s is nothing compared to A&W. I made that point quite clearly with the local restaurant comment.

Why are you here?
commented 2016-09-16 16:57:28 -0400
Jimmy Reese: Ask Earl’s if their boycott went unnoticed. As for Sheila she is doing just fine. All you do is cry about the rebel. Why are you here?
commented 2016-09-16 16:37:27 -0400
<a class="tweet-url username" href="">jimmy</a> REESE.... How do you know if AW are spending more money on the beef they use as apposed to using all Canadian beef? Are you their purchaser?

“I could care less about Canadian beef” and “Screw Canadian beef”. Well well Jimmy,please come with me to any cattle farm in Alberta and spit those quotes of yours in the farmer’s face, you can in fact tell them that their product is “mediocre” as you have indicated, jackass.

commented 2016-09-16 16:10:28 -0400
No one? Obviously some do care. These are the deplorable people of the left’s branding. Their voices should be silenced, especially if they are from the West. Thank God for people like Sheila who help to raise awareness about corporate America in Canada.
commented 2016-09-16 15:45:41 -0400

No one cares where the beef comes from. Hell, some people don’t even care if it’s real beef – they are fine with pink slime.

Sheila needs a hobby to keep her days filled, because these boycotts are fucking idiotic. Yes, I get it – you want to keep jobs in Alberta, but as I said – let the market decide. Luckily A&E isn’t just some local restaurant to will fold due to local pressure, so they will probably just laugh this off.
commented 2016-09-16 15:40:18 -0400
David White,

You are missing the point, jackass.

Let me copy and paste that point again. A&W are doing nothing wrong and have every right to run their business in the manner that they are with beef that they prefer buying for customers that are happy with their food.

A&W are spending MORE money to get the beef they want. What you may think is propaganda is completely irrelevant to how they want to run their business. They are not obligated to listen to you or some housewife from Alberta, who thinks she is a journalist.

Let the market decide and it’s looks like they have. This boycott is a loser. Just like the Tim Hortons boycott.
commented 2016-09-16 15:02:41 -0400
French’s ketchup is from Ontario. Beef is not.