August 02, 2017

UPDATE: Artisan Ales’ victory will make Alberta beer great again!

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Huge news from the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) and Artisan Ales on the Alberta beer tax front:

The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) was signed by all of the provinces in 1994; now the CCF reports that an expert panel ruled that the NDP’s grant program is discriminatory and doesn’t comply with Alberta’s free trade obligations under the AIT.

I’ve been reporting on this issue and explaining how the NDP’s unconstitutional beer tax has been dogging importers, restaurants and liquor stores and even consumers, as the added costs of doing business were passed on to consumers.

Toss in the fact that it limits consumer choice and it’s just a bad thing all around.

Watch as I pass on the good news and explain what this decision means going forward.

Artisan Ales’ win, with the help of the Canadian Constitution Foundation and lawyer Ben Grant, is a win for everyone.

CCF staff lawyer Derek From says that with this decision, he hopes the Alberta government gets the message and brings tax levels back to before 2015 levels when they were fair for everyone.

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commented 2017-08-03 00:35:26 -0400
Another NDP failure.
commented 2017-08-02 17:29:14 -0400
How hilarious that the organization standing up to the Non-Democratic Party uses the acronym, C.C.F., the same acronym used by the precursor of the NDP. Talk about irony.
commented 2017-08-02 13:45:18 -0400
I was impressed that Alberta’s government was successfully sued over that bit of biased legislation. One more face full of egg for them. Ceci is without a conscience, money sense or legalities. What a buffoon he is.