May 05, 2017

UPDATE: Beer freedom fighter’s case headed to Supreme Court

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The day has finally arrived! The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear Gerard Comeau’s case which could have huge implications for interprovincial free trade. 

You may recall that Comeau was fined for driving alcohol from Quebec across the border into New Brunswick.

Since liquor is cheaper in Quebec, many people defy restrictive trade laws and the radars set up by police catch them, as Comeau was.

What’s worse is that under our constitution, trade barriers between provinces are illegal, so Comeau went to court and in a long, expensive and unnecessary battle, the provincial court threw out his $293 fine and deemed the law unconstitutional.

In response, the province has asked the Supreme Court to hear the case. They have agreed to do so, and they have the power to change the laws in Canada.

The last time this was done was 96 years ago, so this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity that is of national interest.

Watch as I explain what has happened and what’s at stake.

It’s been estimated that interprovincial trade barriers leach $15B from the Canadian economy annually, and that eliminating them could add anywhere between $50-$100B to the economy.

Any way you look at it, these barriers are bad and they’re illegal. They take billions away from the economy and prevent consumers from exercising choice in what beer they drink.

These laws affect everyone

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commented 2017-05-06 13:58:35 -0400
REBEL, I agree with Stephen E as well.

Trudeau doesn’t support it because he is anti-Canada.
commented 2017-05-06 03:39:50 -0400
Totally agree with Stephen E, please keep it simple.
Thank you.
commented 2017-05-05 22:34:12 -0400
Rebel: Really don’t like the new format where I have to click to link to the video. Much easier when the video is on the same page as the article instead of going to YouTube (where Google tracks what you watch)..
commented 2017-05-05 20:43:09 -0400
Yeeee Haaaa – set ‘em up all ’round bar keep, I’m payin’ if they’se servin’ beers at the SCC – I wanna see Bev Mclaughlin after she’s tilted a few – I bet she’s really fun when all that lefty piety melts away.
commented 2017-05-05 20:02:13 -0400
These laws affect everyone? What about muslims? Is Trudeau’s alcohol tax just the Jizya by another name?
commented 2017-05-05 18:37:20 -0400
The Supreme Court needs to be asked to examine the Sanity of Jusin Trudeau but I guess this would be a waste of time. The Supreme Court are all grubby little Liberal Appointees.