April 27, 2017

UPDATE: City of Calgary’s pricey Priuses used to double dip in taxpayer pool

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The City of Calgary paid over $208K for seven Prius’ and do you know who they bought them for? The Calgary Parking Authority. 

The Calgary Parking Authority is owned by the city and we pay the highest rates for parking in the country and the second highest rates in North America, second only to New York City.

Watch as I show you how this is yet another government run business double dipping into your wallet to pay for their all too often useless projects.

With all the tickets they issue, they’re making a lot of extra money off you which they then waste spending millions on public art features and fancy renovations at City Hall.

Most of these parking spots are downtown and do you know what else is downtown? The million taxpayer dollar bike lanes!

So why didn’t we give the Parking Authority bikes so they could make use of those lanes instead of giving them seven fancy Prius’?

Considering it was the Mayor himself who touted those bike lanes as the perfect solution to traffic congestion, I’m surprised he didn’t think of giving bikes to government employees instead of Prius’.

Maybe then the government could have lowered the fees for parking, especially in a time that the city is going through an economic downturn and so many Calgarians are struggling.

Instead, they bought vehicles for their pampered employees so they could travel greater distances at faster speeds to ticket you more and take even more money out of your pocket!

Calgary City Hall is double dipping and parking spaces are highway robbery. First they bleed your bank account with high taxes, then they use your money to run a business that takes even more of your money.

Any time the government is involved in a business, it’s bad news. And it seems the City of Calgary will stop at nothing to take that last penny out of your wallet to pay for their government run businesses and pet projects.

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commented 2017-04-28 09:27:54 -0400
I drive beside the bike lane every day. Millions spent on those who do not pay road/fuel taxes.
I see a 5-6 bikes in the bike lane on a good day. The traffic commute has increased by twenty minutes.
The bike and bus lane is also on my way home. The amount of idling snarled traffic produces more smog then when bike lanes did not exist. Bought a composter from the city years ago. now i have to pay for a new one every month. Parking here is a rip off. they even give out tickets at the hospital.
commented 2017-04-28 08:18:23 -0400
commented 2017-04-27 23:23:56 -0400
You sure have a good bunch there with Notley as Premier & Nenshi as Mayor, what else can go wrong.
commented 2017-04-27 19:27:26 -0400
Just wait until Nenshi is allowed to tax income, which the Non-Democrats are bound to allow in their desperation to retain power.
commented 2017-04-27 18:40:01 -0400
Nenshi has to be booted out this election or Calgary is doomed. I really dislike him and his big mouth.
commented 2017-04-27 18:17:41 -0400
HOLLY, if BOB EDWARDS were alive, he’d come and ask if he could work for you

Stay on them !!
commented 2017-04-27 18:05:04 -0400
I was listening to Andrew Lawton the other day, and he talks regularly about parking. Maybe Holly can be a guest on the show, and talk about the horrors of parking in Calgary?