May 31, 2016

Update: Derek Fildebrandt returned to caucus BUT not before SJWs extracted their pound of flesh

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

We have some good news to report. Derek Fildebrandt, Wildrose Shadow Minister of Finance was returned to caucus and to his portfolio today after he was unceremoniously suspended late last week for a social media flub. 

This is great news. I’m glad to see the Wildrose Party leadership has listened to the outcry of thousands of Albertans like those who signed our petition and the party’s own grassroots. Wildrose has done the right thing, the best thing, for Alberta. But they had to be dragged there by Albertans. The Wildrose Party brass was just given a reality check by the people they work for, you and me.

Now that our long provincial nightmare is over, let’s talk about what happens when conservatives start apologizing for being right.

Derek Fildebrandt was critical of Ontario Premier Wynne’s government policy while she was sitting in the legislature gallery as a guest of Alberta Premier Notley. Fildebrandt did not say or do anything that I haven't said a hundred times. Derek was telling the truth and standing up for Albertans and doing it with passion. That’s his job. No apology required. But there was an apology by the Wildrose for Fildebrandt’s tone. This was their first mistake.

Social justice warriors were encouraged by this win. The shrieking cry bullies took to Fildebrandt’s Facebook page to find a social media flub and they did.

Social justice warriors are like stray cats or bears that live at the dump. Do not feed them. They'll come back again. They're dangerous, hungry and lazy. SJWs don't want to work for their next meal. They want to eat your garbage.

This whole mess, this days long wreck, should have been over in 20 minutes. Instead we saw what happens when conservatives care more about looking friendly and playing the game than about being righteous and accurate in our arguments. Conservatives have to stop this business of apologizing for making others uncomfortable by daring to mention the cold hard facts. Like Ben Shapiro says, “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Whether you like Donald Trump or hate him, you can’t disagree with his ability to neuter critics by never giving any relevance to hurt feelings. Those people us conservatives make uncomfortable are liberals. They aren't our allies. They feed on weakness because they are intellectually lazy. Crying to get one’s way is far easier than making a reasoned argument.

Apologizing and then suspending Fildebrandt was like paying a ransom to a kidnapper. It makes kidnapping profitable and it makes the rest of us targets. As conservatives, we have to say “no more”.

By giving in to SJW demands, conservatives are emboldening our enemies and alienating our friends.

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commented 2016-06-02 07:28:12 -0400
Ron you are right.The simpletons want to turn back the clock. The NDP right?
Back to living in a cave.
The NDP and Liberals never admit they are ever wrong.They just make up another lie.
commented 2016-06-01 18:15:20 -0400
Wish they had not reinstated Fildy.
commented 2016-06-01 13:02:50 -0400
Ian, Gordo may be on the chopping block anyways as they really only need one bathroom cleaner at the pool, not three.
commented 2016-06-01 12:17:34 -0400
I would believe that the Manning Group is still the ones controlling Brian Jean and the WR. It was they who fractioned the party with Smith and once again fractions are happening with Jean.
Ron Christense(o)n or Gordo, I think they should fire 100,000 upper management civil sheep, get rid of the bloated management, it is ridiculous that in the private world 1 manager controls up to 200 people but in civil sheep world its at 1:5 ratio. But don’t worry Ron, you wouldn’t be affected by that attrtion, you’re not smart enough to be in management.
commented 2016-06-01 11:51:40 -0400
Excellent Jamie. I cant wait for Ron Christensen aka Sean Penson aka Gordo Steele’s idiotic reply to it; actually, I can.
commented 2016-06-01 11:45:02 -0400
Good post, Jamie.
commented 2016-06-01 10:53:06 -0400
About 2400 years ago an Athenian named Thucydides wrote these words:

“If you give way, you will instantly have to meet some greater demand, as having been frightened into obedience in the first instance; while a firm refusal will make them clearly understand that they must treat you more as equals. "

It is a concept that is entirely missing in the minds of our politicians, leaders of farm and livestock organizations, and much of our population.

Jean doesn’t understand it, and Fildebrant doesn’t understand it (otherwise he would have told Jean to fuck off).

In Ontario, Patrick “Waldo” Brown recently cow-towed to political correctness by suspending MPP Jack MacLaren from caucus for (stupidly) telling a dirty joke in public that targeted a female politician. MacLaen apologized, but Brown caved to the phony and much-belated howls of offense from the press and politicians. And MacLaren allowed himself to be led off to sensitivity training like a brainless, quivering, lamb to the slaughter – instead of telling Brown to shove his training up his arse.

In Alberta and Ontario farmers, ranchers, loggers, and oil execs make their first mistakes by sitting down for “dialogue” with environmental arseholes and lefty politicians (excuse my redundancy) to “seek common ground” on a host of purported concerns that are, in all probability, adequately addressed by existing legislation. These processes only serve to boost the standing and funding of the latter at the expense of the former.

In Ontario, our farm organizations are completely and utterly compromised – and the membership seems content with this. The process was started back in the early 90s when the leaders sat down for tea and crumpets with Bob Rae and agreed to legislation that guaranteed the farm orgs provincial funding, and by extension, steady paycheques for themselves. They weren’t smart enough to realize that they had just taken the first small step towards servitude, irrelevance, and eventual extinction.

Today’s small concession is invariably the first step in a long retreat that can have only one outcome. You only have to understand one thing when it comes to dealing with these bastards: IT WILL NEVER, EVER, BE ENOUGH.

And I’ll round off this rant with another related line from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War…this time he’s quoting another long-dead Greek, Pericles:

“Make up your minds that happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous.”
commented 2016-06-01 10:35:25 -0400
I am glad the reinstated Derek Fildebrandt, but it should never have been necessary.

I was opposed to the third Conservative party idea in Alberta, but seeing the stupid things Brian Jean is doing, that may be the only way. I was in full support of the WildRose, but now …

Who else is there to vote for?
Not Progressive Conservative, I mean the Liberal light party.
Certainly not for the Liberals. Still fuming over Pierre’s NEP BS.
Most definitely not for NDP.

What’s left?
commented 2016-06-01 10:32:29 -0400
Sheila is darned right again, why the coward conservatives keep on apologizing for saying the truth.

Tired of that, stand up for your value and beliefs
commented 2016-06-01 10:27:45 -0400
I see that Ron Christensen in his comment 2 hours ago is telling Albertans what we think and believe again.

Don’tchall jist luv these here socialists who know everathing, my kin? Yee-hah! I’z jist wurship them thar puurfect people!
commented 2016-06-01 10:09:16 -0400
Brian Jean is gutless. The WR elite who installed him as leader are corrupt.

We need a do-over.
commented 2016-06-01 09:44:49 -0400
All these leftist trolls really don’t give a girly-squat about Wynn or Ontario or Green cause for that matter – because they are insulated from the fall out in Their Mommy’s basement. If they had a career or a family or any fiscal responsibilities they would see that Wynn has criminally damaged the cause of green energy by mismanaging the province and electric utility so badly people will never trust green politicians again – it has set the cause back decades.
commented 2016-06-01 09:39:44 -0400
So it seems Wild Rose is stupid but not suicidal – it’s not over until the Commie grub who committed the outrage is kicked out of the party
commented 2016-06-01 09:05:44 -0400
Ah yes, there it is, the clear sign from Ron Christensen aka Sean Penson aka Gordo Steele, using the word “attack” to describe what is merely criticism. By the way, the Ontario govt is a fellow Canadian provincial govt, not foreign. To iterate one’s criticism and observations of a fellow province’s utter failure in “green energy” is not only proper, especially as an MLA in the legislature, but as a critic of the govt, and representative of your constituents, but also in front of a visiting premiere who has absolutely no say or business in our business. These two premiers are playing games while devastating their provinces.
commented 2016-06-01 09:03:49 -0400
Good point a lot of us didn’t know about
I hope SHEILA or HOLLY and EZRA work that into their editorials and soon
commented 2016-06-01 08:35:12 -0400
No politician or political party is going to be completely representative of each of our views, ideals and positions (obviously). So, reasonably, all we can ask for is that they represent a majority of such views but also, and perhaps just as importantly, that they are willing to actually listen to the opinions of the people that they supposedly represent, and adjust their policies accordingly. This is kind of the idea of choosing a few individuals to represent the views of a large group of people, isn’t it? Anyway, it seems like the Wild Rose did do the right thing – in the end – and this is moderately encouraging. If it takes “nagging” from the people to get them to act as they ought, then so be it: we’ll just have to continue to do this.

I also agree with Sheila Gunn Reid’s general comment about using facts versus feelings. When conservatives start to debate or discuss issues from the metric/framework of feelings, they are inevitably at a huge disadvantage (they are not as skilled at this as their opponents are at this, for one thing). And there is simply no need for it: Sticking with the facts and with reason generally silences conservatives’ opponents – mainly because those facts are actually on the side of conservatives, not their opposition.
commented 2016-06-01 08:30:51 -0400
Disgusting to apologize to that traitor.
commented 2016-06-01 08:07:18 -0400
Your funny Ron. What are you doing now, doesn’t seem like you respect our opinion?You know the thing about test sticks and stones, maybe you don’t, sticks and stones will break our bones but names will never hurt us.

Good report Sheila, you’re absolutely right no more giving ground, and no more of political correctness.
commented 2016-06-01 07:54:47 -0400
The hillbillies in Alberta show no respect for any other people who have differing opinions. You DON’T run a government like you run your own household—that is the simplistic view that most WR nut bars hold. They would like to see 50,000 public service employees fired. Rubbish and they will likely never hold office. Alberta is changing and the simpletons want to turn back the clock.
commented 2016-06-01 07:06:55 -0400
Never ever attack the leader of a foreign government, while he or she is in the visitors’ gallery of the legislative assembly! Ms. Wynne, like it or not, is the duly elected leader of Ontario!
commented 2016-06-01 02:57:04 -0400
Brilliant and concise. Everyone should watch this video. I’m not afraid to say this, though it may rock the boat, but I was about ready to give up my membership in the Wildrose over this insane bufoonery. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I’m starting to lose my faith in Brian Jean. He seems to be leaving the door open for dissent and division. One more move like that and I’ll be forced to believe he’s taking a page out of Danielle Smith’s book of leadership. STOP WEAKENING OUR STANCE! Don’t be led, LEAD! STOP TALKING ABOUT MERGING THE RIGHT! Wildrose IS the right! If the right wants to win, then join the Wildrose. Stop being deceived and blinded by, as Sheila puts it, the intellectually lazy. Stop being timid. We’ve been hanging on to a life preserver with Brian Jean. I think it’s time we climbed out of the water back into our ship and let Fildebrandt draw his sword and take the helm! It’s time to nail these morons to the mast and expose their every move. The NDs cannot be allowed to do any more damage. Stop them before they sink us!
commented 2016-06-01 01:51:53 -0400
Excellent work Sheila. I’m so glad Derek is back at his job.
commented 2016-06-01 01:50:36 -0400
No more apologizing, no more, we need someone who will speak the truth and as stated here, stop licking ndpees boots and left winged msm and push back against this unnecessary, wasteful, useless carbon tax and so many other issues this evil nutley is doing to us. Brian Jean is not that person, sorry to say but it’s true. Derek Filderbrand should have never been suspended and no apologies were necessary from Brian Jean. Liberals and ndp NEVER APOLOGIZE for taking everything from us and ruining our lives. No more, no more…
commented 2016-06-01 00:31:21 -0400
Sheila – absolutely!!! I totally agree with you. Did anyone else hear an interview with Wynne the same day she was in the leg where she was asked about Derek’s remarks? She replied that she was used to those kinds of comments and felt right at home. I don’t think this got a lot of coverage. To then hear her say at the convention that it was a “vicious” attack?? Are you kidding me??
commented 2016-06-01 00:23:37 -0400
MSM didn’t get their pound of flesh. Rather, they awaken a sleeping giant of discontent and anger. This is a cultural war and it’s time to really treat it as such.

Brian Jean has proved himself to be incompetent, cowardly, and compromised. He cannot be trusted.

Brian Jean must fuck off and get out immediately. He has no business representing anyone, let alone true conservatives.
commented 2016-06-01 00:20:18 -0400
Ms. Sheila Gunn Reid
That was one EXCELLENT editorial!!!

Thank You, and keep up the great and necessary work!!
commented 2016-06-01 00:02:09 -0400
I believe it is well past the time for politicians to call Climate Change a hoax that will bring our economy to it’s knees. I will not vote for any politician that continues to spout the untruths of the Carbon tax or Agw or whatever they call it.
commented 2016-05-31 23:39:32 -0400
LIZA good points about the best way to respond to politically-correct bullies. Seems like the demand for “safe spaces” (fringe on free speech) by coddled leftist students on university campuses is now moving to our legislative assemblies.
commented 2016-05-31 23:15:31 -0400
What Liza said…
commented 2016-05-31 23:13:32 -0400
Oh my god, they are so retarded, the liberal reaction to the whole situation is so funny, predictable, but damn funny. Nobody cares that a woman is a premier or gay.