June 02, 2016

UPDATE: Earls feels the heat but where’s the Canadian beef? Here’s why it’s NOT over yet

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

I want to give you an update about our boycott Earls campaign.

Canadians went into full nuclear boycott mode after Earls restaurants decided they would no longer be sourcing Canadian beef because, according to Earls corporate decision makers, it was not humane enough. That’s not true. The reality is that not enough Canadian farmers were willing to pay the certification shakedown fees to an American licensing firm to be certified “humane”. Canadian beef is as humane and healthy as it’s ever been.

At The Rebel, we started a boycott campaign and a petition. We wanted the free market to fix our beef with Earls. We knew it wouldn't happen overnight but we wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Canadian farmers, the way we always do at The Rebel.

We saw cracks quickly in the Earls public relations strategy. A statement made by Mo Jessa, Earls CEO, said they would be sourcing Canadian beef if enough farmers paid the certification cartel for their humane certified sticker. Not good enough.

I took the twelve thousand signatures of the patriotic Canadian beef lovers who signed our petition to Earls HQ in Vancouver. Watch the video to see how little Earls PR person, Cate Simpson cared.

But I’m happy to report some good news for you. Earls is feeling the heat and the financial consequences of their moral preening and rushing to get Alberta beef back on their plates. Earls Lethbridge owner Richard Daley, is speaking out. He said:

“There’s a million cattle on feed in Alberta, 500,000 are within a 30 mile radius of this restaurant. I’ve spoken with feedlot owners representing 300,000 of that, so yeah, we’ve gotten some flak,” “We’ve seen a 30 per cent drop in sales that’s affected our ability to remain profitable and stay open. We’ve had to lay staff off, we’ve had to cut hours.”

But it’s not a full victory and Earls is still spinning. Don’t go flooding back through the doors of all of their locations just yet. Only 7 of 59 Earls restaurants are using Canadian beef and it all still needs the silly sticker to prove the farmers are good enough. Most Alberta restaurants are still serving foreign beef, stiffing Canadians, disrespecting and insulting Canadian ranchers. And still lying about it all.

But you scared Earls. They've launched a website, www.beefreport.earls.ca, where you can see which Earls restaurants are back using Canadian beef (with the shakedown sticker on it). On that website you can also see that Earls is still spinning about Halal, saying they don’t use Halal meat, trying to use word trickery, as if there’s a difference between “halal” and “halal certified”. For a company that claims to be committed to transparency in meat sourcing, they sure like to make sure the Halal issue is clouded in double speak.

Poor Alberta waiters and waitresses are being laid off over Earls decision to insult farmers and then lie about it but their disaster-prone PR gal in Vancouver, Cate Simpson, is getting her six-figure cheque. She bungled the whole affair and underestimated our patriotism and pride. Cate Simpson has been wrong all along. If Canadians were actually asking for this fake certified humane beef, no Earls should have seen a drop in business. I bet most Earls are taking the same hit as the Lethbridge location did.

We made Earls blink. A couple times. But we aren’t done yet. So let’s save some jobs. Let’s get those customers back by going, one restaurant at a time, and pressing their bosses to save their jobs, by switching beef suppliers. To hell with Vancouver HQ. This is about Canadian solidarity — jobs for ranchers, jobs in Alberta feedlots, jobs in our local farm and ranch supply stores, and jobs for wait staff.

Earls owners should be pushing back against Vancouver HQ. They’re the ones taking the hit in the wallet. They should just tell the American abattoir to stuff it, and go down the road and buy the best beef in the world from the most humane farmers on the planet.

We’ve seen the power of the free market. We’ve seen the power of angry Canadians. But it’s not over yet.

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commented 2016-06-06 12:02:26 -0400
Mohammad “Mo” Jessa: isn’t he Muslim?

Hence the halal beef. Hence the US company that provides only Halal beef. Hence the Halal certified beef requirement.

If I wanted Kosher food, I would go to a Kosher restaurant. If I wanted Halal food, I would go to a Halal restaurant. If I didn’t want either, I would go to a regular restaurant, such as Earls is supposed to be.

Some (probably all) of Earl’s restaurants have lost business. So be it. Market driven industry. Its hard for a restaurant to recover after a few weeks of significant sales drops. As more people hear the story, the more Earls’ sales will drop. This chain could be gone within a year.

How many people will return to Earls even if it changes back to Alberta beef? Once one gets a “sour taste” for a place, one usually doesn’t to go back. The longer Earls takes to correct this insult to Canada, the less chance it has to survive.

BTW, Cate Simpson seems quite adept at handling people. I really hate people who do that. For having someone like that on the payroll for public relations is usually enough for me to stop buying what they are selling (hey there Toshiba). I certainly won’t be going to an Earls when I am out West again.
commented 2016-06-04 09:59:49 -0400
So let me see if I got this right.
Earls has been serving canadian beef for a loooong time…then this Mohammed wants halal meat…strange…isn’t mohammed muslim?…and isn’t it their customs to only eat Halal meat?
So because this guy’s religion states hala is the only meat they should eat….they are dictating to us what meat we can have at their restaurants??

I don’t know but I’m pretty this falls under a certain category doesn’t it?
commented 2016-06-04 00:51:29 -0400
Sheila please stay on this until all the truth is out. Butchering at factories is far removed from cattle producers. Maybe I’m wrong but offhand I doubt many producers are aware of how their cattle are killed and processed nor if they are halal or kosher. Also, and I hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling that a lot more of our grocery food stuffs besides just meat is halal than we know. Labelling should be mandatory.
commented 2016-06-03 23:29:43 -0400
When you go to a restaurant ask these questions and in this manner – and ask the manager and the manager only:

1. “Are you halal compliant?”

2. “Where is your beef from?”

If it is halal – tell him/her you are leaving and why.

If it is imported beef – tell him/her you are leaving and why.

And then be certain to spread the word.

Interesting comment made on this site – about pork being set on top of halal approved meat and fish in the meat section of a grocery store.

Since reading that comment I bet I have done that at least 15 times – I make a point of it now.

Bacon and pork chops are so easy to move around!

Best to all.
commented 2016-06-03 20:29:58 -0400
@ Deborah, I doubt any Canadian farmer would be willingly participating in such an event. What we need to do is get halal slaughter outlawed.
commented 2016-06-03 18:52:08 -0400
Many great Alberta beef restaurants to choose from. We frequented Earl’s almost weekly since 85 and our kids grew up on their food. I gave up on it a few years ago because the mgmt no longer cared about long time patrons, or complaints about quality or servicing their dirty bathrooms – such things met with a mere shrug. If Earl’s goes under I trust this issue will be the cautionary tale and pre-emptive lesson on the power of the public and the almighty dollar. Choose to pander to the lowest common denominator – clueless liberals and SJWs – and see just who’s spending their hard-earned money. I have no doubt that if Earl’s goes tits up the blame game will start with Mo Jessa and his followers blaming it on right-wing racists and bigots.
commented 2016-06-03 17:56:38 -0400
I think we should contact the Cattlemen’s Association to see where we can buy Canadian beef, that hasn’t been tortured. I hope that no Canadian farmer is participating in this horror. It’s sickening to watch, and I don’t want some Imam praying over my meat.
commented 2016-06-03 17:52:19 -0400
Haven’t been to Earls in a while but, many Friday afternoons in Medicine Hat, I’d go to a down town pub/restaurant for drinks.

Then I found out it’s a subsidiary of Earls.

I think everyplace I go I’m just going to ask if they are Halal compliant, and walk out if they are.
commented 2016-06-03 17:23:04 -0400
There is absolutely no reason to patronize Earls or any of it’s affiliates. I do not trust them and will never go back regardless of what they now, or in the future, may claim. The damage is done.I would really like to see a non-halal certification requirement. I’ve had enough of this disgusting sharia crap.
commented 2016-06-03 16:02:34 -0400
As a mother of six children, all I can say is…..eat at home! It is more nutritious, far less expensive, and an excellent method of staying away from these Muslim-loving restaurants. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
commented 2016-06-03 15:46:11 -0400
H Douglas Stead – Thank you for letting Earl’s know that they are losing business permanently!
commented 2016-06-03 15:39:20 -0400
For what it was worth, I sent the follow email to Earl’s. Not surprisingly I have not had a response…..

Earls Restaurants Corporation
To whom it may concern:

Your supplier Creekstone Farms, dispatches it’s beef animals using Halal methods. Your claim the"Halal killing mthod" produces “Certified Humane Beef”, is an outright fiction if not a blatant lie. In fact I would go so far as to say they are so far apart, as to be at opposite ends of any spectrum of the Human dispatching of food animals.

Leroy Fuller the founder of Earl’s Restaurant served together during the Korean War. Sadly it would seem the current generation of his legacy has seen fit to forgo Canadian beef suppliers in favour of sole sourcing its entire beef product from a USA supplier that enshrines the most barbaric and inhuman dispatching of domestic animals. At very best, this is deeply offensive to me on so many levels. Top of the list, as Canadians we have a long tradition in going the extra mile and doing the right thing.
At worst your Board of Directors’ has allowed the Operating Officers efforts to drive profit for the shareholders at the cost of corporate integrity. Why else would Earl’s pander to a specific religious market segment that hides behind .an obfuscating certification? “Kosher Beef” (Shechita) also stipulates the barbaric severing the trachea, esophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins and vagus nerve using a special sharp knife. Both certifications charging can be had, and for a similar license fee.

I have for many, many years spent considerable time and money dinning, entertaining and enjoying Earl’s offerings. However until such time as your corporation takes all religion out of your supply chain, I will not and nor will I approve any future expenditures of my personal or corporate entertainment budget at your establishment.

I will also be encouraging my family, friends and business contacts and members of the Chamber of Commerce, to review your new beef sourcing policy and join me in spend our dollars elsewhere. This is the strongest and likely most effective message possible to your Board of Directors…. walking away with my money.


H. Douglas Stead
2239 Sicamous Ave.,
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R9
commented 2016-06-03 15:37:55 -0400
Don’t be politically correct about this issue. Nobody wants halal meat except muslims. Keep on harping on the Rebel about earl’s use of halal, that sickening method of torturing animals at the moment of their terrifying deaths. Keep playing that clip of the halal slaughter with the terrified look in that poor animal’s eyes so every Canadian who watches the Rebel can understand just what halal means. I want halal, and other religious torture killings of animals to be eliminated all together in this country and I know that a vast majority of Canadians agree. Once again we have a miniscule portion of the population, in this case muslims, dictating policy to the rest of us. If we do not stop it now, we will end up like the U.K. where halal is unlabeled and finds its way into schools, restaurants and homes without anybody even realizing it. halal and Canadian farmers are the issues here, not earl’s.
commented 2016-06-03 15:08:24 -0400
I agree completely with Dirk Kanis. Put earl’s out of business. People will still eat out and the waitresses can work there.
commented 2016-06-03 15:02:56 -0400
The C.H.O.P. steakhouse is also halal.
commented 2016-06-03 15:01:52 -0400
Also be on the look out for signs that say “raised without antibiotics or hormones.” A&W used to have their ham and egger, and it was my favorite breakfast sandwiches, and they discontinued it. I asked them why they got rid of the best breakfast sandwich that they had, and they told me that it wasn’t popular anymore. I no longer go there, because of this. I don’t believe them at all. So now that is A&W and McDonald’s off my list! I’m going to stick with bacon, ham and eggs at home. It’s much cheaper that way!
commented 2016-06-03 14:42:31 -0400
I disagree with Sheila about going back to earls, those waitresses will get jobs elsewhere because the market didn’t shrink. I want to see Earls go under because they willingly misled the consumer.
commented 2016-06-03 14:35:23 -0400
@fraser MCBURNEY, Good one, pork in the halal section, it is something all of us can do as a silent protest. I for one can’t help to wonder why halal meat is not banned in this country.
commented 2016-06-03 10:07:30 -0400
Guy Fraser said, "… at least traditional plants kill the animal quickly without it bawling in terror saturated with adrenaline and other stress hormones. "

This halal method of cutting the neck back to spinal column but not through it means the cow is conscious the whole time it is bleeding out. That is completely disgusting.

And the Muslims (and Earls) think this is more humane than a shot to the head that kills them instantly which is what Canadian ranchers do. Sickening.
commented 2016-06-03 09:59:47 -0400
Canadian Mongrel said, “There are other steak houses, pubs and restaurants in Grande Prairie …”

Really? GP? Mikes sometime?
commented 2016-06-03 09:38:47 -0400
Yes Canadian Mongrel, if you look online there are a few different cases of ridiculous SJW pandering. Their dress code has also changed in their restaurants for servers. They will say anything they think they have to say to keep the spot lite off of the real issue which is sharia compliance Sharia push and the funnelling of funds through the Muslim halal licensing body to Hamas.
They made a big boo boo when they shunned Canadian beef for the sake of their funding system. They are still trying to force Canadian producers to comply. ‘Then everything will be fine’, ’If you just submit you will see that Islam is a religion of peace". They are trying to force us to comply to Islamic sharia in Canada, one step at a time.
commented 2016-06-03 08:59:47 -0400
Also remember the other fact about Earl’s and its SJW persona. It happily gave up its Albino Rhino beer at the demand of self identified albinos without protest.
commented 2016-06-03 08:52:36 -0400
SO glad the truth is finally coming out. I suggest if you can buy ur meat local, and grow as much of ur own food as possible,that would be the best way. There is NO way we should be allowing this is Canada. Canadians are peace loving people. And barbarism absolutely must NOT be tolerated. No matter what form that barbarism takes.
commented 2016-06-03 06:38:15 -0400
Great reporting Sheila I’ve been following your reports. it’s time we fight the sharia in our country and the best way is the power of the purse. Have you noticed in our grocery stores the halal meat the halal cheese and the other halal products. If you see them DON’T BUY THEM. Yesterday as I was shopping I notice it the halal meat section someone had put a large family pack of pork chops in the middle I wonder if the muslims new their meat was tainted, it brought a smile to my face.
REBELS keep fighting put these companies out of business spread the word that halal foods support hamas
commented 2016-06-03 02:00:08 -0400
Since the rebel broke this story I started looking for halal labels and now they stick out like a sore thumb. A couple questions. As I understand it halal labels are not compulsory so we actually have no idea if we are purchasing halal food or not. In fact I wonder if it’s so common that if you tried to avoid it you’d probably starve to death. We need a law making halal labelling mandatory. Also I don’t understand how halal butchering could possibly not only be considered humane but presented as if it’s more humane than regular butchering. No I will also never eat at earls or any other restaurant I know to be halal and as others here have said there is no way I’d ever believe a word they say. Stick them in the lying liberal boat along with climate change warm mongers and any other assorted UN riff raff.
commented 2016-06-03 01:31:11 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 4 hours ago
..paid to that American licensing agency IFANCA, who are the fund collectors for Hamas. Look for the crescent with the capitol M inside it.
Looks like Subway has gone halal as well. http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/03/29/are-you-inadvertently-supporting-islamic-terrorism-by-unwittingly-buying-halal-food/

We can’t allow Islam to hold our farmers and ranchers hostage. We also cannot allow Canadians to inadvertently fund Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Until Earls no longer has a CEO who finds it necessary to push Sharia compliant food down our throats I will never go to their restaurant again. I will make darn sure everyone I know doesn’t go as well. The same goes for Subway or any other sharia compliant business in Canada. This is Canada, we don’t do sharia compliant anything here. No halal, no sharia compliance. Not compatible with OUR value system. Nothing gets me more worked up than sharia creep in my country. You 100% right but most people here still have shit in their eyes and don’t see!!!
commented 2016-06-03 01:20:42 -0400
Business is really very simple.
Be honest. Tell the truth to your customers.
When questioned, Earl’s hid the truth why they went State side for beef.
Mo Jessa.
And for that reason I will not support Earl’s again.
commented 2016-06-03 00:32:09 -0400
My son and I had lunch in Red Deer today. Earls was not even a consideration and never will be again. Then there are a few hamburger chains which do not even offer bacon for their burgers, you just know they have a religious reason for that even though they newer say why. They are also off my list. Subway is owned by Italians from Connecticut. It was started with some shady financing from ‘friends’ and was able to run at a loss for several years before they franchised their operation. In any case, I do not support any religion based restaurants.
commented 2016-06-03 00:02:23 -0400
My no go list is now :
Earls, Cactus Club, Joey’s Tomato, Subway and any other restaurant advertising a Halal menu.
Halal animal processing is a deplorable act, at least traditional plants kill the animal quickly without it bawling in terror saturated with adrenaline and other stress hormones.
commented 2016-06-02 23:53:30 -0400
I wonder how the Beef is processed from Aspen Ridge Farms … is it processed using Halal methods?
Looks like they had time to scrub Halal from their website before Earls went public with their Beef Report.
The only Certifications they indicate are Certified Humane … which does not describe how the animal is dispatched.
Growing up on a farm we took very good care of all our animals including pets, work horses and livestock. For me, how the animal ends is just as important as how it lived.