September 06, 2016

UPDATE: Eco-radicals issue “eviction notice” to salmon farm on First Nations land

Rebel Staff

As I showed you in July, Tlowitsis Chief John Smith had a message for Sea Shepherd activists trying to shut down salmon farming on his land: “Stay the hell out of our territory.” I’m disappointed to report they did not listen to Chief Smith and just last week took their activism to a whole new level.

In my original report, I showed you some of the questionable “research” methods and tactics being used by Alexandra Morton and Sea Shepherd activists at some salmon farms on the northern part of Vancouver Island.

Then last week they stormed two separate salmon farms and served a symbolic “eviction notice.”

Worse, the activists who stormed the facilities didn’t follow biosecurity protocol and therefore put the salmon at risk to contract pathogens.

(You’d think a biologist like Alexandra Morton would know better...)

I spoke to two First Nations members who had messages for these environmentalists. One told me:

“Nothing is more upsetting to me than seeing professional activists using our people dressed up in traditional regalia to stir up support for their own cause. I have had enough of this one-sided campaign that pushes aside the thousands of hardworking natives that support their families by working in salmon aquacultur. This is what upsets many of us assimilated, working, and taxpaying aboriginals."

That’s not all.

Watch my report to get their side of this story.

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commented 2016-09-07 10:42:01 -0400
My husband and I were involved in the "pisiculture’ farming industry in Quebec. We raised both rainbow and speckled trout in the same ponds. Rather than sell our trout commercially, we allowed the public to “fish” from our ponds. It was an enjoyable farming adventure. Our fish thrived. Some rainbow trout caught weighed up to twelve pounds.
Speaking from experience, the aquaculture industry should be allowed to thrive and grow. There are pros and cons with every industry. People need to learn how to “positivize” the pros and “negativize” the cons.
commented 2016-09-07 10:39:56 -0400
Fred Albertan, that was what I was thinking.
commented 2016-09-07 04:27:55 -0400
Maurice Potvin…….you missed one key word at the end of your post……NOT!
However, you nailed it.
commented 2016-09-07 04:17:38 -0400
penson….you have epitomized the mind of the leftist regressive fucktard with those posts. Also, you have proven once again that your lights may be on, but there is definitely, no one home. WOW!
commented 2016-09-07 03:30:54 -0400
Sean, Sean, Sean… You’re just “not listening”… Go to any sea farm operator or talk to the biologists who work for sea farm equipment manufacturers in B.C….. Sea Lice are not a problem.. The penned fish cannot get enough of them and “eat them like popcorn”, to quote a biologist friend of mine….
commented 2016-09-07 00:38:15 -0400
They need to heed some wise advice from Ralph-shoot, shovel and shut up.
commented 2016-09-06 23:30:04 -0400
commented 2016-09-06 22:28:35 -0400
A legal enterprise run by natives & employing many natives with good pay I say is a win win situation, but noooooo, some radical activists no doubt funded by some rich american have to muzzle in & protest with the majority of them clueless about the reason why, but they’re getting a paycheck for showing up so why not. Protests are becoming a daily thing now in Canada & elsewhere & this is getting out of hand. The sad part about all these protests is that the right complain a lot about it instead of showing up & rallying for the institutions that are being railed against. Also as Rick P. mentioned, they had better be mindful of who they are dealing with on this one.
Bravo Z. It’s true many natives protest the pipelines, but it’s also true that many of them approve the pipelines.
commented 2016-09-06 22:01:42 -0400
Charge them with trespassing, and confiscate their boats and equipment. Let them swim home! Hire a high profile lawyer, and take on Suzuki and Anderson for economic interference!
commented 2016-09-06 21:41:44 -0400
I’d rather have the natives make money farming salmon than poaching them or over fishing the inside passage as they have in the past. .
commented 2016-09-06 21:19:34 -0400
Hi, Sean. Nice to see you. Absolutely brilliant insight, as usual.
commented 2016-09-06 20:51:23 -0400
Two posts – back to back by the islamic sean penson – one pro salmon farming and one anti salmon farming.

Must be high on drugs tonight
commented 2016-09-06 20:40:41 -0400
First Nations have the right to operate any business, as they see fit.

The eco protestors are mindless idiots, and they should be baned, and leave the innocent fish farm alone! White imperialism is dead!
commented 2016-09-06 20:38:11 -0400
Salmon farms, with sea lice and GMOS is a disgusting business, and it deserves to be shut down!
commented 2016-09-06 18:59:15 -0400
Well I tend to be a bit off on the side on this one.

Protesters took down a couple of fish farms.

Seems to me those native types are simply getting what they have been giving the white guys for the past few years when it comes to pipelines.

I might change my mind, but at the moment – no pity from me.

All I have to say is – “Welcome to the club – now you know what it feel like.”
commented 2016-09-06 18:55:24 -0400
The Eco-Nuts have committed a grave error taking on the aboriginals. This will not end well, and I for one will not shed a tear over the consequences forthcoming to them!
commented 2016-09-06 18:39:36 -0400
I worked at one of the first aquafarms in Canada located at Hey Point/North West Cove/Sou’West Cove Saint Margaret’s Bay Nova Scotia. At first the local fishermen were leary about the impact of the salmon pens……later they were getting me to slip lobster pods under the pens.

If you overfeed the fish a glob of gluten with the starch scrubbed out accumulates at the bottom of the bowl net…but that comes out when you pull in the bowl net after the fish are harvested. We found no damage to the lobster habitat below the nets nor was there any disease issues with the fish. The product was as pleasing as could be and it sure beats chasing them in terms of feul consumption and collateral kill of unintended species when you drag a net.

What in the Hell are these people on about?
commented 2016-09-06 18:30:02 -0400
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