May 26, 2016

UPDATE: Exclusive interview with brother of Detroit home-invasion victim -- With details MSM is leaving out

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This morning I spoke with Ken Sikorski, brother of the woman who was shot at three times during a Detroit home invasion, and whose husband shot the home invaders -- a story covered here at The Rebel yesterday.

The video has a lot more information on the crime -- details the mainstream media aren't reporting, such as that the criminals were already wanted for murdering police officers. 

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commented 2016-05-27 11:58:01 -0400
I saw a Sherriff Paul Babeu of Pinal Colunty, Arizona on Hannity/FOX News last night. He made some statements I never thought I would hear a police officer make. He stated that crime has decreased since Arizona brought in concealed and open carry laws, that citizens in wilderness areas should arm themselves for self defence and that his cops don’t fear law abiding citizens who are armed. Boy I wish this guy would come North and take over the RCMP.
commented 2016-05-26 14:26:23 -0400
About 45 years ago in Canada, out West, there were a number of home invasions of farm homes. The thieves would break in, demand and receive valuable, and then beat the home owners just for the sake of doing so. An older farmer decided that if they break in while they are sleeping, the bedroom door would be booby trapped. He set up a shotgun aimed at the door. A few nights later a thief broke into his home, opened the bedroom door and boom. Right in the knees.

Of course the farmer was charged and the “victim”, a.k.a. the assailant, sued and won.

Another story from twenty five years ago. A friend who was a high school teacher was having a problem with a student from the football team. She was a petite 5’2" art teacher, and he was really big. He had tried several times to break into her house, even pulling open the outside locked screen door one night. The police were called. I came over. I was there when the police finally arrived 45 minute after me, and they said that there was nothing they could do because he didn’t actually get inside the house. Breaking open a door meant nothing. I told her, right in front of the police, that we will go over to Canadian Tire and buy a shotgun; if he gets into the house, she should blow his legs off. The eyes of the police went wide. Suddenly, they now had the capacity to go over and have a talk with this idiot. He never came back to her house. the mysterious notes left under her windshield wipers at work also stopped. This, of course, was before the insane gun laws of today.

If the police would have said something about no shotguns, I was ready to suggest a bow and arrow and to put one into his heart if he got into the house.
commented 2016-05-26 13:28:30 -0400
Our home has now been targeted. All those people that say call the cops, well I did that and the cop laughed at us. We have him laughing at us on video. Right now our dog is in hospital being treated for poisoning. I want to punch the cop in the face. He did nothing. He didn’t investigate and he sure as hell didn’t give a shit. This is what happens when you talk on the internet. You voice the truth and people will find you and they will do harm and the cops that are suppose to protect you, laugh at you. What now? Am I suppose to stop talking and bow down to these pieces of crap? This is what the cops want me to do. A person or people spray painted my fence and now they have poisoned my dog. How far will these people go to shut me up? If what I say on the internet bothers them so much that they came to my home, which means they had to track me down via internet, what else are they capable of doing?
commented 2016-05-26 13:24:13 -0400
In Canada it would be much simpler. The homeowner would be dead. If he had a gun it would be double locked. This is apparently to prevent self defence. The cops come and find the homeowner dead. IF the homeowner shot the perp it would much too confusing for the cops. The alleged perp is shot and the supposed victim is alive? Much too confusing. It only works if the homeowner is dead and the perp escapes. That is so much more neat and tidy for small minds.