April 02, 2017

UPDATE: Feds, Alberta NDP budgets both double down on bad booze policy

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The government’s war on beer continues with both the federal Liberals and the provincial Alberta NDP bringing in policies that will make it more expensive for you to have a few.

The Liberals brought in a 2% tax increase on alcohol which adds $30M more of hard earned taxpayers money to their coffers.

I’ve told you about the NDP raising markups on imports making it more expensive to drink out of province beers which drives consumers to drink more locally produced beer.

This was a protectionist measure put in place to grow the Alberta beer industry, but what it actually did was put consumers and businesses like liquor stores, pubs and restaurants between a rock and a hard place.

In limiting choice by price point, consumers will simply go to the next best thing that’s cheaper which means that businesses have to axe some of the more expensive products that they carry. On top of that, the NDP gave the cost of that tax back to Alberta breweries through a grant resulting in yet another protectionist measure paid by taxpayers.

All of these NDP moves sparked at least two court cases and an Agreement on Internal Trade challenge from local importer Artisan Ales. But none of this has stopped the NDP because now they’ve introduced yet another layer of subsidies for Alberta based distilleries.

It’s absurd, and of course the distilleries are praising the government for all of this “free” money they’re getting that isn’t really free.

If a business can’t survive on it’s own, why on earth should taxpayers have to subsidize it? The NDP continue picking and choosing which businesses fail or succeed and the cost is being put on back of taxpayers.

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commented 2017-04-03 17:33:04 -0400
Homemade wine from now on. Good one Tammie Putinski-zandbelt, sound like haram to me too.
commented 2017-04-02 23:40:15 -0400
How about no more taxes.!!!
commented 2017-04-02 23:30:43 -0400
How about a tax on luxury cars or up-scale vanity products, why is it always the working class consumables they tax?
commented 2017-04-02 19:19:10 -0400
We should all be making homemade wine from scratch while sacrificing the loss of beer and considering it short-term pain for long-term gain.!!
Sidestep the tax people and force the hand of the NDP. Make them unpopular with the breweries as well as the electorate.!!!
commented 2017-04-02 18:35:51 -0400
Glenn Craig, how true!
The federal tax hike might be explained by Liberals now viewing alcohol as Haram…hashish – Halal.
commented 2017-04-02 17:50:45 -0400
Messin’ with a man’s beer. That’s dangerous territory, NDP!!
commented 2017-04-02 17:11:07 -0400
It is a time honoured political strategy….drive them to drink then tax the Hell out of the liquor.
commented 2017-04-02 16:41:41 -0400
These Marxist Weasels have to find some way to rob Canadians so that they may pay for all their Shiny New, peace loving, Fifth Column, who need feeding and housing, until they are ready to start the Slaughter.

Every time you have a cold Beer, just remember, you are helping to pay for your own demise.
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