July 20, 2016

Update: FOI docs reveal backlash against former NDP candidate who tweeted about “karmic” Fort Mac fire

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Here’s a quick update on a story we did a while ago about Tom Moffatt, the former NDP candidate who called the Fort McMurray fire, “karmic” when he tweeted “Karmic climate change burns Canadian oil sands city”

What a gross human being. While 100,000 Albertans fled their homes with the clothes on their backs and thousands of other Albertans rallied around these people providing donations and shelter, Tom Moffatt danced in the ashes of their burned out homes. He thinks they deserved it because of the oilsands.

Moffatt is an employee of the town of Taber Alberta. As news broke about how gross he is, the town reacted, suspending him on May 6. But at the Rebel, we wanted the whole story so we filed our customary freedom of information requests and you can see it by clicking HERE.

What we found out was that Moffatt received what looks like a four week paid vacation for his sick comments about Fort Mac. Well, not really a paid vacation, but he was suspended with pay from May 6 to June 7. It’s unfortunate that Moffatt couldn’t be fired or at least suspended without pay, but based on legal advice, the town felt it could not. Too bad. Moffatt deserved it.

But it’s not all bad news about a troll getting off scot free. In the documents we received, I could see many of the emails and messages concerned Canadians sent to the town denouncing Moffatt. Even more heartening, Taber Mayor Henk De Vlieger actually wanted to see all of the correspondence people were sending the town.

I didn’t learn anything unexpected but it was good to see in black and white. Canadians wholeheartedly objected to Moffatt’s ghoulish comments and his small town boss wanted to fire him.

More than anything, it was good to see a government trying to do the right thing, for once.

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commented 2016-07-21 03:22:42 -0400
There used to be a judgemental value in our society called “public shaming”… I guess it’s a rather dated concept now – Shaming – and probably more familiar to our generation now known as The Boomers… Nothing, but nothing, seems “shameful” now – perish the thought.., Still, I somehow hope that one day soon somebody with access to Moffatt steps up to him and says:- “Moffatt, you are a despicable little turd!…”
commented 2016-07-20 20:27:23 -0400
If I were to witness a tragedy, say a catastrophic earthquake that opened chasms and swallowed whole an entire violent left wingnut protest against Trump or the oilsands, and I tweeted that it was “karmic”….. would I be charged, tried and convicted of “hate speech”? I mean in an actual court of law – we already know I would be tried and convicted in the mainstream media.

The hypocrisy of the left wingnuts would be astounding, if it were not so expected.
commented 2016-07-20 20:10:28 -0400
I really don’t now what you expect from these commie yokels – Gad, they’re crawling out from under the rocks in Podunk now there’s an accidental commie kleptocrat regime in Edmonton. In normal times they kept their Bolshie vitriol to themselves and kept a nervous low profile in public because normal Albertans despise traitors who would sell out their prosperity and economic security freedom to greedy globalist interests.

Under all the moral posing and pious crusading of your average Dipper, there is a venal craven mercenary rent seeker and a genuinely rotten/treacherous human being. I learned this from personal interface with them at an organizational level – it’s why to this day I’ll never allow a dogmatic lefturd in my home or office and I patronize no business or organization that has them on staff – too many personality and ethical flaws to trust them – and when they open their mouth and spew that commie entitlement feces while virtue posturing it’s hard to keep from doing a little impromptu dental work on them.