July 25, 2016

UPDATE: FOI docs reveal Boyd’s “unbiased” media report was “job interview” with Notley NDP

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

I have a shocking follow up about Heather Boyd, the former Canadian Press Western Canada bureau chief that Rachel Notley hired to get her off the hook for her unconstitutional banning of myself and all of my Rebel colleagues from government events.

Heather Boyd was paid $10,000 to offer recommendations to the government for their media policy. She was hired to be the fixer for Notley’s big problem of getting caught running Alberta like a dictator by banning unfriendly media because we are her loudest critics.

The whole thing was a show trial. Boyd’s entire report was a job interview with Notley and we finally have the documents to prove it.

What we knew before today was that after Heather Boyd finished her fake report she went on to take a job in the Parliamentary Affairs Bureau (PAB) as the director of media planning. What we know now is that Heather Boyd was actively interviewing with the government on two separate occasions for her new job at the PAB, all during the time she was pretending to be unbiased writing her media report. This is banana republic stuff.

Through Freedom of Information requests, we learned Heather Boyd quietly applied for a job with the PAB on February 11, 2016.
Then on February 17, Rachel Notley hired Boyd to write her totally non partisan, unbiased media policy review report on February 17. Sketchy.

But here’s where it goes from sketchy to down right Soviet: While Heather Boyd was writing her totally non partisan unbiased media policy review she spoke with the government about her application to the PAB on February 24. Then on February 29, she formally interviewed for two PAB positions.

During the time Boyd was determining the fate of the Rebel on behalf of Notley, she was talking at length to Ezra, claiming to be unbiased and impartial. She was getting confidential information about the Rebel business model at the same time she was speaking to the NDP about her reward for her job well done.

This is such an outrageous level of conflict of interest and this didn't occur to Notley, or Boyd or her new boss at the PAB, Mark Wells. Not once in any of the emails back and forth did anyone voice any concern about Boyd's role as the media report author.

Imagine being able to get someone to take confidential information from your political enemies and then pay your operative $120,000 per year with someone else's money for their work on your behalf?

That's what Rachel Notley did in February when she hired Heather Boyd.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn

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commented 2016-07-26 12:45:33 -0400
Great report Sheila, but I have a question:
How does a Canadian citizen know, one way or the other, if all the information – including all the really damning stuff – is released under the Access to Information Act (Canada):
…or the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act of Alberta:
…is true, or even all there?
Are there legitimate and incorruptible checks and balances in place?(LOL)
Given the regularly exposed corruption, criminality and treason of all governments today, how would we ever know?
commented 2016-07-26 09:59:51 -0400
Anonymous commented 8 hours ago
It seems Sheila just can’t let her run in with the NDP go.

Is that Pig Notley can’t stop being a corrupt piece of shit – ya fucking asshole!!!
commented 2016-07-26 03:47:30 -0400
ANONYMOUS… And good for her and why should she, eh???… Was not a travesty done?…
commented 2016-07-26 02:22:52 -0400
It seems Sheila just can’t let her run in with the NDP go.
commented 2016-07-26 01:17:15 -0400
Sheila. Time for a revised version of The Destroyers. haha
This Nutley gang just keeps on growing.
commented 2016-07-25 23:23:10 -0400
Hey…we have our own Hilary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, right here in Canada.

And of course, the information obtained from Ezra will be used, in some way, to try to destroy TheRebel or any of your staff, Sheila.

Just proved Canadians are just as stupid and gullible as Americans; excluding Conservatives and Republicans.
commented 2016-07-25 22:53:21 -0400
Ppl want to being Notley down based on her antics surrounding her anti-oil position, but, like getting Al Capone on tax evasion, it’s smaller items like this that are best suited to the job. For her to put someone out there as an independent investigator, all the while accepting her application and interviewing her for a job on her staff, is a Breach of Trust. Someone out there needs to step up and lay a private charge!
commented 2016-07-25 21:25:27 -0400
A really interesting movie has been released – Clinton Cash. 

There are so many Hillary Clinton talking points that are the same as Notley, Trudeau and Butts. I’m sure one doesn’t have to look to hard to find similar dealings between Notley and Trudeau’s governments and CNRL, Suncor, ATB, NGOs, wind and solar energy companies and all associated unions as were demonstrated between the Clinton and there benefactors. 

Socialists say they are against capitalist cronyism but really they are the worst for abusing it. 

commented 2016-07-25 20:42:23 -0400
Long past the time for Notley to resign. Probably developing a drinking problem by now.
commented 2016-07-25 19:44:05 -0400
As the corruption grows in countries that are falling apart, the killing of journalists increases. It’s a real problem that reporters in those places can be very responsible for their own demise when they don’t report news but create it and fake it. I worry about the way the media has prostituted itself and what what means to democracy, and their own safety. If we had political leadership that wasn’t intent on creating a 3rd world banana republic out of Canada, she’d be accountable for her crime. If the 5th estate wasn’t so busy committing suicide and creating a 3rd world banana republic out of Canada, she’d be accountable to her colleagues, but they’re as much whores as Heather Boyd.
commented 2016-07-25 19:43:37 -0400
WOW SHEILA, super good one , will be watching heather’s coming and goings now

This truly is the bleach and sunshine channel
commented 2016-07-25 19:10:35 -0400
Heather… You are being too kind… Of course “they don’t give a damn…”… Socialists, using Lenin’s dictum, feel free to lie, cheat, obfuscate, and do anything to get the job done… The real question is how many Albertans will let them get away with it before they start posting those FLUSH NOTLEY! signs anywhere and everywhere…
commented 2016-07-25 19:02:13 -0400
Both the Notley and Mr. Selfie governments operate on “banana republic stuff”…
that’s abundantly clear when you see what they have both done to the regulatory process in this country…
commented 2016-07-25 18:57:59 -0400
Well there is one thing that seems quite clear. Heather Boyd couldn’t find anything wrong with the Rebel.Media business model. If she did find a weakness I would think the NDP would have mounted some kind of attack by now. Maybe they are waiting in the grass on that one.

The rest of the story seems routine for the communists. Hiring a media hit man, or hit lady in this case. I am sure they will try their best to banish Sheila from future government media ops. Good luck with that NDP.

Heather Boyd looks like a fucking old witch. Why the hell doesn’t she just retire to the west coast of Vancouver Island with all the other freaks. She is missing all that flapping around in the water with the other old whales.
commented 2016-07-25 18:33:05 -0400
Sorry Sheila. I didn’t mean to go above your head and address Ezra, but let’s face it, he’s the boss and the ultimate prize for RN and JT.
commented 2016-07-25 18:29:06 -0400

From time to time I will post some questions just for the fun of it

Who was the first to say " I’M COOKED ON THAT SIDE; TURN ME OVER, AND EAT ME. "

I’ll post the answers at the end of Ezra’s show on Monday.
Just another reason to watch THE REBEL only $8 bucks a month or $80 bucks a year.
The only voice that shines a light on the news and brings you the news the other media won’t. Just think of all the comments you leave FREEDOM OF SPEECH….use it or loose it.
commented 2016-07-25 18:28:49 -0400
Fan-farking-tastic Sheila!

Do you suppose we have enough for collusion charges or conflict of interest or nepotism? I hope at least the more astute among these commie pooch-pumpers can hear the jail cell door opening.

As for this level of unprofessional, deeply compromised ethics, heh, par for the course for sinecure seeking degenerate old commie networkers – time to open a new wing of the Drumheller prison just for Dipper trough guzzlers.
commented 2016-07-25 18:16:19 -0400
Now, now Ezra. I’m certain Ms. Boyd was being honest with you. It’s not unusual for a person to remain neutral while in the midst of a partisan pursuit. I’m sure she was confident in her own skills and background that she didn’t (and never would) use her access to you, nor create her totally non partisan unbiased media policy paper as a means to improve the odds of her getting that job.
Ezra, you’re so paranoid.
The beloved and revered Premier and her partner, Dear Leader Trudeau, are concerned about your paranoia. A term of incarceration and reprogramming in one of our esteemed psychiatric hospitals may be just the thing to fix you up. But on the bright side, when you’re released, there could be a nice job waiting for you at the CBC.
commented 2016-07-25 18:03:01 -0400
Second comment: With all these FOIP requests that shed light on the Non-Democratic Party’s corrupt contempt, how long before the FOIP legislation is changed?
commented 2016-07-25 17:59:46 -0400
The fact that Boyd was overtly auditioning for a patronage appointment from Notley while doing an investigation for Notley demonstrates the contempt in which the Non-Democratic Party holds Albertans. They really do not care about anything except their own corrupt ideals: for sure they care not about people, opinion, or fairness.

It is all a joke to them, which I always see clearly from responses to me from the invisible energy minister which she is allowed to sign after one of the junior staffers, her superiors, have written the response.

Bill 6, Bill 10, MacMurray fires, Carbon extortion, this current news item, all shows their contempt, hopefully the electorate proves more contemptuous of them and their public union cronies.