February 03, 2016

UPDATE: Migrants attacking German pensioners in shocking train video ‘too dangerous’ to deport

StaffRebel Columnist

The gang of migrants who attacked two pensioners on a Munich subway train are from Afghanistan—they have been living in Germany for four years following the rejection of their asylum applications, the MailOnline reports.

A Munich police spokesman told the MailOnline it is a ‘big problem’ that so many migrants are allowed to remain in Germany even after their requests for asylum were turned down.

Police spokesman Sven Mueller said: “They have come here and their asylum requests have been rejected, but we aren’t able to send them home because there are no flights.”

“A lot of people who have come here from war zones, from Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia, can’t be sent back when their asylum requests are denied because it’s too dangerous.”

“It’s a big problem for Germany, and everywhere in Europe.”

“We have some people, from countries with civil wars, who have been here like this for 10 or 15 years.” 

Released this week, shocking footage of the Munich U-Bahn assault shows the Afghan men grappling with an elderly man, pinning him against a railing and verbally abusing him. 

The video—reportedly shot while travelling from Munich’s Sendlinger Tor station to the Metro’s city centre stop—was initially uploaded to the Facebook page of Munich resident Tom Roth. 

According to reports, Roth said the fight broke out after a female passenger complained after one of the Afghans placed his hand on her back. 

After the video went viral on Tuesday, sparking a police investigation, officers were able to track down the men involved. The identities of the three men and their two victims have been confirmed—but do not expect justice to be handed down any time soon. 

“No crime has technically been committed, so maybe they will go to court in a few months, maybe they will get fined 200 Euros, but nothing much,” said Mueller to MailOnline.

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commented 2016-02-05 22:27:20 -0500
Same in Canada. We may deport a thousand undesirables every year but only actually remove 5-10 of them from Canadian soil back to their homelands
commented 2016-02-03 18:24:28 -0500
“‘No crime has technically been committed, so maybe they will go to court in a few months, maybe they will get fined 200 Euros, but nothing much,’ said Mueller to MailOnline.”
So Germany doesn’t have assault as a crime or access to Kayak. Learn something new everyday.
commented 2016-02-03 18:16:46 -0500
“Police spokesman Sven Mueller said: ‘They have come here and their asylum requests have been rejected, but we aren’t able to send them home because there are no flights.’”
Seriously Germany? I just searched Kayak.com for one way tickets to Kabul from Berlin. All five of those clowns could be in Afghanistan by FRIDAY for about 4200 bucks.
commented 2016-02-03 16:45:56 -0500
“Too dangerous to deport”. That is code for there might be an uprising among the others if we dare to treat them like everybody else.
commented 2016-02-03 16:37:01 -0500
“He will probably be fined a few hundred euros”. That will only serve to make him angry at the next several seniors he has to shake down to come up with the money. Too dangerous to deport but safe enough to walk among us?
commented 2016-02-03 14:48:54 -0500
“too dangerous to deport” refers to what? Are they too dangerous to apprehend and lock up for deportation, or too dangerous to dump on someone else’s doorstep? How about the country of origin? Bravo Zulu, you are correct, if we can apprehend a murderer of our own, on our own, then we can certainly pick up someone for deportation and send them back.
commented 2016-02-03 14:46:52 -0500
Finally, after months, constitutional complaints are being filed against the illegal and unconstitutional policy of mass-migration in this country. The one I’m linking to below is by one of our top constitutional scholars, Prof. Schachtschneider. In it: applications to secure the border, restore the rule of law, cease the illegal residence of migrants and depose Mrs. Merkel from office. It’s quite absurd that – due to the total lack of opposition in the Bundestag – the Federal Constitutional Court has become our last hope to put an end to this lawlessness. But actually, I don’t count on it because the federal judges are all appointed by our political class and tend to be similarily gutless or biased a.k.a. politically corrupt. For those of you who speak German:
commented 2016-02-03 14:06:35 -0500
“too dangerous to deport.”

No such thing

Only a coward would say this.

And if it were true in the case of a dog?

It would be put down.

commented 2016-02-03 14:03:43 -0500
Make no mistake about it, they are overwhelming democracies in order to cause chaos. They are unleashing terrorists on our society’s because our governments are evil, and greedy, and think they have the right to tell others how to live. They will find out otherwise, as Germans let the government and terrorists have it! This is the calm before the coming storm!
commented 2016-02-03 13:52:43 -0500
“too dangerous to deport.” So they get to stay and make Germany dangerous? The logic escapes me…
commented 2016-02-03 13:39:03 -0500
Merkel must take responsibility for Germany’s situation. Her Marxist friends who control the UN must be proud of her.

Trudeau is all set to become Canada’s Merkel, we need to stop him, now.
commented 2016-02-03 13:08:09 -0500
I may be wrong are the German still in Afghanistan I do know this they have long rang military cargo planes and they make some of the world’s best parachutes. Why are the Germans not using them. Because of political corrective. Germans demand your political leaders do their duty.
commented 2016-02-03 12:39:55 -0500
““No crime has technically been committed” HUH? Assault isn’t a crime in the new Germany? So sad for a great country..
commented 2016-02-03 12:32:05 -0500
What you should do as country is to do background checks and vet these individuals before you allow them into a country so this does not happen. Where is the logic in allowing everybody to come into a country and then vet them, just stupid backward politics where politicians care nothing for their very own citizens.