March 28, 2015

UPDATE: Mom gets apology after teacher gives son "intersex rape" book

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

A response to a risqué read: An Ontario principal comments on a book about an intersex teenager given to a 12-year-old student by one of his teachers.

This is a follow-up to our previous story about an outraged mother and age appropriate school material.

Full statement from Principal Andrew Harris:

We regret this unfortunate occurrence in the selection of additional reading material made available in one of our classes at Frenchman’s Bay.

P.S. The book in question was not a part of the regular reading program, but was provided as additional material made available for extra reading.

The parent and I have met and discussed our mutual concerns. In addition, I have apologised to the parent on behalf of the school for the use of a book which was not approved nor age appropriate.

I will meet with the student upon their return from holidays and explain this book was not suitable for the class.Our administration and school staff have also made efforts to review other books to avoid a similar situation in the future.

The process for selection of appropriate reading material has been reviewed.

Principal Andrew Harris

Frenchman's Bay PS, Pickering, Ontario


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commented 2015-03-30 16:23:19 -0400
Kathleen Wynne was a School Board Trustee, Minister of Education and now Premiere of Ontario…what do we expect the educational system to be like?
She had a dream!
commented 2015-03-29 22:58:40 -0400
What the heck does “trans-sexual” even mean? Is it like one day you are in Toronto and then you fly to Paris; like trans-continental??? I can’t keep it all straight. I keep asking my husband, "so, LGBT means… the BT still has me kind of stymied. I can’t imagine having to process this information as a teenager.
What I do know is that I managed to navigate to my 18th birthday without even knowing what a homosexual was. It was several years after that when I was told what their sex act was. Why are we subjecting our children to this kind of information at such an early age? Does anyone else think that this information is traumatic?
What is the downside of NOT talking about this in a classroom to students under the age of consent? Will 2% of the teenage population think themselves apart because they have “funny” feelings? Let them hold on to those feelings until they are 18 and can legally act on them. Meanwhile, the other 98% should be taught human biology, not sex perversion.
One of my sons was subjected to a “sex ed” class in junior high school. There was a poster on the wall with a photo of a penis with some kind of STD. One day the children came into the room, tore the poster off the wall and threw it out the window. I am ashamed to say that my son told me about this poster several weeks before it went out the window and I didn’t go to the school to object. These children were subjected to graphic descriptions of every sexual disease known to man.
I told my son that I would now instruct him in less than one minute about sexual diseases! If you are adult enough to have sexual intercourse then you are adult enough to buy condoms. If you think you are having any problem “down there” seek immediate medical attention and, believe me, you will know if you are having a problem.
Lesson over.
commented 2015-03-29 17:05:05 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE commented 1 day ago
I don’t know Sandy. That sound a bit harsh, especially the charges. I can see and unpaid “vacation” of a month or two.
We give criminal “paid vacations” and the results are more paid vacations and in some cases many, many repeats.
A rope would end that. The money saved could but us an F35 a year. Maybe some navy subs, brand new this time.
Police not afraid all the time. Criminals on drugs because of the fear is already here.
We have to get rid of the problem more decisively. Get rid of the laws that prevent that or obscure that.
If this teacher handed out this book she is responsible and should be looking at a new career as a coffee server to any that would hire her.
Has she even apologized yet? The principal didn’t hand out this book so why is she apologizing for her?
One former teacher,“no thanks, I want another waitress”.
commented 2015-03-29 12:51:19 -0400
Most of your recommend “cool heads” and “moderation” vs “extreme reaction” or “harsh consequence” in response to the education of sex in the manner approached.

I disagree with you all. They are attempting to brainwash kids just as jihadi extremists brainwash their kids. Better take extreme action and wipe em out.
commented 2015-03-29 11:34:53 -0400
When need like buttons on this forum, so don’t have to repeat items like True North, I agree 100% with him.
commented 2015-03-28 20:05:28 -0400
And the teacher who was, arguably, grooming his class for God knows what, walks away scot free, protected by his board of education, his principal and his union.
commented 2015-03-28 16:44:52 -0400
The principal admits this book isn’t age appropriate but we all know what these students are in for come September. Much more of the same if not worse. Is the lecherous sex ed scheme being abolished yet? Or are they waiting for the pissed off parents to start filing law suits against the provincial government for the mental abuse of their children with lewd conduct through the printed word? Or maybe the pissed off parents will all get together for a class action law suit against the provincial government for the filthy pornographic garbage shoved into their children’s minds. Wynne is a big lecherous loser. In a way I hope it does come to law suit against her for this and her demise as a leader of the liberal party.
commented 2015-03-28 16:26:25 -0400
It’s basic biology that our chromosomes will always determine what our sex is. Dressing up, putting on makeup and getting sex change surgery no more makes a man a woman then a bear costume, an infestation of fleas and crapping in the woods makes me a grizzly.
commented 2015-03-28 16:09:18 -0400
No axe grinding teacher like this one should have the right to go out and purchase “cutting edge” literature on her own dime or receive it gratis from pressure groups and then without the most minimal review and oversight from her peers and superiors, shove it in pupils faces as an authority figure. That is beyond the pale.
In my day, the police would have become quickly involved and she would have lost her license at a minimum.
commented 2015-03-28 14:32:26 -0400
I’m a Duck!! Hey, I self-identify as duck, my “inner-conscience” tells my I’m a duck, so the real “me”, the inner “me” is, in essence, is a duck!! I can quack and waddle all day long. Sure, I can’t fly, but that just means I’m a “disabled” duck, and therefore I would qualify for a disability allowance if only I lived in Ontario. Hey, you got a problem with that!!! You’re nothing but a trans-species-phobe!!
commented 2015-03-28 13:46:34 -0400
Good comments from you all. And I agree with many of them. But what we must consider is the fact that a perversion has been introduced into our schools and has gotten many into an uproar, with good reason. However, we must temper our ire with cool heads and try to find a solution that doesn’t rely on extreme measures, and yet isn’t too soft of an effort that it has no effect on the system. Joan is right that parents have to get more involved in the school system. Sex ed is a reality in our schools, but this new curriculum has taken it too far. There was nothing wrong with the old curriculum. Perhaps we should start by trying to revert back to that older curriculum and attempt to make things right.
commented 2015-03-28 13:27:42 -0400
If I still had kids in school, I would demand they not be subjected to this garbage.
I don’t know where the educational system got so far off track. They have no right to teach this to our kids.
Teachers are there to teach the academic subjects only. I have had some very strange teachers/profs as I advanced through the system.
Wynne has an agenda to make gay acceptable. Personalty I have no problem with gay’s until they come out of the closet into the classroom. Parents have to fight back.
commented 2015-03-28 13:09:57 -0400
Shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped??? Expect to see many, many more of these incidents across Ontario once the new sex-ed program is implemented.
commented 2015-03-28 13:08:43 -0400
Listen. We can’t expect the nanny state to protect us from them. That is our responsibility. Meet with the teachers. Let them know you are watching very carefully. Demand a reading list of both curriculum-approved books and e tra reading. Ask specific questions and let the teacher know that if you see something amiss, you will follow through with an official complaint to trsutees, boards, MPPs, and the press. Keep them on their toes.

We are responsible.
commented 2015-03-28 13:00:16 -0400
You can’t unring that bell. The education system has gone way too far, and needs to be reigned in to focus more attention on teaching the basics, which so often seem to be lost in all the other frivolous classes. And sex-ed is something all parents have a right to have a hand in developing the curriculum – not a bunch of bureaucrats.
commented 2015-03-28 12:49:50 -0400
We should expect more situations like this in our schools. I agree with William Wiser that this gender ideology thing is going out of hand. This teacher should be punished severely. This is child abuse just like Kathleen Wynne’s porn curriculum is child abuse. Now with all these GSAs we will see more x-rated materials in our kids’ backpacks. As John Carpey said children were given by the state the power to decide what types of alliances they want to create; all it takes is a perverted teacher to give these kids bad ideas. If you go to (link to issues/overview) you can see the types of resources GSAs use. They deal with nudity, prostitution, bondage/discipline, submission/dominance, sadism/masochism, polyamorous relationships. Parents have no say in this matter because GSAs are mandated by governments which submit to gay activists (talk about submission/dominance, eh?). Using the argument of homophobia to intimidate parents is not a good strategy since the public understands that what is really going on is CHILD ABUSE.
commented 2015-03-28 12:12:45 -0400
All these different genders is going out of hand. Some may feel as though they were born “wrong” and wish to identify as something else then that’s fine but that doesn’t change the fact you either have xx chromosomes or xy chromosomes and therefore biologically you are either one or the other no matter how much you wish to be something else. If it’s possible to start determining what you physically are based on beliefs as opposed to biology then what’s to stop me, a middle aged white man, from claiming to be a filipino woman and wish to be treated as such? I guess I can start using women’s washrooms and change rooms now and if someone has a problem with that then they’re discriminating against me lmao
commented 2015-03-28 10:58:06 -0400
I don’t know Sandy. That sound a bit harsh, especially the charges. I can see and unpaid “vacation” of a month or two.
commented 2015-03-28 10:57:02 -0400
Teachers have NO business teaching sex in schools period. Who is going to stop the pervert teachers from using this to molest children? There are lots of them out there.
commented 2015-03-28 10:48:07 -0400
The only remedy is to fire the teacher and charge with child abuse.
commented 2015-03-28 10:25:00 -0400
Well, if the principal is true to his word, all is fine & lets move on.
commented 2015-03-28 10:21:40 -0400
Pedophile Wynne – what’s your say? Why aren’t you firing the pedophile teacher there principal Harris?