June 27, 2017

UPDATE: Out of province brewers make the case for beer freedom against Alberta NDP

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Last week, lawyers for two out of province brewers, Steam Whistle and Great Western, had their day in court to argue why the Alberta government’s tax is unconstitutional and provides an unfair advantage to Alberta brewers.

The NDP have changed the tax system on liquor in the province where a fee is charged on a per litre basis. It used to depend on how much product a brewery was producing, meaning less tax for smaller breweries, but they changed it overnight to $1.25 per litre for everyone adding costs of up to $1.15 per litre for some breweries.

Steam Whistle is arguing that this tax is illegal under Section 121 of the constitution which provides for free trade among the provinces, originally one of the benefits of amalgamating as a country.

To make matters worse, after the NDP implemented the tax increase, they then provided Alberta breweries with grants to cover added costs.

Minister of Finance Joe Ceci says he did all of this to support local breweries, but I showed you documents that revealed this was just an $85M cash grab by the NDP.

The Alberta government hasn’t had a chance to defend their position yet. Arguments were scheduled over two days but have spilled over and unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to hear from them until September.

As always, I’ll keep you updated as events unfold.

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commented 2017-06-28 08:36:50 -0400
Beer is one on the things to placate the masses from seeing what the government is doing. Keep the masses happy.

It just show you how blasted stupid these NDP really are when they mess around with one of the things that keep the masses from getting all “up-in-arms”.

The NDP: True idiots … dangerous idiots.
commented 2017-06-27 17:56:50 -0400
The problem is that when the Non-Democrats lose the court case, funded through the taxes of beer drinkers, they won’t think outside the regressive socialist box. Instead of removing the unnecessary tax over all beer, they will remove the dispensation on Alberta beer. When doing so they will do the spin that Albertans wanted this, and the courts showed how to do it fairly.

I still find it interesting the Non-Democrats, being champagne socialists, did not put similar taxes on champagne and other wines, but only on the workers’ drink, beer.