February 08, 2017

UPDATE: Quebec Mosque Attack Motive

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Six shot dead while peacefully praying and one man, Alexandre Bissonette, remains behind bars. The sole suspect in the Quebec mosque attack now faces six charges of first degree murder and five charges of attempted murder. After appearing in court, Bissonnette has yet to enter a plea. 

In the time since the attack, I have had several conversations with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who remain involved in the ongoing investigation; however, RCMP media spokespeople would not confirm if mental illness is being considered as a possible motive.

However, sources close to Bissonette say the suspect reportedly suffered from severe anxiety, problems with alcohol, and was taking antidepressant medication.

Meantime, while the media and political class labelled the gruesome attack an act of terrorism shortly after the massacre took place, terrorism charges have yet to be laid; but, by virtue of the fact that RCMP remain on the case, all signs point to the fact terrorism charges are still being pursued.

To be sure, based on the charges Bissonnette now faces, if convicted, he would not be eligible for parole for some 150 years; whereas, any punishment Bissonnette could receive from a terrorism offence would not be more than that.

So, why continue to pursue terrorism? Ultimately the symbolism of terror charges carries more political weight than its actual impact on Bissonnette's sentence.

Which invites the question:

What’s the threshold that police are looking to meet in order for terror charges to be laid?

The Canadian Federal government has a list of terrorist entities but it’s possible whoever perpetrated this attack acted alone. More broadly, Canada’s criminal code defines a terror attack as an act committed “for political, religious or ideological purposes, objective or cause,” with “the intention of intimidating the public, or a segment of the public with regard to its security.”

And so, the question becomes, did the suspect who allegedly perpetrated this attack do so for political, religious, or ideological purposes?

And, if the suspect turned himself into police and never turned the gun on himself, why does he have yet to reveal a motive?

Despite the lack of official motive to date, members of the Canadian mainstream media continue to point to two ‘likes’ on Bissonnette's facebook page for two popular politicians: US President Donald Trump and France’s Marine LePen. The police, however, have a higher threshold than two Facebook likes for determining motive.

Or do they?

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson spoke about the attack during the Senate National Security Defence Committee this week. Paulson refused to provide specific numbers of individuals or groups under investigation. However, Paulson described Bissonnette as a "criminal extremist" who allegedly perpetrated "non-classic terrorism." Paulson then went on to warn about how a caustic tone of political discourse — that is, by definition, a sarcastic or bitter tone in political discourse — can radicalize people.

Again, no evidence outside of those two Facebook likes (for Trump and LePen) have been provided to substantiate the claim that Bissonnette behaved like an extremist online.

Moreover, refugee advocacy group members who say Bissonnette was known to them as an extremist online… Well, they too have yet to provide any evidence to substantiate their claim.

In the meantime, Canada’s mainstream media has carried on with a portrait of the suspect as a right-wing extremist, while calls for more gun control abound.

Alexandre Bissonnette will next appear in court on February 21st when he is expected to enter a plea.

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commented 2017-02-14 09:12:28 -0500
Hi Faith, hope you are well. Look! It’s obvious that No other religion poses a threat to the world other than Islam, if our politicians can’t or won’t see that, because it’s so damn well obvious to those of us with a brain, then we as the people will have to sort this problem out ourselves. We should not hand over our birthright that has been paid for by all of us that live here in the UK or in Canada, Sweden, Norway etc…, hand it to others that have no right to be here. I have a heart for those that are suffering from war, But I also have a good thinking mind to realise that most on the move across Europe are not refugees fleeing war, but are economic migrants seeking out the UK and other countries for an easy touch. If this were not the case then why are many of them coming from Pakistan and Africa? Islam is at war with the west, why the fuck would we bring the enemy to our shores? During the war did we willingly accept Germans to the UK? No! During the USA war with Japan did they accept the Japanese to settle in the USA? No! During that war all Japanese living in America were rounded up and put in camps until the war was over, such was the threat, not that I agree with that action totally, I don’t, but I can understand it. If we let Muslims in we will be in trouble in the future, I assure you all of that. All others are welcome here, the Poles are great as are most others coming from the civilised world, but I am sorry to say that unless Islam modernises from the stone age religion that they adhere to, then they should NOT be allowed to come here to the UK or anywhere in the west.
commented 2017-02-12 02:01:09 -0500
GILLES MERCIER reported on a subsequent thread…

“Here is something that you have to keep an eye on …i live in Quebec an this week a radio host put something on the air that is gonna shock many people if this come out to be truth… André Arthur is a long time and well respect radio host with lots of real contact when it come to info that are very hard to get…l’m gonna put the link of this info but it’s in french so !! What he talk about is that one serious leak or info that he has receive is about a love affair between bissonette and the son of one of the person kill in the mosque . He was in love (gay ) with a man but the father of this man didn’t like this an force his son to quit Bissonnette . So if this come out to be truth , that will explain many things but is it gonna comme out! Not sure neither the médias or the muslim want this kind of story to come out specially if it is not a racist hate crime but a love affair crime about gay … so as l mention , this is from André and so far l have no way to tell if it is truth or false but he is well inform an he knows the implication a getting out this very big news …https://radioego.com/media/de-quoi-auront-lair-trudeau-couillard-si-la-rumeur-savere-vraie-point-point-point-que-se-serait-un-crime-passionnel-andre-arthur "
commented 2017-02-09 17:31:27 -0500
Witness ??? Could be another term for this person – HANDLER. Oh, I am sorry, that could give it the implication of it being, oh no, no way, couldn’t be, not the dreaded, WAIT FOR IT, – CONSPIRACY
commented 2017-02-09 14:10:50 -0500
guess who dreamed up the idea of ‘transparency’. i’ll give you a hint: same guy(?) who insisted he and his minions would be “absolutely transparent” during the election campaign. somewhere along the line, the definition of ‘transparency’ has been lost.
commented 2017-02-09 13:31:04 -0500
Ironic that the vote on Motion M103 is on February 16th, one day after Canada’s Flag Day, when those who died at the mosque that day had their caskets covered with their flags from Algeria and Tunisia. I thought they were Canadians.
commented 2017-02-09 12:16:29 -0500
If no charges of terrorism have been laid, why indeed is this still in the hands of the RCMP?

Could it be that the RCMP are a federal organization? And so can be more tightly controlled by the federal government? A Liberal federal government who’s leader, Justin Trudeau, is a well-known Islamophile and immediately condemned this tragedy as an act of terrorism?
commented 2017-02-09 11:06:54 -0500
ALANA BROWN commented, “What date do they vote on Motion M 103?”. February 16th, one day after Canada’s Flag Day.
commented 2017-02-09 11:04:31 -0500
Kelvin Bond, I just remember the other suspects first name, “Muhammed”.
commented 2017-02-09 10:34:42 -0500
Faith Goldy,

Jesse Brown just called you out for the liar that you are.

Rebel Media’s at it again, this time seizing on the initial narrative about the Quebec massacre’s alleged ‘second shooter’ like a dog humping its favourite plush toy and refusing to let go.

commented 2017-02-09 10:20:56 -0500
Was one Quebec mosque involved in the shootout Wahhabi and one not?? If so therein lies your answer. Where did traitor Trudeau spend much of his time in the run up to the election.? In Wahhabi mosques. FAITH, please keep on this. It stinks of………CORRUPTION and COVER UP.
commented 2017-02-09 09:54:59 -0500
What date do they vote on Motion M 103?
I maybe a conspiracy theorist but I wonder if this attack was not planned by Muslims to get this motion passed. This “witness” was treated like a suspect until the Federal government got involved.
The government is refusing to release the details of the cameras around the Mosque…did the two walk into the Mosque together or not? Was it the “witness” that yelled Allahu Akbar?
I believe there is more to this story, there are two factions of Muslims that refuse to get along, they are the cause of strife in the middle east. They have brought their war here to Canada and according to Trudeau we will NOT deport them…so do you really believe Trudeau would want to look like a complete moron THIS early after bringing these people into Canada?
commented 2017-02-09 07:03:45 -0500
On Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor show last night , a guest reviewed a new poll conducted in Europe regarding Muslim immigration. 55% of respondents don’t want any more immigration or migration into their respective countries. They are completely overwhelmed and see their cultures and civil societies decaying.
Is the tide changing ,so to speak. The people that bought into all this misguided compassion and surrendered their civil liberties and freedom of speech have realized the error of their ways. And the insane Liberals are advancing that agenda here , oblivious to or in the face of the reality Europe is experiencing.
commented 2017-02-09 02:45:38 -0500
Where did the other witness go? Shouldn’t the msm and the muslim community be thanking him for his help with the wounded, an interview is definitely in order. Is he on Facebook? Whats that nice fellows name again? I forgot.
commented 2017-02-09 02:39:45 -0500
Eh – Mr Policeman don’t go calling us Canadians as “extremists”- you are walking on very thin ice. Call the color of shit as it is!
commented 2017-02-09 00:55:18 -0500
Probably SSRI drugs like Sandy Hook, Columbine and most other similar mass murders. These drugs are making the drug companies millions but making zombies out of young people.
commented 2017-02-08 23:55:32 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,774 Attacks, 210,043 Killed, 293,708 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-08 23:37:53 -0500
For the greater clarity of informing the learning impaired, (and you know who you are) I re-post the CCC definition of “terrorism” in it’s pith and substance. Please note how a drugged-up psycho under the influence does NOT fit definition ‘(B)’ of criminal terrorist – however the open lethal threats and intimidation voiced by many left wing extremists does fit the definition - (b) an act or omission, in or outside Canada, (i) that is committed (A) in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause, and (B) in whole or in part with the intention of intimidating the public, or a segment of the public, with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act, whether the public or the person, government or organization is inside or outside Canada, and (ii) that intentionally (A) causes death or serious bodily harm to a person by the use of violence, (B) endangers a person’s life, © causes a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or any segment of the public, (D) causes substantial property damage, whether to public or private property, if causing such damage is likely to result in the conduct or harm referred to in any of clauses (A) to ©, or (E) causes serious interference with or serious disruption of an essential service, facility or system, whether public or private, other than as a result of advocacy, protest, dissent or stoppage of work that is not intended to result in the conduct or harm referred to in any of clauses (A) to ©, and includes a conspiracy, attempt or threat to commit any such act or omission, or being an accessory after the fact or counselling in relation to any such act or omission, but, for greater certainty, does not include an act or omission that is committed during an armed conflict and that, at the time and in the place of its commission, is in accordance with customary international law or conventional international law applicable to the conflict, or the activities undertaken by military forces of a state in the exercise of their official duties, to the extent that those activities are governed by other rules of international law. (activité terroriste) terrorist group means (a) an entity that has as one of its purposes or activities facilitating or carrying out any terrorist activity, or (b) a listed entity,and includes an association of such entities. (groupe terroriste)

Remember this when you read/hear inflammatory inciting rhetoric and violent acts from many extremist groups who operate on campus and at public events.
commented 2017-02-08 22:12:34 -0500
On October 5, 2016, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair introduced a motion ((“We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to join us in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia”) based on an online petition, e-411, seeking unanimous consent from the House. However, it failed to garner unanimous consent because of objections from the Conservative bench.
Mulcair made a second attempt on October 26, 2016, making a motion,whereby the members in this case agreed “to unanimous consent of the House to move the motion” and subsequently agreed to adopt the motion.
Emboldened by that unanimous consent in the House of Commons, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid very soon after on December 1, 2016, tabled Motion M-103 in the House of Commons.
Faith, please do some instigative work to find out the reasons for the change of heart by the Conservative bench, determining why their opposition on October 5th, 2016 dramatically shifted to support for the motion on October 26, 2016.
commented 2017-02-08 22:11:47 -0500
Ahhh HA! Our old acquaintance and silent accomplice in most mass killings SRI depression drugs enters the scene!

I watched and listened to Paulon’s statement and it was obvious he was conflicted – told to sell a phony narrative by his political masters yet grasping desperately not to lie outright and be culpable. “Criminal extremist” is a politically charged made up word to give the impression of terrorism without specifically saying it.

I smell political rats here – the only people calling this “terrorism” are those with a political agenda to criminalize criticism of Islamic terrorism – not the police. Even the cops hate the smell of this and are distancing themselves from the political pressure to make this a theatrical terrorism case to sell as justification to remove a charter right to free expression.

I see the usual MSM political whores are more than willing to become accomplices in this political subterfuge. Even the police will not go there – well,all the way there anyway.

MR. Paulson, can you point me to the criminal code section outlawing “Criminal extremism”? Or, point out the term as defined in law? I Know "terrorism is in there and defined clearly, but where is this new made up law against “extremism” – are you reading things that are not in the law???
commented 2017-02-08 21:54:26 -0500
You mean like : – we were told to ask you if you’d rather be a witness than a perpetrator – terrorist ?
commented 2017-02-08 21:45:03 -0500
i smell a rat / liberal and traitor turdo are desperate to find a real terrorist attack against his muslim invaders , and if he can’t find one the turdo dog will invent one , this is pretty weird .
commented 2017-02-08 21:28:58 -0500
JAN G ; that could be true but are you going to just ignore the eye witness reports of two shooters screaming “allah is great” and massacring people?
commented 2017-02-08 21:23:05 -0500
Faith, Its decided then; Right wing extremist guns are completely out of control and running amuck shooting innocent people. They grow legs, arms and hands, break out of safes. ;pad themselves up with ammo and take off on shooting rampages. . We need more laws to bring these inanimate guns under control.
How long are the RCMP and the Trudeau government going to sustain this facade?.
commented 2017-02-08 21:18:45 -0500
Still very interested in what those inside the mosque reported about 2 armed men shouting Alahu Akbar as they entered, yet only one has been charged & the other man who is Muslim & had also been arrested was released & is now referred to as a witness. That does not make any sense at all. Keep on the hunt Faith.
commented 2017-02-08 21:18:17 -0500
Great work Faith..I would like to add a different analogy to David Whites post"Keep on this Faith, bloodhound style" I think we are more into the pit-bull style, not by choice of course..a reaction to the actions of the Trudeau regime.
commented 2017-02-08 20:58:03 -0500
KEITH BARNES…..The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Cover up a la Trudope the Younger.

Keep on this Faith, bloodhound style.
commented 2017-02-08 20:18:29 -0500
keep it up faith still don’t understand why the police said there were two and the witnesses inside the mosque said so to they also heard them say alla ahkbar so i want to know why that narrative changed.
commented 2017-02-08 20:13:12 -0500
Has anybody ever mentioned what branch of Islam this Mosque belongs to, Shiite or Sunni. These two branches of Islam are always trying to kill each other off, it is a pity they cannot be more successful.

I think that the Muslim that was set free was involved in these killings. Remember Trudeau had his face right in there, as soon as the news broke. It would be embarrassing for Trudeau to have one of his sheep involved in a mass killing, so soon after he has imported so many.

Did Trudeau whisper in to some Official Ear, to set things straight?
commented 2017-02-08 19:38:20 -0500
Faith raises the question I had: what is terrorism?
Definition of terrorism: “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”

If you google Dylann Roof, there are a number of articles stating Roof should be called a terrorist. But Obama did not. Roof was charged with 33 counts + hate crime. He didn’t belong to any particular organization, group or club. He is simply a person capable of hate and capable of killing.

Bissonnette is simply a person capable of hate and killing. Period. What political aim was involved here? Or religious aim? You can’t say, he did it for ‘Christian’ reasons, since Christianity does not endorse killing.

He’s just a killer and probably could/would have become a serial killer.
commented 2017-02-08 19:29:22 -0500
Aside from Paulson’s fascist social engineering BS, and all the MSM/Fake News BS, and the virtue signaling and political BS is shat out, one important point should be heralded far and wide…


“Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not guns.”
The list is…unsettling(2013), and it had no Moslems on it.