July 08, 2015

Protest video UPDATE: Why the Media Party won't condemn Catherine Porter even after "she lied and lied and lied"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Today the Toronto Star let me rebutt columnist Catherine Porter's highly fictionalized account of my interaction with her and her daughter at last weekend's climate change rally.

(You can see the complete video of our encounter HERE.)

But some of you might be wondering how they can keep Porter on staff, now that there's proof that she lied.

The answer is that Canada's Media Party aren't just reporters.

They're social justice warriors with double standards.

And they'll side with Porter over someone like me any day, even if I have all the hard evidence in my favour.

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commented 2015-07-08 23:49:28 -0400
Ezra…when you put yourself out there in the line of MSM sniper fire….the MSM is noting to punish one of it’s snipers for taking a “cheap shot” at you.

It was indeed a cheap shot….it is indeed indicative that they do lack the discipline to become marksmen….and like the philosophy of Japanese snipers in WW2….they are trained to take their cheap shots at your back in a cowardly manner.

You made your point Ezra…..the cheap shot backfired……demanding that the wounded be shot is unbecoming Ezra….let it go.
commented 2015-07-08 23:38:58 -0400
Terry Rudden said: “I’m just speculating here, Ezra, but…maybe it’s because it would be hard to imagine a more trivial non-story?” Well, Maybe. However it is a given, had the shoe been on the other foot so to speak, the Socialist Media would be in full frenzy mode by now!
commented 2015-07-08 23:20:05 -0400
That was “THEN” Jimmy…
This is “NOW
So what is their “credibility level” now Jimmy?
Please do tell…
commented 2015-07-08 23:02:07 -0400
Lies lies lies. Seem familiar Jimmy? It’s like looking in the mirror for you I bet
commented 2015-07-08 22:53:29 -0400
Terry is right – nobody gives a fuck about this Ezra and it’s a non-story unlike the lies that you told that you had to go to court over. See the difference? The reality is that the editor of The Star and Catherine Porter are probably laughing about this.
commented 2015-07-08 22:33:03 -0400
Not that they (The Star) had any “CREDIBILITY” to begin with but…
If The Star is not willing to fire Catherine Porter FOR LYING IN THEIR PUBLICATION,
Then The Star is saying to all…
commented 2015-07-08 22:18:25 -0400
This is not surprising. Catherine Porter & her lefty pals attend these rallies to preach & protest fossil fuels like they’re so concerned. She wanted to confront Ezra but too coward to do it herself, so instead she did it in a round about way by using her daughter. Not a good thing. Ezra put 2 & 2 together & figured out her little ploy. Then Ezra pointed out to what she was wearing & carrying & she got very annoyed & asked Ezra what his solutions were. Well, Ezra is not the one against fossil fuels, she is, but she really doesn’t want to do anything about it. In other words, she’s not ready to give up anything…..that’s for other people…….all she’s ready for is whine & complain. Reminds me of the liberal celebrities….do as we tell you, but don’t expect us to follow suit, we’ll just keep going on our merry way.
commented 2015-07-08 22:13:17 -0400
I never thought when I was young that Canadians would one day have a media system like the former Soviet Union (i.e. leftist propaganda served up to the public as news every day by professional propagandists), but I have lived to see it. We are indeed fortunate to now have THEREBEL.MEDIA thanks to Ezra Levant and his REBEL colleagues whose mission every day is to challenge and expose the leftist propaganda of the leftist media party and to be the honest conduit of information to the public that the mainstream media once were, but no longer are. Thank you, Ezra Levant and THEREBEL.MEDIA.
commented 2015-07-08 22:02:06 -0400
“Why won’t the Media Party won’t condemn Catherine Porter even after “she lied and lied and lied”?
I’m just speculating here, Ezra, but…maybe it’s because it would be hard to imagine a more trivial non-story?
commented 2015-07-08 20:42:49 -0400
The Socialist Media has circled the wagons to protect their own. The Red Star allowed Ezra’s rebuttal for fear of the consequences had it been refused. Simple as that.
commented 2015-07-08 20:42:11 -0400
" So what, exactly, is “truth”? What, exactly is “right”?"
Truth comes from critical thinking. Everyone has opinions, and multitudes of filters which make it difficult if not impossible to be truly critical. Truth is as concrete as any law in physics. Logic, sans emotion.

If everything is driven by fear and loathing it is hard to come to sensible solutions. What’s to understand? Clearly dots are not being connected, that’s it.
commented 2015-07-08 20:33:41 -0400
Catherine sh*thead Porter just did you a favour Ezra. Lot’s of readers should make their over here.

More layoffs at torstar pending.
commented 2015-07-08 20:28:13 -0400
Keep in mind, folks, that these “social warriors” have already broken down the system that was Judeo-Christian based. There are no “absolutes” anymore. Everything is relative (especially in my family… sorry, bad pun). So what, exactly, is “truth”? What, exactly is “right”? If there’s no absolute, then “right” and “wrong”, “truth” and “falsehood” become nebulous concepts. That’s where these “reporters” are coming from. Am I defending them? Hell, no! But instead of just outright condemning them, if we can understand the basis of their “thinking” (such as that is), we can more easily interpret their “language” to see what they’re really writing about. We won’t write it off as “purely propaganda and lies”… even if it is.

The funny part about this is: these same “social warriors” who condemn religion and uphold the latest social change (whatever it is) are also the most religious and intolerant people around…

Gotta love irony…
commented 2015-07-08 20:02:59 -0400
Conservatives deal in reality. The left, our Liberals and NDP, deal in fantasy. They want to hear the lies. It is how they get up everyday. If they actually had to deal with reality they would have to expend some honest energy. People are lazy and want to belong. If everyone is saying oil is bad, Suzuki is good, that is the side they want to be on. No critical thinking required. The media party knows this, and as the tool of the Marxist, fascist, totalitarian agenda are acting according to the playbook.

We already know this.
The rest of the pop. don’t want to deal in reality. Its harder.

Kudos to the Star for printing you rebuttal though.
commented 2015-07-08 19:56:04 -0400
If she’s lies about such easily disproven personal interfaces, how much has she lied about climate change?
But in the wider perspective she is typical of the SJW/PC zombie – there is just no intellectual/moral mechanism to distinguish lie from fact in them – the truth/lie line is a nebulous wide zone for them which they traverse often, BUT if they ever feel they crossed the truth/lie line they trust their reflex when making the decisions and they know what they know and they just know you are wrong/evil/bad – which justifies any bump they may have felt from what is left of any moral compass they once had (that was sold off in compromise to errant political causes and duplicitous ideology) – and they feel fully justified in lying, defaming, and slagging anyone who essentially disagrees with them or who does not fall for the moral superiority act from an obvious hypocrite. Must be a clone factory somewhere because there’s a batch of these defectively programmed PC cyborgs escaping the lab every moment and the MSM seems to be the dumping ground for these defective SJW clones
commented 2015-07-08 19:42:28 -0400
No surprise that the media party exists and that they are lying to us.

It is not even surprising that there are so many regular Canadians that follow them like lemmings and believe every lie they tell. We have a few that post on this website like that.

But what does surprise me is the occasional time one of them actually displays some backbone and do the morally proper thing, such as uphold the journalistic principle they swore as journalists to do.

Unfortunately, those times are few and far between.