June 25, 2018

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson's lawyer lodges appeal, applies for bail

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I have a small update on Tommy Robinson’s case.

On Friday, June 22. I received an e-mail from John Carson, the new lawyer retained by Tommy to fight for his freedom.

Mr. Carson obviously is a professional, and is careful about what he says to the public. His goal is to do the best work possible for Tommy in the court of law, not the court of public opinion. So he is properly tight-lipped about his exact strategy. But I asked him for a statement that I could pass on to Tommy’s supporters around the world, and he sent me this:

“We can confirm that those representing Stephen Lennon have lodged an appeal against sentence, together with an application for bail pending appeal. We are working towards a court hearing at the earliest possible date, and hope for a listing imminently."

What does that mean?

Well, first of all, Stephen Lennon is Tommy’s legal name — just in case you were confused. Mr. Carson is part of a larger legal team working for Tommy.

They have lodged an appeal against sentence. That means: they are challenging the judge’s 13 month prison term. Which of course is excessive and disproportionate. And in my view, it’s more punitive than a 13-month term for any other prisoner, because Tommy is so uniquely endangered in the UK’s prisons, many of which are dominated by Muslim criminal gangs, who have in the past attacked Tommy. Last time he was in prison, Tommy had to ask to be put into solitary confinement just to save his life. Obviously no-one can survive for 13 months that way.

So the first appeal is against the sentence.

The second part of Mr. Carson’s note indicates that he is asking for bail for Tommy, until the appeal is heard.

One of the craziest parts of this whole thing was that Tommy went from being scooped up on the street by seven cops, to prison, in a matter of a few hours. That’s absurd — he didn’t even have time to properly instruct a lawyer of his own choosing. Getting Tommy out on bail will not only allow him to visit his family and friends, but it will allow him to have proper meetings with his lawyers.

And the third point is self-explanatory — they’re looking to have this hearing as soon as possible in the court’s schedule.

That’s my update:

The appeal has been lodged. It’s an appeal of the sentence. It’s an application for bail. And it’s a request to have the hearing as soon as possible.

When Tommy’s lawyers feel it is appropriate to tell more, they will — and I’ll be sure to let you know. But I agree with their decision: their public communications in the media must not interfere at all with Tommy’s chances in court itself.

But the message here is clear: finally, a month after Tommy was jailed, he’s finally fighting back.

If you want to support this legal appeal, and I hope you do, Tommy’s family has authorized me to run the crowdfunding campaign at SaveTommy.com.

You can make a donation in British pounds, or in Canadian dollars, which are slightly less than American dollars, and 100 per cent of the proceeds will go to pay Tommy’s legal bills. If there is any surplus, 100 per cent of the surplus will go to Tommy’s family. The family has a full accounting of all money.

Tommy’s wife, Jenna, who spoke to Tommy recently, passed this message on to me:

"People’s supportive emails and your crowdfunding have given him so much hope.”

If you were ever thinking of helping Tommy, now’s the time. Send him a note, or chip in a few dollars or a few pounds. It’s helping the family, it’s helping with Tommy’s legal appeal, and according to his missus, it’s one of the things that Tommy says is giving him encouragement, when he needs it the most.

You want to give Tommy some hope? Pleas help him in this tangible way. Please go to SaveTommy.com — let’s get our friend out of prison, for his sake — and for the sake of freedom, too.

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commented 2018-06-27 23:27:09 -0400
He never would have plead guilty had he not been coerced or promised something for it. Never! So where is that appeal? How long are they going to drag this out?
Free Tommy Robinson!
commented 2018-06-26 01:07:29 -0400
OOOOOOOOHHHHH, Tommy Tommy! Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson!

commented 2018-06-25 22:06:27 -0400
A little of topic but……

About time for the people to rise up and organize a protest march, demanding a referendum on what Trudeau is doing to this Country. He is nothing more than a Dictator who is hell bent on killing of the white race. Let us take a lesson from the UK, let 200,000 people march on Parliament Hill, let We the People decide what is good for Canada. … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47E2tfK5QAg … .
commented 2018-06-25 20:56:25 -0400
When is someone going to do a parody of trudeau…Maybe hook up with the tune “Don’t Worry Be Happy”….
commented 2018-06-24 22:28:20 -0400
“William Adams commented 5 hours ago
Why just an appeal? Sue for $millions and launch criminal charges. 1 hour trial, no lawyer, no jury is Nazi Germany stuff. "

He plead guilty. You don’t get a full trial when you do that.
commented 2018-06-24 22:22:58 -0400
“Drew Wakariuk commented 20 hours ago
Andrew he already had a lawyer, no need to hire one, he was refused. That is fascism. "

I don’t buy that he was “refused” his own soliciter. Not for a second. The “alternative” media may be spinning it that way, but such a scenario is both unlikely due to the gross procedural violation it would represent, and presented without any supporting evidence whatsoever.

It’s far simpler to buy that he declined his own lawyer, and either “Robinson” himself, or the alternative media supporting him, isn’t quite telling the truth. I suspect Robinson himself – a guy who tried to illegally enter the US on a forged passport probably isn’t the most honest fellow around, but the way the alternative media doesn’t fact-check doesn’t exactly help.
commented 2018-06-24 17:51:11 -0400
Why just an appeal? Sue for $millions and launch criminal charges. 1 hour trial, no lawyer, no jury is Nazi Germany stuff. And ask why Amnesty International is so silent when political prisoners are English. See what A.I. says about someone being scooped up and jailed for talking. Free Speech (without interference is a guaranteed UN Human Right. Article 19, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression … without interference.”
commented 2018-06-24 12:06:21 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 2 hours ago
Lets hope this appeal goes through quickly…..

Alas, Liza, I think all we shall see is delay, delay, delay.
commented 2018-06-24 10:13:15 -0400
Lets hope this appeal goes through quickly. I’m really hopeful now. It is amazing but not surprising, that those on the left are rooting for tyranny. They just don’t realize that their day will come. Just as water will find the quickest path downhill, if we don’t keep government honest, we get tyranny. Power corrupt,s and it is the responsibility of the people to keep our governments true.
No small job.
Harder and harder.
We have been complacent.
Tommy’s case matters to all of us.
commented 2018-06-24 02:40:41 -0400
Andrew he already had a lawyer, no need to hire one, he was refused. That is fascism.

Every future appearance by Tommy should be televised for everyone to see.
commented 2018-06-23 21:24:28 -0400
reinforcing the fact that “governments are the servants of the people and not the reverse”.3031 Thus, within a constitutional monarchy the sovereign’s direct participation in any of these areas of governance is limited, with the sovereign normally exercising executive authority only on the advice of the executive committee of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada,
commented 2018-06-23 21:22:55 -0400
As all executive authority is vested in the sovereign, their assent is required to allow for bills to become law and for letters patent and orders in council to have legal effect. While the power for these acts stems from the Canadian people through the constitutional conventions of democracy,29 executive authority remains vested in the Crown and is only entrusted by the sovereign to their government on behalf of the people, underlining the Crown’s role in safeguarding the rights, freedoms, and democratic system of government of Canadians, and reinforcing the fact that “governments are the servants of the people and not the reverse”.3031 Thus, within a constitutional monarchy the sovereign’s direct participation in any of these areas of governance is limited, with the sovereign normally exercising executive authority only on the advice of the executive committee of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, with the sovereign’s legislative and judicial responsibilities largely carried out through parliamentarians as well as judges and justices of the peace.30 The Crown today primarily functions as a guarantor of continuous and stable governance and a nonpartisan safeguard against abuse of power,34 the sovereign acting as a custodian of the Crown’s democratic powers and a representation of the “power of the people above government and political parties”.3536
commented 2018-06-23 15:31:45 -0400
Given Robinson’s criminal history, inability to respect the terms of his previous suspended sentence and that time he tried to sneak out of the country on a fake passport, I doubt he’ll get out on bail.

I still don’t buy that he was refused the right to hire his own soliciter, nor was he forced to plead guilty. I agree with Tom below – he martyred himself. He’s a dropout with a somewhat lengthy criminal record – virtually unemployable in the UK. He couldn’t’ afford his own lawyer – hence the panhandling. It’s also distinctly possible that he plead guilty because prison’s a warm place to sleep and three squares a day.
commented 2018-06-23 14:46:03 -0400
Watch the fascist governance in the UK drag this out…………………………..
commented 2018-06-23 00:13:17 -0400
Amen to that Liza.
commented 2018-06-22 22:10:38 -0400
Tom Bradly sorry they would not allow him his lawyer , you do not have to plead not guilty to have your own counsel, and they have harassed and threatened him and his family in the past , so pull your head out of your wazoo. They make every excuse for Muslim rapists and attackers , so spare us the BS, we know what is happening. Or please show me the law that says he needs to plead guilty to get his own lawyer. I WILL WAIT! LMAO!
commented 2018-06-22 21:23:05 -0400
Edward Jobin – same and ditto.

Muta Ween, “Trudeau will find someone who offends his faith (Islam) and off to jail they will go”.
… and we will be ready to crowdfund the best legal representation. We must have each others backs. You know its coming. That is why Tommy’s case is so important to all of us in this fight against the tyranny of our governments. There is just no other way to describe it. It is tyranny – “unjust or oppressive governmental power”.
commented 2018-06-22 21:15:25 -0400
This is the best news!
" For his sake and the sake of freedom too."
He deserves to get out on bail and be home with his family. Thank God this appeal has been lodged.
commented 2018-06-22 20:48:28 -0400
Ezra…Please pass this on to Tommy….

A Wish for a Friend
Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!
commented 2018-06-22 19:56:53 -0400
Tommy could have easily gotten his own lawyer, all he had to do was plead not guilty. And don’t give me any crap about how he was forced to plead guilty. He’s been to court enough to know how it works. Maybe he wanted to go to jail. Look at all the attention he’s getting. Didn’t he write a couple best sellers? Yet he can’t afford his own lawyer fees. He’s needs a whole legal team? It’s not like he’s appealing a murder charge. Anyways it’s not the first time he’s been to jail and I doubt it will be his last.
commented 2018-06-22 19:38:39 -0400
Thank you Ezra and all the rebel supporters, donors, well wishers and Tommy Robinson and free speech advocates. You are all dear to my heart.
commented 2018-06-22 19:08:54 -0400
It is my hope the bail hearing will happen ASAP, and, he will be granted leave of Her Majesty’s prison.
commented 2018-06-22 19:08:40 -0400
Tommy’s arrest was politicaly motivated and is bound to get delayed bySajid Javid the new Home secretary who was the one who had Tommy put in jail (On the PM’s oerders). Javid, an Islamic Gentleman, could take a year to consider this request.
commented 2018-06-22 18:35:59 -0400
Money should be no object as Tommy’s case had 20,0000 supporters marching lately. Likely there are probably a million more in Britain that are on his side. Add the rest of the free world that knows of his efforts and he and his family should survive.
I only worry that something will come up like a world trade war, and we will forget about Tommy’s Free Speech War.