June 19, 2018

UPDATE: Trudeau won't denounce anti-Semitic sheikh — but pro-lifers are "hateful"?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Our story about a Muslim hate preacher who received a summer jobs grant from the Liberals made its way onto the agenda in Question period.

Sheikh Shafiq Huda, the head of a registered Canadian charity called the Islamic Humanitarian Service of Kitchener, spoke at an Al Quds Day rally in Toronto earlier this month.

At the event held in a park adjacent to Queen’s Park, Huda called for the eradication of both the Jewish state and our American allies. It was an anti-Semitic call to genocide on the streets of Toronto.

While the Trudeau Liberals denied Christian organizations access to the federal summer jobs grant program unless they signed a pledge to the values held by the Liberal Party of Canada on LGBTQ issues and abortion rights, Sheikh Shafiq Huda received taxpayer money from that program for his Islamic ministry.

It’s an appalling double standard that CPC MP Candice Bergen wasn’t going to let stand, so she asked Trudeau about Huda in the House of Commons this week and you won’t believe who Trudeau called hateful and divisive. It wasn’t Huda.

Watch as I show you the harsh words Trudeau had for pro-life Christians.

Trudeau refused to denounce Huda for his hate, choosing instead to obfuscate and stammer about a woman’s right to choose.

Do you think for a second the Prime Minister would have a problem denouncing those exact words uttered by Huda if they came from some Neo-Nazi loser on the streets of Toronto?

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commented 2018-06-20 15:54:27 -0400
Sorry about the double post. The site was not responding………………
commented 2018-06-20 15:53:46 -0400
The Lieberals (and their supporters) are the disciples of Satan. It is evident.
commented 2018-06-20 15:53:46 -0400
The Lieberals (and their supporters) are the disciples of Satan. It is evident.
commented 2018-06-20 14:30:17 -0400
JILL AND WARD your comments are usually very good and to the point, but I agree with TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT and MUTA WEEN and ALLAN PETERSON.
There is another commentator that usually has good comments and ideas but always types in capitals, and I believe the name is Fraser, (if I’m wrong , forgive me).
The point is like others I too skip over these comments as I find them hard to read.
MUTA WEEN is absolutely correct when he says that type in capitals is considered shouting or yelling. We were taught that in college.
However there are certain lines or words that one would like to emphasize and typing in capitals is acceptable at those times.
commented 2018-06-20 11:53:52 -0400
Comments in CAPS makes my eyes swim.
commented 2018-06-20 11:50:41 -0400
Question period is like watching bratty children at play. A refusal to answer any question should be cause for a non-confidence vote. Trudeau and his clowns think they will get away with this. He should be hung as a traitor to Canada.
commented 2018-06-20 09:23:34 -0400
Question period is riveting. Too bad answer period is so weak.
commented 2018-06-20 08:44:36 -0400
MUTA WEEN commented 1 hour ago
Comments here are just as well considered when expressed in the lower case. Continuous use of upper case capitalized letters has long been considered the equivalent of screaming.
Just saying….
I think that is the point. Trying to get attention and ad emphasis. I find it hard to read so I don’t.
commented 2018-06-20 07:43:40 -0400
Muta Ween….you have to shout if you want to wake up your average Canuck….before it is too late.
commented 2018-06-20 07:32:17 -0400
Comments here are just as well considered when expressed in the lower case. Continuous use of upper case capitalized letters has long been considered the equivalent of screaming.
Just saying….
commented 2018-06-20 07:03:30 -0400
gee, big shock! YUP, Christian employers won’t receive any of OUR TAX DOLLARS to hire students because they DON’T AGREE WITH MOHAMMAD TRUDEAUS BELIEFS HOWEVER ISLAM DOES NOT PROMOTE OR ALLOW ABORTIONS BUT THEY DO RECEIVE THESE TAX DOLLARS UNDER THE GUISE OF HIRING STUDENTS (which I believe is just to further their cause to DESTROY US!)!
commented 2018-06-20 06:39:31 -0400
The Clown Prince Trudeau’s days are numbered and he knows it. This is why he’s uped his game to do as much damage to Canada as possible before Christian Canadians dethrone the little prick.

commented 2018-06-20 01:54:01 -0400
Canada won’t forget this Justin. Your words are empty and meaningless.
commented 2018-06-20 01:31:43 -0400
Trudeau is a f*cking Muslim and cannot condemn another Muslim Brother.
This translates to – Trudeau is SATAN incarnate, there is no other explanation for this POS and the things he does and says.
He is Satan and is responsible for thousands of deaths of unborn babies through his advocacy and funding of abortions around the world and condemning Canadians that don’t and wont support his evil agenda, he is Satan also for his support for Islam and Muslims.
Trudeau thy name be Beelzebub.
commented 2018-06-20 00:37:22 -0400
Wow, thanks for telling it like it is Shiela. Remember poor James Porco?!
Doug Ford was admirable for immediately denouncing this repulsive disrespect to Canada and it’s allies in Ontario, and promised it won’t be tolerated again. I hope he keeps true to his convictions.
Mohammad’s Zoolander not so much eh? No surprise there.
Reducing the federal government to non official party status as happened in Ontario, (God bless you all) is the only thing I think we as a UNIFIED COUNTRY need to focus on.
Unfortunately I feel Andrew Scheer needs to get onboard with real conservative values and MEANINGFUL relations with the States, or step aside and let Bernier preside. The bielection in Québec was uplifting! Vive Quebec, Vive Canada!
And Stand on guard for thee!
commented 2018-06-19 23:37:33 -0400
commented 2018-06-19 23:37:20 -0400
Maybe we should of had more Cowboys and less Lawyers…
commented 2018-06-19 23:22:22 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,509 Attacks, 229,947 Killed, 310,145 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-06-19 23:21:42 -0400
Tru-dope is an evil person – it is just that simple.
commented 2018-06-19 22:50:52 -0400
Trudeau is an anti-Semitic. Why would he call them out?
commented 2018-06-19 21:53:32 -0400
Great report Sheila, but please don’t buy into the progressive narrative that neo-Nazis (the National Socialist German Workers Party), the fabricated bogey-man of the left, are alt-right. They belong on the far left with their communist and fascist cousins.
commented 2018-06-19 21:38:26 -0400
Sheila you prefaced your report saying ‘you won’t believe what Trudea said’. Sorry, nothing come as a surprise as to what comes out of the mouth of this despicable traitor to our country.
commented 2018-06-19 21:15:53 -0400
Because Mohammad Trudeau himself is an Islamic terrorist
commented 2018-06-19 21:09:08 -0400
trudeau is a Goof…imho..when he is in Prison….he will be treated like a Goof…

Free Tommy Robinson…..
commented 2018-06-19 20:25:28 -0400
No way that a Muslim will ever criticise another Muslim.How much proof do Canadians need that Trudeau hates Christianity and loves Islam
commented 2018-06-19 20:17:27 -0400
The United States just announced that they are leaving the United Nations human rights council for bias against Israel and for not holding human rights abusers accountable .
Trudeau welcomed back ISIS fighters who took part in genocide , he’s condemned Israel for defending its border and he’s giving tax payers dollars to a Muslim hate preacher who wants the annihilation of the U.S and Israel.
How in hell did this dullard get elected .
commented 2018-06-19 20:11:32 -0400
The answer to your question, Sheila, is simple. Trudeau is evil. He serves his god, the father of lies, Satan.
commented 2018-06-19 19:29:02 -0400
President Trump has just stated that he will not have “Migrants infesting US”.

Did you hear that Trudeau?
Source, Sky News.
commented 2018-06-19 19:19:42 -0400
Trudeau is even a bigger effin arseole than his father was. What a crock of BS. The only thing he is good for is target practice.
Not to worry, he will soon hear the people sing. Glory Glory what a hell of a way to die.