September 19, 2016

UPDATES: Arrests in US, Canada after Muslim terror attacks

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

There have been arrests of some of the people alleged to be responsible for the various attacks which took place in the US and Canada over the weekend.

First, from Calgary, Alberta: Although Global News called it a knife attack, the weapon in question is pictured below:











This type of weapon is called a "Falcata" and has quite an interesting history.

But no one would call it a knife. It is 26 inches long.

However the Calgary incident may not have been political. There is very little information on the suspect other than he wore a Blue Jays T shirt and a baseball cap and yelled, "I'm going to get you" according to an eye witness, which seems more personal than political.

Meanwhile, the suspect in the Jersey Marine Fun Run event bombing and the Chelsea bombing, who survived a shootout with police, is under arrest.

He has been identified as Ahmad Khan Rahami.

According to CNN: 

The owner of a bar in Linden, New Jersey, said he spotted bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami sleeping in the doorway of his bar this morning and alerted police.
Harinder Bains, owner of Merdie's Tavern, said he had been watching CNN on his laptop from another business he owns across the street. He said he recognized Rahami and called police.

Also the Daily Mail reports that five people have been arrested for the New York City bombings on September 17, which injured over 30 people.

According to Breitbart, the suspect came back from a trip to Afghanistan with a much higher degree of Islamic devotion.

Rahami lived in Elizabeth, where police found five pipe bombs at the city’s train station in a bag, and he worked at his family’s business, First American Fried Chicken. Patrons of the restaurant described Rahami to the New York Times as “gregarious” and friendly, Western-seeming and polite to customers. “He’s a very friendly guy, he gave me free chicken,” Ryan McCann, a regular at the restaurant, said. Rahami, he claimed, “always talked about fast Honda civics, about how he loved them.”

[...] “He was really religious [after the trip],” Flee Jones, 27, identified as a friend of Rahami, told the local news outlet. 

As reported earlier at The Rebel, the suspect in the Minneapolis mall has been identified as Dahir Adan, a Somali Muslim living in Minnesota.

But no identification as so far been released for the suspect in the Calgary mall incident.










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commented 2016-09-21 09:38:21 -0400
Bob, sounds like a plan however the bleeding heart liberals will fight to the death to defend these pos’s.
After all, don’t all these freakin lawyers need cases to work on and criminals to defend? If the cops acted in this fashion, all these bottom feeding scum sucking lawyers would lose huge a,punts of money and would eventually be just like one of us!

commented 2016-09-20 20:35:32 -0400
Karan Singh—-I wasn’t blaming Notley for High River, I was only saying the Red Necks didn’t do much about the serious crimes that took place.
commented 2016-09-20 20:31:20 -0400
Keith & Helen Harvey——I agree fully that when someone is killing people in public, where there are many witnesses, the Police should finish him off. This would save multi-millions in court costs and feeding the scum. This is practiced in many Countries in South America, and I saw it done in Israel . A Palestine man stole a large front end loader and drove it down the main street running over anyone he could, trying to kill anything in his way. A Policeman finally wounded him and as he was laying under the steering wheel, the cop put 2 bullets in his head saving huge amounts of money. I started cheering.
commented 2016-09-20 10:37:51 -0400
Keith, Keith, Keith.
Fear not long fellow! The Liberals are going to “re-educate” them in their new de-radicalization centres. Stand by for more sunny ways.
commented 2016-09-20 09:57:54 -0400
“Hatred or understanding? How do we respond?”
I understand that under the umbrella of Islam there are people attacking Canadians and trying to kill them that is what I understand. What should the response be, bringing more Islamics into our country to ruin it and threaten us? Not unless Canada has a death wish.
commented 2016-09-20 09:43:04 -0400
Here is a solution for our politically correct Islamist loving government. When one of these crazies stabs anyone and is captured alive. Give him a swift trial and hang the dirty scum bag.
commented 2016-09-20 04:53:48 -0400
Why is the guy with the big blade still alive ? Just like the other one down in the states attacking with a blade. Why is he still breathing ? They just had to walk up to them and drop a couple of extra rounds into them and save us a lot of time and money. Now the circus begins, the mental illness pleas and finally freedom. Those police uniforms were probably offensive to their mentally ill minds. I think when these types expose themselves and come to kill our innocent citizens, the police rule, every bodies rule really, should be to kill them, period. It’s not like they are going to suddenly become contributing members to our society, if they were to be so inclined they wouldn’t have tried to kill people to begin with.
commented 2016-09-20 01:16:53 -0400
Bob, the High River gun grab was before Notely’s takeover of Alberta, it happened under conservative govt. The proverbial rednecks have gone the way of dodo, fifty years of indoctrination in our schools, social engineering of the society & prevalent drug use has changed the fabric of the whole nation. Culture, civilization, heritage, patriotism, nationalism are too old school and has given way to greed, selfishness & multiculturalism. Most of our youth from rural areas are themselves drug users, some heavy some recreational, they won’t ever go against peddlers & dealers.
I believe the governments aren’t too keen on eradicating this problem either. A whole generation hooked on drugs would be way easier to herd than a free thinking wary man.
commented 2016-09-20 00:02:57 -0400
Karen Singh— 7min. ago——Hope you contact them; there have been no complaints to the Police about them yet. Of Course they will be doing a job that the Police are afraid and unwilling to do.
I can’t help but feel Calgary and Edmonton need the Soldiers of Odin more than Vancouver. Refugees and some Immigrants seem to be having a Field-day in the Malls of these 2 Cities Police get stabbed and they cover-up the suspects name. Alberta’s new Canadians become Drug Dealers, and even spread to compete with BC’s Dealers. We are always told how tough the Red-necks are, yet we never hear of them helping solve the crimes.
The High River Incident was probably the most prolific loss of Freedom and Democracy in Canada’s History, and the Red Necks did nothing.
Karan, Is it possible that Notely Feminisized the Red Necks and their Horses?
commented 2016-09-19 23:21:31 -0400
Jay Kelly – a death cult berserker with a knife runs up to you screaming Allah Akbar – how do you respond – understanding? Root cause debates?

Think quick, you have only seconds.
commented 2016-09-19 23:18:34 -0400
BOB EGLI commented 38 mins ago: "Good News fellow Rebels; Soldiers of Odin have started a Branch in Vancouver. "

Thanks Bob. Good news I think am gonna contact them.
commented 2016-09-19 23:02:25 -0400
Jay, the best way to respond is to ask pointless questions.
commented 2016-09-19 22:55:37 -0400
Ouch. The stabbings and bombings at real, and demand a response.

Hatred or understanding? How do we respond?
commented 2016-09-19 22:39:24 -0400
Good News fellow Rebels; Soldiers of Odin have started a Branch in Vancouver. You can see it on a video of Tonight’s 6 o’clock Global BC News. The left hates this new organization saying they are Right wing Racists etc. , like the groups patrolling European Cities.
If Ezra wanted to interview them, and start a pool for their start-up, I would contribute .
commented 2016-09-19 22:05:04 -0400
The Calgary stabbing is par for the course in that part of the NE (Marlborough/Forest Lawn) has about 10-15 gangs operating in it of various ethnic make up.
commented 2016-09-19 21:43:03 -0400
CANADIAN MONGREL commented 3 hours ago: “I really wanted to buy a Gurkha when in Nepal but knew they were restricted for common folk. Wonder why this guy was allowed one? Right, muslims are special and not common.”

CM, you can buy a genuine ‘Khukri’ (Gurkha knife) issued to the Gurkha soldiers from a small town; Dehradun in Northern India. They are manufactured by Gurkha/Nepalese craftsmen to the finest detail as laid out by the Army Ordnance regulations such as blade length, width, tapper, overall weight & steel hardness. I’ve couple of them from my army days it’s the all around best knife to handle several chores while in the woods, from clearing trails, chopping wood to skinning deer. The authentic ones include 2 small knives in their sheath for skinning animals. What you buy from tourist places in Nepal or India are produced commercially their quality is nowhere near the authentic khukri issued to Gurkha rifleman.
commented 2016-09-19 21:04:20 -0400
Fear not Robert Raymond. Soon there shall be only one official language in Canuckistan: Arabic.. Just give it a bit more time.
commented 2016-09-19 20:47:41 -0400
I have to question how far the police’s rights to conceal information go? I get it when it’s a young offender and when they want to notify next of kin in the case of a death and perhaps if they are investigating a network but there has to be a balance in the public’s right to know and be safe and their own involvement in possibly covering up crimes. I would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge on this topic if they would address it.
commented 2016-09-19 18:48:29 -0400
I am sure going to enjoy seeing the useful idiots get attacked, it will be the one fun part of the death of Canada. Hell if Justin or Penson or Kelly were getting beheaded in front of me , i would not do a damn thing. They would have me arrested for saving them if i did.
commented 2016-09-19 18:36:24 -0400
Gee whoda thunk it? And the scum in Calgary is a POS as well , no matter what his motive is. I may have to explain to the lefties what i mean, i mean i feel the same even if he is not an Islamic, i know you lefties do not understand integrity, so i feel i had to explain.
commented 2016-09-19 18:27:07 -0400
Looks more like a modified Gurkha knife to me, rather than a falcata. I really wanted to buy a Gurkha when in Nepal but knew they were restricted for common folk. Wonder why this guy was allowed one? Right, muslims are special and not common.
commented 2016-09-19 17:52:48 -0400
What does a Muslim immigrant have to bitch about in good ol’ Canada, we give them whatever they want?
commented 2016-09-19 16:58:52 -0400
Is our country becoming another Islamic hell hole?
Judge for yourself!

SINCE WHEN, ..does, Canada have 3 official languages???

What the HELL??

Arabic Writings now on Police cars in Canada!!!

The word ‘Police’ in Arabic on a London Ontario Police Service Car serving the Arabic speaking population draws outrage. Canadians see this as an example of favoritism and inconsistent with French Canadian values.

To see the Arabic language becoming an official provincial language in Ontario instead of French is unconscionable. A reader from Ontario writes:

As a true Canadian I am outraged and insulted by these pictures I have recently seen of the London Police Service cars. Are we in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Syria???

The fact that the decals are on the car in the first place should be insulting and disturbing to all Canadians. However the fact that they’re situated above the Canadian flag is is not only insulting, it’s demeaning to the memory of our Canadian soldiers who fought and died in all wars.

What do these words say? As a Canadian who speaks one of the two official languages I have no idea. I can tell you this. If I was a French speaking citizen of not only London but Canada in general I would feel doubly outraged. I don’t see any French words on the car.

Why do we keep bending over backwards and selling out our true Canadian culture for a small minority of the population. You come to this country then assimilate. Learn our language and our laws. If you don’t like it then leave.

It’s time to put an end to this. We are slowly losing our identity and we’re just passively letting it happen.

Esphandyar Ghyassi posted on Facebook, “I called London Ontario Police now and an officer came with a kind of explanation which I really didn’t get it. This is the number (519) 661-5670 Please call them and raise you voice. 30% percent of population in B.C. are Chinese. But I never saw Chinese language 警察 (means police) on Police cruisers.”

This is yet another example of the Islamization of Canada. AMEN!"

The above email contained some photos but I could not paste them but you may be able to see one at the following web site.

commented 2016-09-19 16:28:28 -0400
Religion of peace?!? “the suspect came back from a trip to Afghanistan with a much higher degree of Islamic devotion.” Explosively dangerous situation to the non islamic world, allowing islam and muslims to run rampant and free in our country. I’ve heard this just about every time these muslim savages going on a killing spree, that the more devoted to islam a muslim gets, the more likely they are to commit acts of murder against us non muslims. For the security of all Canadians, islam must be criminalized immediately.
commented 2016-09-19 16:04:38 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,768 Attacks, 202,061 Killed, 283,184 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-09-19 15:23:54 -0400
They just released the name of the guy with the machete and Blue Jays shirt. Last name Bautista.
Perhaps Calgary police should bring in Rougned Odor from Texas to assist with the “interrogation.”