Help fund a statistically valid opinion poll!

The left-wing cesspit of Edmonton’s city council refuses to find out what Edmontonians actually think about making their home a sanctuary for lawbreakers at the expense of the law-abiding.  

So, I want to find out what Edmontonians really think.

I want to commission an opinion poll, done by a reputable pollster, with a very clear question about turning Edmonton into a haven for people who broke the laws of Canada to be here.

I predict there is a reason Edmonton’s council didn’t ask the people, and that’s because they know the majority of residents will reject this plan, just like in Montreal - one of the most left-leaning cities in the country, if not North America.

But these poll cost about $2,000. It’s not cheap to give people their chance to give their opinion, but I think Edmontonians deserve it.

Please help me cover the costs by contributing below. 

Thank you!