June 02, 2015

US presidential race: Young, diverse Republicans vs. old white Democrats

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Have you seen who's running for president on the Republican side?

Two Hispanics -- Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz -- have announced their candidacy. So has Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Then there's Dr. Ben Carson, the distinguished surgeon who also happens to be African-American.

Now take a look at the Democrats.

Ironic, isn't it, that the Democrats -- who are always talking about "diversity" -- can't seem to attract young minority candidates or audiences the way the Republicans can?


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commented 2015-06-03 23:12:22 -0400
Peter my hope for Americans is that for President they choose Dr. Ben Carson. I don’t believe anyone else can beat Hillary. He is getting very little attention at the moment while the rest of the Republican politicians jockey for position. Dr. Carson is not a politician. He is not privileged. Hopefully he will get support in 2016. Meanwhile it is time to concentrate on what will happen in the fall here.
commented 2015-06-03 13:54:13 -0400
I got ocean front property in Arizona for you two
commented 2015-06-02 22:51:41 -0400
Adam I would not disagree with you that US interventions overseas are a bad thing. History tells me that George W and Dick blew it. Bill Clinton also went on an overseas misadventure as did just about every US President. None of them were or will be jailed as they have the Monroe Doctrine to give them immunity. Hopefully Hillary will recall all US forces from all conflict zones when she takes office. We must withdraw from the phony was against ISIS too. All just my opinion.
commented 2015-06-02 19:55:24 -0400
Peter it was just a video clip that set off the trouble there. Hillary wouldn’t lie.
commented 2015-06-02 19:45:28 -0400
If Hillary wins I hope the SEALS off her for her role in Benghazi
commented 2015-06-02 14:26:49 -0400
Adam I would agree with you that Hillary is a slam dunk winner. Obama’s popularity is on the rise again and that will help her next year.
commented 2015-06-02 10:53:01 -0400
Yes, Ezra, a promising diverse crowd lined up for the Republicans for the 2016 Presidential Election in comparison with the Democrats crowd. However, is it too outlandish to wonder if there will be a 2016 Presidential Election?
Consider Jade Helm 15, one of the largest training operations done by the U.S. military in response to what it calls “the evolving nature of warfare”, that is currently causing a lot of controversy and confusion in the U.S. Some are suggesting that America is being psychologically conditioned to accept martial law:
This 10-minute video gives some more info about Jade Helm 15:
Wikipedia, not necessarily the most reliable source for unbiased information, speaks of Jade Helm 15 as “a conspiracy theory based on a planned United States military training exercise that is scheduled to take place over multiple states in the U.S. from July 18 through September 15, 2015. Its announcement raised conspiracy theories by right-wing commentators and politicians about the prospect of martial law, claims referred to by The New York Times as ‘travers[ing] the outer edges of political paranoia’.”
Normally, one would be inclined to agree with the characterization of Jade Helm 15 as “martial law training exercises” as far-fetched conspiracy theories. However, with the knowledge of the nature of the Obama administration and other changes in America (such as, the growing lawlessness and civil unrest in American cities like Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri – fueled by Obama; the growing police militarization; and Obama taking steps to expand federal control over state and local police), I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss what is happening as a meaningless conspiracy theory and “political paranoia” by those on the right. Particularly, as the left-wing media (including The New York Times cited in the Wikipedia post), really most of the media because of the cultural Marxists’ advance within our media , is mocking those who think otherwise.
commented 2015-06-02 10:18:20 -0400
A talented lot, to be sure and to my knowledge none of them have a corrupt Foundation where they laundry money.
commented 2015-06-02 08:29:22 -0400
Well you can pick one US party or the other – they are both the same.

Yes, barry is a communist pig disguised as a black guy and he is a fringe exception.

The larger issue is big fat goobermint and big fat taxes and if the US goes socialist like europe or Kanada, you can kiss our standard of living good bye.

jack parizo died today – the best news I’ve heard in quite some time. another communist/marxist/socialist/liberal pig gets sent to his hole in the ground. too bad it wasn’t troodo.