November 06, 2017

USA Today Slams Texas for 'Lax' Concealed Carry Laws Even Though Gunman Was DENIED Permit

Rebel Staff

After Sunday's mass shooting at a Texas church that left 26 people dead, the leftwing media wasted no time in politicizing the tragedy and blaming it on Republicans. However, as usual, the mainstream media probably should have gotten their facts straight before they played the blame game.

USA Today published a story that blamed the shooting on Texas's "lax" concealed carry laws. What the publication did not seem to realize, however, is that the shooter applied for a concealed carry permit and was denied. 

As the nation looks with horror at Sunday's church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, some called for a change to gun laws that are among most lax in the nation.

Texas lawmakers approved a law this year that reduced the application fees from $140 to $40 for handgun licenses, effective Sept. 1.

Texas law also allows handgun license applicants to take handgun safety classes online, rather than in a classroom, in addition to at least one hour of shooting range instruction before taking a shooting test.

Those laws came after the legislature passed open carry and campus carry laws in 2015 that gave the state the laxest gun laws in the country, according to The Dallas Morning News. Texans still need to pass a federal background check when buying a firearm.

The campus carry law allows licensed students to carry a concealed weapon on campus.

The open carry law allows licensed gun owners to carry their weapons in most public spaces.

Of course, none of these laws had anything to do with what happened on Sunday, yet that did not stop the mainstream media from blaming them for the tragedy!

This is exactly why President Donald Trump frequently attacks the mainstream media as "fake news."  

USA Today was also alarmingly quick to politicize this horrific tragedy. The story went up just eight hours after 26 people lost their lives inside a house of worship. Unfortunately, in today's America, the mainstream media truly have no shame. 

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