March 03, 2016

Vancouver debates BAN on paper coffee cups: Is this just moral grandstanding?

Brian LilleyArchive

Vancouver banned plastic bags, then talked about banning water bottles and now they’re talking about banning paper coffee cups. This is why I’ve taken to calling it “Bancouver”.

The city that helped give birth to Starbucks across Canada, is saying no more lattes in paper cups.

I speak with Vancouver 24 hrs columnist, Ada Slivinski about this and other examples of bans the city has tried which only seem to result in costing taxpayers dearly without actually accomplishing anything.

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commented 2016-03-05 12:56:52 -0500
The only solution is high efficiency incineration which negates the need for landfills as well as produces cheap electricity. Unfortunately it would put all these eco-fascists out of work, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
commented 2016-03-04 10:51:58 -0500
This will never fly since the hippies that support such econaut bans are exactly the ones who binge on overpriced coffee the most.
commented 2016-03-04 10:47:38 -0500
Sean Penson wrote «An outright ban on plastic bags is likely to be the best way to the White House for Hilary»

Alienating 90% of voters would be the most direct path to her losing. Econauts are only a fringe.
commented 2016-03-04 07:58:53 -0500
Vancity moonbeam mayor has been paid for by G.Soros for ever.
commented 2016-03-04 05:39:18 -0500
Drew W, no he didn’t! Plastics are flowing very freely here in VanCity. An outright ban would be superb. An outright ban on plastic bags is likely to be the best way to the White House for Hilary
commented 2016-03-04 02:58:06 -0500
The sad part of it is that Vancouver’s hippy mind stupidity is starting to spill over in Victoria’s accommodations for social parasites and druggies… .Obviously, the word has spread that if you are being pushed out of East Hastings you can hop a ferry and set up a tent right next to Victoria’s city hall, with Mayor Lisa Helps’ blessings… Welcome to Woodstock all over again….
commented 2016-03-04 02:44:19 -0500
This is a manifestation of “The Left Coast” at it’s best… Chinese investors blatantly distorting the housing market to the effect of billions of lost tax dollars, but local politicians “dancing on the head of a pin” to debate bike lanes and paper coffee cups… If there is a a more blatant example of sheep being led to slaughter than what is?,,, Vancouver politicians – you are so full of shit your “your eyes are brown”…
commented 2016-03-04 00:30:14 -0500
Sean Penson-FACT CHECK FOR YOU DUMMY- the mayor banned them but the province did not allow it to stick. But please keep on with your so called facts LMAO!
commented 2016-03-03 20:19:05 -0500
One more step towards that leftist utopia.
commented 2016-03-03 19:46:55 -0500
Mayor moonbeam, Gregor Robertson, is an Irrational (ie… a lefty).

When Trump said he was going to secure the borders by temporarily halting muslim refugees, Moonbeam Robertson called him a racist (btw it’s not even racism anyways, but he’s just pure idiot), and called for the Trump name to be removed from the new highrise built here by him on Georgia Street.

quote from his letter…
“Trump’s name and brand have no more place on Vancouver’s skyline than his ignorant ideas”

There go the Irrationals again, trying to ban free speech because they disagree with it.

Of course Trumps not going to budge and take advice from a farookin’ wimp and lightweight like Moonbeam.

We need to vote this crackpot out and get someone more moderate thus rational.

commented 2016-03-03 19:32:15 -0500
FACT CHECK: Plastic bags aren’t banned here in Vancouver! They’re still widely available
commented 2016-03-03 19:29:35 -0500
Pity the bylaw officer who tries to stop me on the street and give me a warning or fine for using a paper cup. It’ll end up his ass along with his paper badge. Just sayin’.
commented 2016-03-03 18:13:20 -0500
Steven Hines commented – " A cup that put in a landfill will be dirt in 6 months. "

Paper for single duty deployment like cops, food packaging, shopping/grocery bags do not consume prime forest product in their manufacture – they can be made from scrap cloth, natural textile waste, reclaimed and scrap wood and sawdust – they can also be recycled now with less energy than it took to produce them.

Why waste them in a dump site, burn them and make TE energy in high efficiency furnaces – but that has no green sex appeal to the selfies who get their science from twitter streams.
commented 2016-03-03 18:01:57 -0500
Any political decision proposing “bans” is despicable and indicative of shallow autocratic thinking, but prohibitive laws not based in fact or need are more vile yet.

Paper cups are totally renewable and recyclable it’s obvious the political body proposing this are civilly inept, environmentally ignorant, and authoritarian.
commented 2016-03-03 17:49:31 -0500
I have always thought the reusable cup was a sham like most “green” solutions. I do not have the brains or the resources to test me theory but here it is. I bet it uses more resources to heat the water, produce and ship the soap etc to wash my cup out every morning, than it takes to make one paper cup. A cup that put in a landfill will be dirt in 6 months. That is without calculating in all the resources to make the reusable cup. Resources are extracted from Canada, US, Russia, Brazil, wherever. Refined and shipped to China. Shipped to a factory in China, refined and shipped to another factory to be made into a finished product. Then shipped to a port in China, shipped back to Canada, shipped to a warehouses all over Canada, to be shipped to retail locations all over Canada. Then you have to wash it every morning. It is insanity. If protecting the environment is our goal we should all be using paper plates in our homes, then we could all get rid of our dishwashers.
commented 2016-03-03 17:25:41 -0500
Peter Netterville,

I think with the plastic bags, the intelligentsia (actually, the idiogentsia) of Vancouver also banned most plastics including cups.

So in answer to your question about a coffee shop customer, they are to cup their hands and go to the counter asking, ‘Please sir, can I have some coffee?’
commented 2016-03-03 17:18:41 -0500
So, Vancouver who banned plastic bags wants to ban paper coffee cups.

So what would they force Tim Hortons and Starbucks to replace the paper cup with, plastic? Sounds like a bit of hypocrisy to me.

But that it the mindset of the enviro-nitwits; twisted and hypocritical.
commented 2016-03-03 17:18:15 -0500
March 3, 2016
Dear Diary;
I got some lovely fan mail a few days ago from Pamela Anderson.
Pamela is a Canadian, but like me she’s also a celebrity, so it’s very important that I take her seriously and pay attention to everything she has to say on any topic.
When I was a teenager, she’s the girl that I used to pretend to like watching on TV in a show called Baywatch. Now, back then, me and the boys were real rebels, not like today’s whiney right-wingers. We were a rowdy bunch; we would push the envelope by getting up to shenanigans like calling that show Babewatch instead of Baywatch and other rambunctious edgy behaviour like that. But later on I met Gerald and I discovered my true self
Anyway, Pam wrote to tell me what a great job I’m doing by fighting for equal rights for the much-persecuted BLT community, filling the country up with the much-persecuted Muslim community from the middle east, and doling out cabinet positions to the much-persecuted non-man community.
But now she wants me to do something about hunting seals. She says that hunting seals is sullying my sunny-ways thing with my worldly admirers. This could be a problem, not that I care anything about the folks that hunt seals, but I’m still waiting on Gerald to tell me where I stand on that, which isn’t like him, he’s usually pretty quick to tell me where to go.