June 08, 2017

Vancouver Mayor "gouges drivers" with Road Tax

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

British Columbians are getting ready for an NDP provincial government, backed by the Green Party. And if things weren't bad enough, the Mayor of Vancouver plans to implement a road tax!

But worse, it’s not what voters want. In 2015 the lower mainland gave a resounding “no” to a new tax to pay for Translink.

In fact, the NoTranslinkTax campaign headed by our good friends Jordan Bateman and Hamish Marshall is one of the greatest examples of a victorious grassroots campaign on a shoestring budget.

If you're sick of this war on cars, on drivers, and the ever escalating costs of living in Vancouver then please stand up and say no to this new tax.

Sign my petition at NoRoadTaxes.ca and remind the Mayor's Council and our government that we already voted no against a new transit tax.

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commented 2017-06-11 15:05:45 -0400
Gas taxes are, but they don’t cover the whole bill. As long as there is a property tax component to it then it’s at least partially socialism.

Never mind the complications that arise if/when electric vehicles become a significant part of the fleet, currently 1% of sales and doubling every 18 months, within five years there will be considerable impact. on gas tax revenue.
commented 2017-06-09 18:10:08 -0400
Andrew i never said everyone, gas taxes are supposed to be for roads. Or did you not know that? You friggin socialists always miss the fact that you supposedly tax for a specific reason then use that money for other stupidity , then want more when people such as drivers have already paid through their gas taxes for it.
commented 2017-06-09 18:06:56 -0400
Andrew you are forgetting the roads have been paid for already by the public, what you are talking about is a privately built road that then charges. DIFFERENT!!! And the money would not be going to the government , it would go to the company that built and maintains the road, DIFFERENT!!
This is not the situation in the story. Why can you not grasp that??
commented 2017-06-09 18:04:42 -0400
Andrew nope, that is capitalism enabling people to earn money which allows them to pay taxes which to build infrastructure. If you want to call it socialism then call it LEGITIMATE NEED SOCIALISM. The form you preach about is not that.
commented 2017-06-09 13:01:34 -0400
When these dirty, stinkin’, lyin’ thieves, sorry, politicians, have tried to bring in POLL TAXES in the past in Canada, they were soundly defeated…The Doorknob Mayor of Vangcouver’s POLL TAX, needs to be soundly beaten down, actually all these doorknobs on the left need to be soundly beaten…
…because not beating them down gives them license to keep stealing more and more of your rights and money! And they are…
commented 2017-06-09 10:50:38 -0400
If I walk to work, and by co-workers’s driving in from Chilliwack, he’s using them way more than I am. Yet we pay the same amount of tax. Again, socialism.

Traffic congestion is a classic failure of socialism. In a true capitalist society, with high demand, limited availability resources such as roads priced according to demand, you wouldn’t have this issue at all.
commented 2017-06-09 10:25:09 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON….Proving once again you are a deranged fool. Everyone pays for the roadways and EVERYONE uses them. Whether you drive on them, bike on them, buy groceries at a store who used the road to bring those groceries to the store for you, if you take a bus to a doctor’s appointment, etc etc etc, we ALL use the roads. Name one person who can say they have never “used” the road systems in one way or another.
commented 2017-06-09 02:27:21 -0400
“Drew Wakariuk commented 3 hours ago
Wannabe commies like Andrew do not realize that the people paid for and own the roads.”

If everyone pays for it, whether or not they use it, that’s socialism, is it not?
commented 2017-06-09 01:47:14 -0400
I just can’t take anymore bad news.
These guys are always looking for a new revenue stream. There is NEVER a reduction in tax, only add-ons. Fair my ass.
I agree Christopher, why are they incapable of looking at their own waste and excess before they rape us of more of our hard earned money. Cut spending buddy! All these city mayors are the same, whether Calgary, Kamloops, Vancouver or Toronto. I’m not familiar with the others but I don’t hear about many conservative mayors in Canada. They all keep increasing their spending no matter what. They all need to be reeled in. Lets have a look at their budgets and see if they are realistic or not. Rob Ford was a damn fine conservative mayor, I cannot think of another.
commented 2017-06-08 23:35:15 -0400
WOW! After so long , surviving the NEP and other challenges , the Transit Hotel cannot last after half a term of the NDP. And anyone who knows this place will tell you that this is saying a lot.
Way to go Mayor Socialist and Premier Commie.
commented 2017-06-08 23:30:13 -0400
Wannabe commies like Andrew do not realize that the people paid for and own the roads.
commented 2017-06-08 23:28:23 -0400
Andrew you know nothing of commies i see. They have been paid for already you know? If you have not figured that out by now, then you are pretty simple. USERS HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR IT!!! Why should they have to pay again? Please enlighten us genius. And i will ask once again, when does it end, there is only so much they can take, taxes and fees cannot just keep going higher and higher , there is a ceiling whether you and the left like it or not. We cannot pay more than we make.
commented 2017-06-08 21:27:02 -0400
“Bill Elder commented 19 mins ago
Typical commie greed – did you know taxing the use of the crown highways for travel is illegal unless you are a commercial entity using them for profit? "

Charging the users for a use of a resource is pretty much the exact opposite of “commie greed” (an interesting self-contradiction in itself).
commented 2017-06-08 21:07:32 -0400
Typical commie greed – did you know taxing the use of the crown highways for travel is illegal unless you are a commercial entity using them for profit?
commented 2017-06-08 19:59:59 -0400
He must have picked this up from G.Soros.
commented 2017-06-08 19:28:20 -0400
I don’t know what it is like driving into Toronto, but driving on the #1 highway into Vancouver is a bloody disgrace (and downright dangerous). 2 lanes, kilometer after kilometer, 18 wheelers careening in and out of the passing lane, it’s nuts. I can’t even IMAGINE what happens to the traffic when there is an accident. No doubt after they toll it, they’ll add a bike lane.