November 11, 2018

Veterans consistently short-changed by Liberal spending priorities

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Sheila Gunn Reid joined me with shocking news that 270,000 Canadian veterans are owed $165 million for disability pensions going back several years and several governments but pointing out that under the Liberals, the treatment of veterans is only getting worse.

The Liberals have a long history of short-changing our military that results in our troops not having the best equipment while they’re fighting in far off lands, or access to care for their physical and mental well-being when they come home.

Watch as Sheila gives a few recent examples of the Liberalsmisplaced spending priorities.

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commented 2018-11-12 20:12:39 -0500
A pox on Liberals and their disloyal attitudes. We absolutely must vote the unpatriotic bums out! Let’s keep telling all who will listen. Liberals have always been hypocrites and liars. Anybody voting Liberal is delusional or pathetically ignorant of history.
commented 2018-11-12 14:20:01 -0500
Jamie MacMaster: I agree about a percentage of younger veterans buying into the Liberal crap.Common Sense: Sorry,my daughter and her husband live in a local community with a Canadian Forces base.Many of the military personnel there are friends and acquaintances.At past Christmas gatherings,I heard(with my own ears…) how Harper had screwed them and that Justin Guevara would"make things right". They did buy into it….
As far as the older veterans(WW II…Korea) not voting Liberal,let me say this: My father and mother were both WWII veterans.UNFORTUNATELY for many,many years they both voted Liberal. They could not see that the Liberal machine was the source of a lot of their problems.Don’t forget that the media sources then,were not plentiful as now and many were just as biased then as now.There were only 2 television stations available when I grew up and one was the CBC.(so in reality there was only 1…..)
The only other source were the newspapers.My parents were senior citizens before they fully realized how they had been HAD, despite the many years I tried to point that out to them.They had been raised in an era when it was believed that your leaders would never betray you…….
In their senior years,they were as anti-Liberal as anyone could get.Their disgust started with Pearson and reached a peak with Pierre Trudeau.
commented 2018-11-12 13:38:50 -0500
Liberal priorities are giving $10.5 million dollar cheques to murderous muslim terrorists like Omar Khadr, and perusing the poisonous globalist agenda given to them by the UN, our Canadian veterans are not even an afterthought for them.
commented 2018-11-12 12:23:15 -0500
JOHN GALT JOHN GALT commented 15 hours ago.
Jamie MacMaster: Very true…………….
Vet’s always get s—t on when put out to grass.
commented 2018-11-12 07:17:09 -0500
No Jamie, the younger CAF retirees did not vote liberal ever because all liberals have trashed the military, and those in the military are conservative because once you have served your country, put your life on the line for others, things that conservatives do, you are a conservative, and vote as a conservative. You are full of kaka. You don’t find liberals in the military, and if one enters the service as a liberal, they come out as a conservative. Again, you are full of it. Bye the way, no one in the military, or from the military "bought into the narrative that they were being hard done by, they are and were being hard done by; they don’t need any help buying into anything. You are a fool and a liar.
commented 2018-11-12 04:36:14 -0500
The very few remaining WWII or Korea vets in these parts JOHN GALT, would never vote Liberal because they’ve been around long enough to remember what Pearson, Hellyer, and turdo la first did to our armed forces. But the younger CAF retirees voted for turdo la doo because they bought into the narrative that they were being hard done by, and they wanted to believe his bullshit that he’d improve things. The reality is that some veterans are/were certainly being screwed over by soulless bureaucrats in Veterans’ Affairs, but the vast majority have no cause for complaint.

My Dad and his brother and cousins came back from Europe with their wounds and their little pensions and just went to work without expecting anything extra in the way of entitlements. At one point my Dad’s disability was re-assessed, and subsequently increased from a 15 percent to a 25 percent rating. He joked that if it ever got to 100 percent he’d be able to buy a used car that he wouldn’t be able to drive.

What I just don’t get is this PTSD epidemic that has afflicted so many of our younger former members of the armed forces, and indeed, those in other occupations as well. From any historical perspective, the current incidence rate is staggering. I can’t shake the nagging feeling that this is the modern version of the “bad back” that malingerers used to claim in a bid to get a disability pension. It’s a shame, because it diverts resources from those who truly are PTSD sufferers.
commented 2018-11-11 23:39:21 -0500
Robert Greeley—your Toronto Sun link said Trump did not shake Trudeau’s hand in France.
I’m hoping that Trump is finally realizing what a two-face ass-hole he is, always calling down Trump, then blaming him for delays in NAFTA, or any thing else that goes wrong with his unworkable policies.
commented 2018-11-11 21:09:00 -0500
Jamie MacMaster commented 5 hours ago
“Funny thing is, with the exception of a few WW II survivors, every other vet I know voted for turdo la doo in the last election.” Well Jamie, why would you open up like that and lie straight out? My father was a WWII vet, two tours, his friends, all vets, my grandfathers, WWI vets. I grew up with them. Not a single one would ever, ever vote for Trudeau (Sr. or Jr.) If the vets you speak of are of the animal doctor variety, maybe the odd one would vote liberal, but that would be an employee, not a vet who owns the clinic; that’s absurd. So Jamie, you are an outright liar. Either you don’t know any war veterans, or you are talking of animal vets who are employed by business owing vets. And since I grew up surrounded by war vets, and I still go to the legion every chance I get, I know you are a liar, because I don’t know of a single war vet that would vote liberal, not a one, and I know a lot of them.
commented 2018-11-11 20:22:30 -0500
Jamie MacMaster: Very true.Not only vets,but families of vets.I confronted a family member of a local veteran in the local convenience store before the last election.She was voting for Captain Crayon (100 %) because Harper had not done enough for her veteran father.The Boy Blunder had promised(in pre-election lies) what wonderful things he would do for Canada’s veterans once in power.She bought into it….She forgot that in a sewer,some of the large pieces float and others are just there in the sewage matrix….
She is old enough( in actual years…) to remember P.E.T. and his absolute disdain/disgust for our Canadian armed forces.( He was OK with one uniform style for all service branches for example….). Stupidman from the planet Craped-on simply spewed forth the excrement he remembered hearing when he napped at P.E.T."s feet.However,with other(numerous) citizens,she listened to The Media and did not think through her own conclusions.Which brings me to what I have said for decades….
Individuals are intelligent….but people are STUPID. Most individuals are capable of rational,logical thinking.However,when in a group,they quite often revert to the herd/flock/mob mentality because it takes mental effort to do otherwise.
commented 2018-11-11 17:01:39 -0500
It isn’t just veterans who are getting short changes.

Regular forces and reservists are getting royally screwed.

But there’s lots of cash for foreigners who hate Canada.
commented 2018-11-11 16:31:13 -0500
Two billion for public housing in India, $41 million for Afghanistan to pay its veterans, $600 million for third world abortions, $2 billion for third world nations to fight “global warming”, but not a cent for our military or veterans.

Let’s get end-of-use F18s from Australia, old technology F16s, but not F35s which we helped develop and would receive spin off contracts if we bought them. Israel upped its order from 15 to 50. Australia is ordering them, European countries are ordering them, but our genius, dumb as a rock Baby Doc Trudeau, can’t figure out on what we should intelligently spend money for our military. Three years have passed and still no decision. I know, used and recycled sleeping bags is all he wants to consider for our military,.
commented 2018-11-11 15:59:58 -0500
Funny thing is, with the exception of a few WW II survivors, every other vet I know voted for turdo la doo in the last election.
commented 2018-11-11 13:28:22 -0500
“Veterans can wait…” Might be a good headline or catch phrase for a political ad.
commented 2018-11-11 12:40:03 -0500
Justin is busy and more concerned about his traditional costume for his trip to New Guinea. (looks like it won’t cost taxpayers as much as the Indian costumes did, less fabric). We need to send money there first. They don’t even have socks. Veterans can wait.