June 22, 2016

VICTORY! Earls returns to using Canadian beef after Rebel Nation boycott

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

After months of digging in their heels, today Earls Restaurants abandoned their scheme to replace Canadian beef with imported foreign beef!

This grudging reversal came about only because thousands of Canadians stood up to the bullies at Earls Vancouver headquarters. More than 12,000 Earls customers signed our petition at BoycottEarls.ca, with a simple message:

If Earls boycotts Canada, Canadians will boycott Earls.

And we did. According to one frustrated Earls manager in Alberta, business was down a whopping 30%. So not only were Canadian ranchers losing business, but so were Canadian restaurateurs, waiters and waitresses. All because politically correct activists in Vancouver thought that foreign beef was more “humane” than Canadian beef.

I personally delivered your massive petition to Earls headquarters — and handed it to Cate Simpson, the Earls spin doctor who has spent the past two months bad-mouthing Canadian ranchers.

But what I think finally tipped the balance was good, patriotic Earls employees and managers in a full-out revolt. It was either that — or go out of business.

So thank you, Canada. Thanks for standing up for Canadian agriculture and Canadian entrepreneurs.

If you’re like me, you’re still mad that Earls did this in the first place, and maybe you’re not quite ready to go back to their restaurants again. But remember, this anti-Canadian decision was made from their senior executive — not by your local Earls. Those local employees and managers were the ones who suffered the most.

P.S. We were the only media that dug into the truth about this scheme — the only ones who follow the trail back to the halal slaughterhouse in the U.S. The only ones to keep Earls feet to the fire.

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commented 2016-06-24 00:11:53 -0400
Further to my comment below, I think it’s a mistake to stop the boycott. By running them out of town, you show ALL Muslims what happens when you try to assert Sharia compliance in Canada. The franchisees can band together and go independent and kick Mo to the curb!
commented 2016-06-23 23:51:17 -0400
The most important part of this story, is it shows how a long-time Canadian, will switch back to his Muslim roots and become deceitful and turn on Canadian values the minute he thinks he can get away with it. It shows his loyalty to Allah, not Canadian values. And don’t think they won’t try again when there’s enough Muslims to support their businesses without the help of “others”. Regrettably, this is only a partial, temporary victory.

I would like to see Sheila go confront Mo about this. It’s important!! Does he want Sharia law in Canada?
Does he think women should wear the Hijab or Niqab? What about the women in his family? Does he have daughters? What do they think? She should interview them (if they’re adults), and see what they think of thei dad’s efforts. Does he send money to ISIS directly or indirectly? What would he think if we had a law specifically outlawing Sharia law in Canada? Who’s the “bad-guy” in the war(s) overseas?
commented 2016-06-23 19:06:37 -0400
Hi Sheila, good job. In my preceding comment I’m still a bit sceptical of Earl’s, it’s not as if they haven’t earned it. Please don’t take my scepticism is any kind of reflection on the job that you do, a great job.
commented 2016-06-23 19:00:23 -0400
Kenneth, It’s not as if they haven’t already tried to pull the wool over our eyes, I’m also skeptical.
commented 2016-06-23 18:31:58 -0400
After what they have pulled, I’m not sure I believe a word they say. I would have to see a change in their executive to show their serious, and then I would still be suspect.
commented 2016-06-23 17:44:38 -0400

I will call you tomorrow.
commented 2016-06-23 17:22:26 -0400
Michael Mann Go pray to the east mikey. and take your halal beef with you.
commented 2016-06-23 16:49:17 -0400
Mik mann……I will and I have. It is called the power of the consumer.
Still waiting for your call……..coward!
commented 2016-06-23 15:51:14 -0400
Who gives a shit if the food is great. I am sure we would be shocked by a ton of things that go behind the scenes of restaurants that we love. This is nothing new. Are you going to boycott every restaurant?

Would you really prefer a local business close down – despite the fact that you love their food and go there all the time. Is it really worth it?
commented 2016-06-23 15:11:53 -0400
I guess we in Ontario will have to ban buying beef as most, if not all, of our beef is Halal from Cargill. I was planning on dropping beef from my menu for health reasons anyway.
commented 2016-06-23 15:04:14 -0400
Fire the senior executives to ensure they don’t play anymore games.
commented 2016-06-23 14:20:07 -0400
I’m not going back until there is a change in senior management.
commented 2016-06-23 14:19:19 -0400
Totally agree with “Canadian Mongrel” about Earl’s “saying” and actually “doing” are two different things. Why do not all sentient human beings just cook at home and stay clear of these over-priced, often sub-standard restaurants? There is actually satisfaction and joy in creating and cooking meals in one’s own domicile.
commented 2016-06-23 13:02:13 -0400
Totally true Peter and while I agree with your opinion…

However, Earl’s saying they are going to and Earl’s actually doing so may be two different things, like when the CEO made his statement at the beginning of the controversy. Or Earl’s P/R supervisor. This could just be a smoke screen.

I’ll be a believer when I hear that cow-calf operators or abattoir operators I know are selling to Earl’s. Maybe Earl’s should be required to show certification that they are using Canadian raised beef issued by the ranchers, since they made the controversy that our ranchers had to show Earl’s a certificate. Once the proof is tangible, then I’ll consider returning.

In the meantime, I’ll stick with those restaurants that stuck with our ranchers while both industries are going through the hard times in Alberta. They ones I patronized were usually hiring, so the industry workers could find a job when leaving Earl’s.

commented 2016-06-23 12:57:34 -0400
Sheila you need to check into the farm operations supposedly supplying Canadian beef to Earls! Earls is bent on serving Halal food – and the halal method is just as easily done here in Canada! Big Mo being the Muzzie he is – is quite likely using Taqiyya!!
The only Muzzie I would come close to trusting is either a Truly converted or dead!
Just look around the world! Taqiyya is being used by most all politicians including TruDope & Obumer and people still listen to what they say?!
And Peter, I don’t agree with any rewards for those who are manipulative & Liars!
commented 2016-06-23 11:59:19 -0400
I noticed in the comments that some say that they will never go back to Earls.

IF Earls in Alberta and Saskachewan is buying it’s beef from the prairies AND Earls is buying non-halal beef, then I suggest that if you went to Earl before then do so again or the effectiveness of the boycott is diminished. They need to be “rewarded” for having responded to the wishes of the people they serve.

That’s just my 2 cents worth … (with inflation that is my $2.64 worth)
commented 2016-06-23 11:45:34 -0400
Like the previous posts, Earl’s had its chance with me.

I’ll go to Mr. Mike’s or the Keg or BP’s or Smitty’s or MacDonalds or A & W or any non-chain independent restaurant.

Any where but Earl’s for me when I go to Grande Prairie.
commented 2016-06-23 11:38:59 -0400
@ Bravo zulu,
“I know a man who the goes to the grocery once a week – he finds the halal section of meat and always puts a few pork chops in that section”

My wife knows a man like that too.
commented 2016-06-23 10:52:55 -0400
Earls… check….. notley, work in progress.
commented 2016-06-23 09:58:06 -0400
Too late. I will never eat there again.
commented 2016-06-23 09:52:39 -0400
A&W has always advertised 100% Alberta beef. No steroids etc. But as eating at Earl’s supports sharia creep I shan’t be eating there no matter where their meat comes from. Gotta love a free society.
commented 2016-06-23 09:42:39 -0400
The damage has been done. I’m never going to eat at Earls again. Let’s send a message and end this business.
commented 2016-06-23 08:18:35 -0400
Earls. Never been there….and never will.
commented 2016-06-23 08:14:33 -0400
Good point Cathy, taking it a step further, I wonder where all other chains get their meat from?
commented 2016-06-23 08:01:36 -0400
One thing I was wondering in, where does A&W get their beef and produce from?
commented 2016-06-23 08:00:07 -0400
It is backwards 6th century thinking to have a religion say that an animal is to be killed in an inhumane way. Singing prayers to an animal as they cut the throat may be a practice in the 6th century but in the 21st century there are more humane ways. I will never eat halal meat knowing the animal was killed in such an inhumane way.
commented 2016-06-23 07:39:04 -0400
@ Terry Russell commented 7 hours ago
I was averaging about $1200/month at Earls for the past few years and haven’t been back since they have shown their lack of support for Canadians.
I don’t trust Mo therefore i can’t trust Earls. I won’t be back till Mo is gone and 100% of all their beef is guaranteed Canadian beef and not halal.. I am boycotting all halal beef.
Great job Rebel!
I know a man who the goes to the grocery once a week – he finds the halal section of meat and always puts a few pork chops in that section
commented 2016-06-23 06:12:34 -0400
You really trust Earls??? Mo Jessa is a fraud and should be fired.

That PR bitch Cate Simpson was so condescending in her acceptance of the signatures – fired this asshole too.

Well done SGR!!!
commented 2016-06-23 00:26:23 -0400
I was averaging about $1200/month at Earls for the past few years and haven’t been back since they have shown their lack of support for Canadians.
I don’t trust Mo therefore i can’t trust Earls. I won’t be back till Mo is gone and 100% of all their beef is guaranteed Canadian beef and not halal.. I am boycotting all halal beef.
Great job Rebel!
commented 2016-06-22 23:05:35 -0400
The document says “Canadian beef is back on the menu…”. How much? 100 lbs. of hamburger and the rest is good old USDA Halal? What about Joey’s and Cactus Club? I’m sticking to the boycott until they publish an ad guaranteeing 100% Canadian beef. I don’t go to Ruth’s Chris since all they serve (except for one item) is USDA. The idea of Halal sliding down my throat does not sit well with me.