May 11, 2016

Victory for gun owners? @RCMPAlberta tweets during Fort Mac evacuation, to calm fears of High River repeat

Brian LilleyArchive

Ever since fires forced evacuations in Fort McMurray, some wondered, are we going to see a repeat of High River where gun owners’ rights were infringed upon by the RCMP during a time when citizens were dealing with a devastating natural disaster?

The actions of the RCMP after the damaging floods caused further damage in the form of broken trust between police and the people they are supposed to serve.

No one is allowed into Fort Mac right now but we’re being told by police that no assault on civil liberties is happening this time and that there has been a decree from their unified command structure not to repeat what happened in High River.

They’ve even taken to Twitter to allay concerns about entering homes where inhabitants may have been forced to make a hasty retreat in order to stay safe. They’re restricting their activities to securing homes and dealing with property crimes, and not committing them.

If true, this is a victory for all those who fought to bring attention to and denounce the infringements that occurred in High River.

It’s a victory for gun owners and confirms, police can not, without a warrant, randomly enter your homes and seize your property.

When a natural disaster occurs like the flooding in High River or out of control wildfires in Fort Mac, the first question should always be, how do we make sure everyone’s safe. But the second question can’t be, “will my possessions be safe” because that could lead to a situation where people are reluctant to leave.

So far, it looks like things are going in the right direction but here at The Rebel, we’ll keep watching.

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commented 2016-05-11 18:52:57 -0400
Why are they not allowing the people of Fort Mac to return for two weeks? Can you trust a fox in a hen house? They have no right to stop a person returning to his property there is work to be done and Fort Macers want to start doing it, They have suffered enough let them go home and start rebuilding NOW
commented 2016-05-11 18:46:58 -0400
I don’t think the RCMP should be tweeting anything. We still want to know who ordered the seizure of guns in High River. How about tweeting that piece of news out? I for one think it was Redford!
commented 2016-05-11 18:46:20 -0400
I will consider it a constitutional “victory” for law-abiding Canadians who happen to own firearms when they have their rights respected enough for the government to investigate and charge, prosecute and incarcerate those responsible for the lawless civil abomination that happened in High River and elsewhere.

Intill those police bureaucrats who think they can violate a citizen’s constitutional rights with impunity just because they lawfully own firearms, are made starkly aware that violating rights,abusing enforcement and acting above the law is a career ending path, there is no civil victory in sight from escalating police militancy.
commented 2016-05-11 18:19:40 -0400
With all the things the RCMP have done over the years to thwart & diminish the trust of Canadians, I remain skeptical of anything the RCMP proclaim. While the USA military demonstrate technologies using x-ray type methods it would not surprise me to see that being used in Ft Mac – just as “house checks” could have been accomplished using heat sensing technology, as is being used by drones in war zones.
commented 2016-05-11 17:58:11 -0400
Great! It is now considered a victory if the police do not do what they should not do in the first place.

Have we settled for so low of a standard to claim victory?

“Yea, a victory! The police have not broken the law and violated our rights!”

Nothing against you, Brian Lilley. I appreciate the update and I am glad to hear that the RCMP have not broken the law in Ft. McMurray like they did in High River.
commented 2016-05-11 17:39:03 -0400
brian only until turdo and the un come up their idea of gun control to take away more of our rights
commented 2016-05-11 17:24:19 -0400
Don’t take your eyes off the ball. Ever.
Just take it for granted that the RCMP is working hand-in-hand with our little Bunnykins PM to get your guns.