April 12, 2016

VIDEO: Muslim prisoner in Australia carves ISIS motto onto ex-soldier's forehead

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

On April 11 in New South Wales, Australia, a Muslim prisoner carved an Islamic State war motto onto the forehead of a fellow prisoner who was formerly soldier for the Australian army.

One of the single gravest errors Western governments make while fighting the Islamic war on freedom and liberalism is treating it as a law-and-order matter rather a military one.

Refusing to deal with reality is always a bad idea. 

Looking at world-wide global Islamic jihad as a function of Trudopian "root-causes" of poverty or "violent-extremism" will always lead to losses for freedom and greater civilizational decay.

Jihads cannot be put in jails and treated like run of the mill thieves.

Their motives are different.

Criminals want to take advantage of weaknesses in the system in order to gain disproportionately to the effort they make. Stealing is easier than working, if you want a Rolex for example. 

But when a thief or a drug dealer puts his money in the bank, he still expects the bank to operate legally and responsibly.

Jihadis want to bring down the system itself -- the system we take for granted until it disappears. Jihadis are not working for personal gain but for a collective gain.

The video in this post demonstrates what happens when you treat someone who is for all intents and purposes a PoW ,as a just another common criminal.

You will only encourage more violent actions like that one, actions with a military objective and motive, even within the prisons.

And, as we see across the Western world, Muslims run the prisons to the extent that you pretty much have to convert to survive in many of them.

In fact, in the US, many jihadis caught carrying out terrorist plots originally converted while in prison for earlier offences. Prisons are now recruitment centers for Islam.

We must rethink this issue if we wish to preserve any of the values that our ancestors, literally and philosophically, fought and so very many died for.

More on the story in NSW can be seen here at Yahoo Aus. 



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commented 2016-04-12 20:49:15 -0400
Daniel Devries;
Well said, however, it goes like this;
Under the Geneva Convention, and the Law of War, any individual/person caught in the act of terrorism, " Can/shall be subject to summary execution without trial, or trial by a jury of their peers "

I like Daryl Herman’s solution;
We could call it " The 72 Virgin Express ", " No Passengers Refused ", " Comes with Money Back Guarantee ".
( Provided they are still alive to claim it. That’s where the 45 ACP insurance policy comes in ).
commented 2016-04-12 20:16:06 -0400
However, under the rules of the “sacred Geneva Convention” ( which none of the terrorist groups are members of, while expecting to be treated under its rules), terrorists are little better than spies, having no rights to the same treatment as a uniformed soldier. According to the convention, they can be treated aa war criminals, or can be subject to interrogation and summary execution by their captors. There is no burden upon their captors to treat them as legitimate combatants in a war zone. Also, the rules are reciprocal. If they do not treat their captives well, it is no longer incumbent upon their enemies to do so either. I may be wrong on this, but it is my understanding of the rules of war.
commented 2016-04-12 20:01:31 -0400
Terrorism should rate the death penalty – summary execution for any declared IS agent, combatant or urban guerilla caught in a terror act.
commented 2016-04-12 18:34:54 -0400
This is a good point, these low life scum should be put in POW camps, under strict military rule.

All Muslims should be treated the same way, for they are all fighting a war, it is called Jihad or Holy War.

Let the Military Police kick the brains out of these Muslim Scum.
commented 2016-04-12 15:33:30 -0400
Just came up with a solution!!!
Implement a new Islam Travel business – they come in and are dispatched in the direction of their heaven!! Expedient – No Money Back Guarantee – but thorough and OHSA SAFE for the rest of civilization. Winners all around.