December 09, 2016

VIDEO: Geert Wilders' message after his conviction for opposition to government policy

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Geert Wilders was charged, tried and convicted for expressing a different opinion on immigration policy in the Netherlands.

As an opposition MP with a large mandate, that is his job. But in an increasingly Marxist world, opposing communist policy is illegal.

Here is one small example of the anti-social and criminal behaviour by Moroccan Muslims that Geert was referring to:

The Rebel also posted this important video of Geert Wilders from June, calling for a "Patriot Spring".

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commented 2016-12-11 14:19:02 -0500
Sigh…….and lieberal idiots in this country elected Trudope!
commented 2016-12-10 13:14:28 -0500
Bravo, good to see you back. I hope you are well.
commented 2016-12-10 09:38:50 -0500
Proof that their justice system is dead and they now have a politically correct legal system

commented 2016-12-09 21:40:31 -0500
This is a modern day hero.
commented 2016-12-09 19:59:59 -0500
Go Geert Go. I believe in every word that Geert Wilders says. This communist/islamic garbage is sweeping across the globe and needs more people like Geert to publicly stand up in opposition. Things are going to get even more ugly than they already are. I’d love for there to be thousands and thousands of whistle blowers on the infiltration of our governments made public and for these a holes to be shamed right out of our countries. The MSM which is entirely being ran by communists/islamists also needs to be shut down and overhauled for this public shaming to start.
commented 2016-12-09 19:16:41 -0500
the BACKLASH is about to happen and the fools are too arrogantly stupid to understand they haven’t a leg to stand on – it’s really about time the world be served by people like Geert Wilders, Marine Le-Penn, Donald Trump and all those who appreciate Liberty & Freedom – these progressives pricks have no idea of what reality is – so it’s time to sharpen their reality – it’ll be like shooting Rabid animals!
commented 2016-12-09 19:13:45 -0500
The world is watching Geert and most of us agree wholeheartedly with you. The liberal elite do not, of course and this why they are falling like dominoes. Keep it up. We are winning our countries back, one at a time.
commented 2016-12-09 17:42:40 -0500
They lacked the courage to put him in jail or fine him. Amazing. Holland use to be the one land left in Europe that championed free speech.
commented 2016-12-09 15:45:16 -0500
I suspect this sham of a trial will galvanize the Dutch people to ever more vigorous support of the PVV. The shameless progressives are still licking their woulds administered by one Donald Trump. They still don’t understand why they lost. All theirs schemes and skullduggery backfired on them. May the same hold true in the Netherlands.
commented 2016-12-09 15:38:03 -0500
Well said, Art.
commented 2016-12-09 15:08:13 -0500
Well, as a Canadian i’d just like to tell those 3 judges thank you for telling us that the liberation of your soon to be 3rd world getto of a country was a complete waste of time and 6000 Canadian casualties. No doubt your parents were collaborators (and volunteers), as you now collaborate with Merkel. Thanks to people like Wilders the fight is not over yet.
commented 2016-12-09 14:19:41 -0500
Geert’s conviction is absolutely shameful, but not surprising in the least! The elitists had better get ready for a backlash from the normal people. They think they are above the law, and will not be held accountable. But someday there will be an accounting, and they will have to pay for mocking the true citizens of the Netherlands. They are traitors, with blood on their hands.
commented 2016-12-09 14:02:00 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,396 Attacks, 207,364 Killed, 290,466 Injured that we know of.