December 13, 2016

VIDEO: Girl is robbed and nearly gang raped in Austrian street

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

What looks like a young woman is roughed up and robbed and appears to be in the midst of being raped when two men show up and rescue her in Austria.

The Express describes the video:

Outrageous footage has revealed the moment the girl was saved by two men after she was attacked by a group of youths in a subway station. 

In the footage, the girl can be seen struggling with one particular male in the station before the situation quickly gets more serious.

The girl is thrown against a wall while another couple of youths surround her, as one boy picks up an object which appears to be a mobile phone off the floor before walking off. 



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commented 2016-12-15 16:59:37 -0500
Dear Victor Laszlo, please check your information.

This incident happened on the 22nd of May 2016 in Prague, Czech Rep., in front of the police presidium, as you can read in various Czech newspapers. For instance here:

After the police searched (also) via social media, the aggressors surrendered themselves. The main attacker, aged 21, got UP TO ten years (I couldn`t find any further information).
The girl was 16 and probably knew the guys. The motive were drugs and money.
Unfortunately the articles do not say anything about the aggressors other than the age of the main attacker. They look white to me…
commented 2016-12-14 22:35:33 -0500
Jay, why do you feel compelled to be an apologist for Islam? What do you get out of it?
commented 2016-12-13 17:48:38 -0500
Note to ladies! DON’T talk to eastern immigrants!!
commented 2016-12-13 10:04:33 -0500
Jay….just to confirm; in case it hasn’t sunk in yet, you ARE an idiot.
commented 2016-12-13 09:53:24 -0500
What the guy who got on top of her was trying to do was suffocate her by covering her mouth and nose with his hand. This is one of the ISIS hand to hand combat techniques.

In the USA they would have been shot summarily on the spot…but cops are “racist” there.
commented 2016-12-13 09:48:14 -0500
@jay Kelly…so when did YOU become the pope of islam? And who IS the pope of islam? Who in all the world speaks for islam collectively? The master mind of the 9/11 attacks is one of the leading islamic scolars in the world but he apparently does not know as much about islam as you.

I for one am not going to pay the jizha on my bended dhimmi knees.
commented 2016-12-13 09:25:32 -0500
The “rape culture” was imported
commented 2016-12-13 08:10:57 -0500
Now in Canada and growing strong.
commented 2016-12-13 08:06:00 -0500
I’m sure the CBC will bring it to light.When pigs fly.
commented 2016-12-13 06:55:16 -0500
What do you expect from these knuckle draggers ?
commented 2016-12-13 02:47:03 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,412 Attacks, 207,606 Killed, 290,881 Injured that we know of.

Jay Kelly is ignorant of Islam. Read the Koran, Jay…. and the Hadiths.
commented 2016-12-13 01:43:11 -0500
Victor Laszlo, and Shebel Raj, and Drew Wakariuk, are all honestly ignorant of Islam.

“Those little shits”, as Shebel calls them.

Imagine, on a site like this, how ignorant Victor, Shebel, and Drew appear. We are not ignorant.

Why portray right-leaning people as ‘ignorant’? Can we not enter into a meaningful discussion?
commented 2016-12-13 01:23:06 -0500
If God won’t kill those little shits—- then somebody else will—-
commented 2016-12-13 00:58:17 -0500
Well good to see there are at least 2 men that have not been feminized in Europe. \
I wonder when Jay Kelly will be along to tell us they were giving her CPR?
commented 2016-12-13 00:52:11 -0500
I feel sorry for the girl that was molested, however I am happy that the Stupid Austrian people that just voted to keep in the leftist Gov’t , are going to get plenty of rape and violence for many more years. You usually get what you vote for.
commented 2016-12-13 00:45:26 -0500
Proof positive that Muslims are evil savages, unfit to be in civilized Countries.

Now we have a PM who wants to beat Merkel’s record of stupidity.

Stop Trudeau and stop the Muslim Death Cult.