November 27, 2017

VIDEO: Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi Defends Congressman Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Kristin TateRebel Buzz Contributor

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi loves to proclaim that she's a champion for women's rights. Yet when it comes to men accused of sexual misconduct, apparently Pelosi will defend them if they're a Democrat. 

This weekend Pelosi defended Democratic Congressman John Conyers as an "icon" amid allegations he fired a woman on his staff after she refused to engage in sexual activities with him. 

Even the left-wing media is calling out Nancy Pelosi for defending Conyers. 

From Vox

Pelosi’s performance on Meet the Press is why so many women don’t come forward about sexual harassment.

In an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Sunday, Pelosi declared a “zero-tolerance” policy on sexual harassment. Then she stood by Michigan Rep. John Conyers — a powerful Democrat who, it was recently reported, quietly settled a wrongful dismissal case in 2015 when a woman on his staff said she was fired for refusing his repeated sexual advances. 

[...] He is an “icon,” she told Todd. The woman? “I do not know who they are. Do you?” she asked the host. “They have not really come forward.” (The woman came forward three years ago, dogging her case through an opaque process in Congress that bars her from speaking about it. She spoke to BuzzFeed anonymously.)

Pelosi's recent statements are hardly her first comments defending an accused sexual predator. 

In the 1990s she regularly offered full throated defenses of then-President Bill Clinton. She's been defending him against his alleged sexual assault victims for decades. Check this out: 

And while she was Speaker of the House, Pelosi ignored sexual harassment by former congressman and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Filner sexually harassed female veterans who were victims of rape. Abusing his position of power, Filner offered the rape victims "help" in return for "dates." 

Bottom line: Nancy Pelosi has never been a feminist hero. She, like so many other Democrats, simply use buzzwords associated with feminism and other social movements to mobilize low information voters. 

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commented 2017-11-29 04:43:13 -0500
But then of course we have “barn owl eyes” Hillary doing the same each and every day… (Again, not to disparage the real owls…)
commented 2017-11-29 01:48:54 -0500
Interesting observation about Pelosi’s bulging eyes… Border guards and customs officials would tell you that their training indicates “somebody lying desperately, while knowing that you know that she is role playing”…
commented 2017-11-28 16:32:41 -0500
Is it me, or does it look like her eyes are going to pop out of her skull any minute?
She’s a twisted woman, with a twisted history of defending men who sexually harass and sexually assault women.