November 03, 2016

VIDEO: Leftists try to shut down lecture series on Marxism and Political Correctness

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

American journalist, author and scholar Diana West, gave a lecture at ICON (Issues Confronting Our Nation) about the history and nature of Political Correctness and its genesis as an expression of Marxism, and met protests by leftists who would seem not to want this information known. 

Diana West, author of Death of the Grownup, and American Betrayal, met resistance from leftists on her way to give a lecture on, somewhat ironically, the facts of leftistism's general tendancy to crush freeom of speech and thought.

From Diana's own webpage:

Behold, my own personal protesters (above) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, snapped en route to the parking lot of a lecture hall where I was to give a speech on October 18. My topic? The origins and impact of the Marxist-Bolshevik-Fabian-Socialist-Democrat-Progessive-Alinskyite-micro-aggression-trigger-warning censorship movement against truth and tradition that is opaquely known as "politically correct." 

Diana's write up on the protest is here.

The actual lecture below:

For a 12 minute punchy summary of the Frankfurt School and the history of Political Correctness, please see this Bill Whittle video:

But the Diana West one is much more detailed and explains some of the critical aspects of how it was inserted into the culture so deeply. 

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commented 2016-11-04 15:44:13 -0400
The Diana West West video is:
“This video has been removed by the user.”-ized. Same on YouTube.

…an amazing 13 minutes with Bill Whittle though…as usual.
commented 2016-11-04 01:34:40 -0400
“Judge and jury and executioner of freedoms”. Drew, what an excellent summary of the left and punchy phrase. I intend to steal it. I always compare the lefties to either the white witch of Narnia where “it is always winter but never Christmas” or the Queen of Hearts in Alice in wonderland, “all ways are MY ways”.

Rebelation, you are correct: the lefties never learn. Even in the Gulags there were many who staunchly supported communism and Stalin even knowing they were unjustly imprisoned. That is why I say a lefty refuses to learn from their mistakes. They refuse to learn from the mistakes of others (i.e. history) and they refuse to exercise discernment lest it correct the first two.

commented 2016-11-04 00:43:57 -0400
Drew, you are a philosopher extraordinaire!!

I just find it incredible though, that these Leftists never learn. One quick glance past and present tells you
Socialism doesn’t work, yet they believe. And of course, a lot of the “believers” are small minded and jealous of others’ success, and they’re immaturity drives them to “manage” society. Jealous, and lack the maturity to simply stand back and let society flourish, as it does when there’s no interference.

The examples here in Canada of failed socialism should suffice. Our health care, our schools, our city-owned apartments, our lack of choice and high prices (compared to the US), our retirement savings funds etc etc. The list goes on. Yet they don’t learn.
commented 2016-11-03 22:39:46 -0400
I can remember a day back around 1970 when I went into a bookstore in Halifax and was browsing the racks…someone in the store noted to me that there was a special on for posters of Che Guevara…I declined…I said I did not think it was appropriate for a doctor to go around killing people in the name of socialized medicine.

Out from the back room of the store sprung this character who’s first name was Lionel…I forget his last name…I always refered to him as “Graucho Marx” for his humourless schizoid style…he was affiliated with Hardial Bains and the Maoists…and he was a Jewish trust fund brat.

He went up one side of me and down the other spouting jargon and invective…and it occured to me for the first time….if there were thousands like him in Europe in the 1920’s and 1930’s …then Hitler did not invent anti-sematism and anti-sematism was not in any way a hard sell for people like Goebels or Julius Streiker.

At the time I was dating a Jewish girl.

I know enough that being Jewish is a broad spectrum of ideas….but just as Islamists are not trusted today…in that era it was the same for Jews.

So am I apologising for todays troublemakers? No…most certainly not…

What I am saying is if you think you are on God’s erand by virtue of the pretended mom’s home cooking franchise of some ink stains on paper…and if your favourite composer is Felix Meddlesom…and you like to crank up the tunes….you are bound to piss off your neighbours.
commented 2016-11-03 22:28:35 -0400
Someone introduced me to Eric Fromm (books) when I was in my teens. This is how it happens. Young adults are targeted and they don’t know the difference and their parents don’t know what they’re reading or being influenced by. Their parents may not know what they subjects are all about.
Imagine what is being taught in the schools now given the types of teachers influencing children. No wonder why these kids are screwed up.
Excellent videos. Plus, look up Bella Dodd, prominent communist who recruited men to enter the Catholic Church as Priests.
commented 2016-11-03 21:44:30 -0400
Marxists are scum. Who the hell anointed them judge and jury and executioner of freedoms? They can all go f*ck themselves.
commented 2016-11-03 21:21:14 -0400
Bill Whittle, so refreshing to hear someone speak their mind. Luckily you (still?) have a 1st Amendment Right, here in Canada, free speech is already becoming criminalized – it is only free if it supports a certain viewpoint. My relatives in the UK and Germany bemoan the same, as they see the EXACT regimes and destructive behaviours they fought against (and some died for it) coming back in spades, using the same laws and propaganda machinery that Hitler so very well understood and perfected. Should I care? I’ll be dead soon, but I have a duty and love … for my child who I wished had a better future, yet by all evidence, will be enslaved to this truly Orwellian tyranny.
commented 2016-11-03 20:32:28 -0400
PC, Gender politics, White shaming – all out-shoots of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism fomenting cultural overthrow though a thousand varieties of critical theory and anti-dialectical argument.

I’m finished with Marxists camouflaging themselves as virtue crusaders then using violence, intimidation and silencing lawfare – if the courts don’t get a handle on this repressive authoritarianism, the culture war will break bad – I’m not so sure this would be a bad thing – I think it is inevitable
commented 2016-11-03 20:23:23 -0400
Very informative! Trudeau certainly has the Marxism technique of “not letting the facts disturb him” down pat, and so do most of his cabinet ministers!
I think we should change the terminology from Political Correctness to Political Marxism!
commented 2016-11-03 18:07:11 -0400
I find this news highly educational in retrospect

I allways wondered about the laurentian elite and their triangle

DIANNA WEST ! Your the best
commented 2016-11-03 15:50:31 -0400
I find this news highly… offensive…