May 24, 2017

VIDEO: Manchester bomber’s brothers, father arrested

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

The older and younger brothers of the Manchester terrorist have been arrested, along with his father, all suspected to have ties to to the Islamic State. The bomb maker is still being hunted.

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commented 2017-05-25 12:31:16 -0400
Charge them as accessories and go after them in court! The people need their day in court, though the judge will most certainly be making all kinds of irresponsible excuses for these murderers.
commented 2017-05-25 02:06:33 -0400
And his father being interviewed on TV once again clearly demonstrated the Muslim practice of Taquiyya… Or as Sergeant Klink used to intone:- “I know nothing!”… Like Bleep you knew nothing…
commented 2017-05-25 00:46:15 -0400
Send them all to JK Rowlings house.
commented 2017-05-24 22:55:16 -0400
Mourice Potvin—Great video, that guy doesn’t fool around; he calls it like it is. ( New Conservative Leader ?)
commented 2017-05-24 21:34:01 -0400
I knew it… It was impossible for this terrorist to be acting as a Lonewolf… He neither had the skills nor the resources to pull this off by himself..
Old-time punishment was pretty effective… Hang the bodies on the outside of town and leave them there until they rot off the rope..
I will wait for cries of injustice from our left-leaning conservatives that feel again these measures are too harsh.
But… It’s seem to work in the old days.!!
commented 2017-05-24 20:26:02 -0400
Elton Braun, the carry on gang must be getting hoarse by now, this attitude does nothing to address the actual problem…Islam
Very good post Elton.
commented 2017-05-24 19:46:42 -0400
The UK has been told by the carry on gang to …just carry on. Exactly as before. How typically British. Merkel says she finds this incomprehensible. Why is that when they’ve been telling us their plans for years. Trudeau, speaking for all of us of course, says we all find this shocking. Well not for those of us who have been paying attention. They targeted Jews, who are leaving Europe in droves, they targeted Christians at Christmas and Easter including priests, they targeted gays, they used kids as suicide bombers, so why should we be shocked that they have now targeted British kids? And the carry on gang says nothing to see here, just another pile of corpses but we’ll have them cleaned up in a jiffy. We’ll even hose down the street for you. Just carry on exactly as before till the next atrocity. Only with a little less freedom and, dispite the rhetoric, it will be with a little more fear.
commented 2017-05-24 18:18:46 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,387 Attacks, 214,912 Killed, 296,164 Injured..that we know of

Here’s a video that explains why the terrorists targeted innocent young girls very well:
commented 2017-05-24 18:17:30 -0400
Seven people including, or plus, a Woman have now been arrested.

Twenty of the people who were injured are now on the critical list.

Source Sky News.
commented 2017-05-24 17:25:30 -0400
You are not united and strong. Your people are killed, and more will come. You are being conquered. The soldiers are sent to protect the traitor class in London. You, the citizens, are left with 400 jihadists and 3500 terrorists and they will stay free until the next killing.