Why isn't the video playing?


Premium Content videos can be played on most devices, however we do have system requirements.

To view our system requirements please click here

Most often video playback issues can be solved with the following steps: 


1. Clear the cache and cookies.

2. Try watching our video in a different browser to see if the same error occurs.

3. Update your internet browser to the newest version.

4. Restart the internet browser (and computer if prompted) and try playing the video again.

5. Make sure that third party cookies are enabled in whichever internet browser you are using.

6. Try watching the video with the lowest quality resolution. You can adjust this by clicking the settings icon on the bottom right of the video and selecting 240p. 

*Instructions for these steps can be found online by searching for the instructions specific to your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)

If these steps have not solved your issues please refer to our help guide by clicking here

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