October 26, 2016

VIDEO: Project Veritas busts the Democrats again in FOURTH undercover video

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In this fourth video, Project Veritas Action both provides new footage and offers a kind of summary as to the tactics and illegality of the Democratic party in the US. Below, the description from the Youtube page:

In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort. Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost. And it did. In an unexpected twist, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse, the recipient of the $20,000, heard that Project Veritas Action was releasing undercover videos exposing AUFC’s activities. He told a journalist that AUFC was going to return the twenty thousand dollars. He said it was because they were concerned that it might have been an illegal foreign donation. Project Veritas Action was pleased but wondered why that hadn’t been a problem for the month that they had the money. 

For the first three Project Veritas videos exposing the Clinton campaign and the DNC:

View the first part of this series here:

View the second part of this series here:

View the third part of this series here:


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commented 2016-10-27 13:23:02 -0400
Unfortunately (and sadly) I agree with Andrew Stephenson on this one. Not because this isn’t important, but because the electorate are lazy simpletons that don’t go beyond what facebook and twitter tell them.
commented 2016-10-27 13:19:05 -0400
I absolutely laud Project Veritas for all the important and dangerous work they do – but – given the ‘changes’ to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry since Project Veritas’ scandalous expose on them…
Given the exposure of all the election fraud in 2008 and 2012…and all the ‘changes’ made to the system in light of all that exposed fraud…
Given the complete collusion of the MSM and all the useful idiots out there…
The Globalists are putting Hillary into the White House come Hell or high water…and sending America straight to Hell in the process…and the rest of us with it!
A bolt of lightning from the blue turning Hillary into a crispy-critter – at one of her rallies so the low attendance numbers will keep the collateral damage down – would be a hopeful sign, otherwise.
commented 2016-10-27 11:24:37 -0400
Excellent coverage of the criminal Clinton election campaign. These entire footages should be aired on national tv. It would be the end of Clinton for sure. I have a suspicion that there is much more similar Clinton/Obama criminal election activity just waiting to be exposed. Let’s hope the whistle blowers come out in droves soon so that Clinton, Obama and all others involved go to prison.
commented 2016-10-27 10:41:38 -0400
The only people that care about Project Veritas are those who already support Trump and are clinging desperately to the faint-hope conspiracy theories.

Everyone else has long since written it off as the same sort of fabricated scandalmongering underlying joke sites like Breitbart and Infowars etc.
commented 2016-10-27 07:00:25 -0400
As Hillary has just won the election, all this doesn’t matter
commented 2016-10-26 19:24:41 -0400
The most ironic thing about the modern “Brown Shirts” is they will meet the same fate as their namesake, once their “usefulness” is over.
commented 2016-10-26 18:11:01 -0400
Wow – just mFn’ wow! I had no idea the lefty client orgs were so involved in mony laundering and supplying goon muscle – positively brown shirt: In the white collar dem net, it is a sophisticated network of political money laundering for election swaying, access buying and patronage – it just seathes with corruption – this is Rome in the late stages baby!

Buddy sez they been rigging for 50 years – and they have – “community organizers” is an Alinsky term for ballot rigger
commented 2016-10-26 17:51:37 -0400
Bring it all to the light, Lord!
commented 2016-10-26 17:51:36 -0400
Bring it all to the light, Lord!
commented 2016-10-26 17:47:46 -0400
This is more than enough to get you barred from the black jack tables at Las Vegas…..:-)
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