October 27, 2015

VIDEO: "Reagan allowed himself to imagine a world without the Soviet Union"

Rebel Staff

"Because he was simpler than Nixon in some ways, more sentimental than Nixon, [Reagan] allowed himself to imagine a world without the Soviet Union.

"Which Nixon's mind — much more brilliant than Reagan's — couldn't quite bring himself to do," says Thomas Mallon, author of the new novel, Finale, in conversation with Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV:

Mallon is a rare novelist who actually lives in Washington, D.C. and writes about politics and power. (...) His phenomenal new novel Finale (...) follows the adventures of a fictional National Security Council advisor making his way through the scandal-ridden final years of the Reagan administration. (...)

The former literary editor of GQ and the widely praised author of a shelf of novels (including Dewey Defeats Truman and Watergate: a Novel) and nonfiction (Mrs. Paine's Garage and the Murder of John F. Kennedy; Stolen Words: Forays into the Origins and Ravages of Plagiarism), Mallon also explains why "95 percent of the writers" he knows are liberal Democrats (and why that bothers him), how social media and memoir are killing the novel, and why he's disappointed in writers such as Jonathan Franzen.


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commented 2015-10-28 14:56:26 -0400
THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND” by G. Edward Griffin, was one of the scariest books I ever read…
commented 2015-10-28 14:07:00 -0400
I agree Dan, the Bolshevists were always destined to lose. It was the Fabians, those who sought to subvert society through it institutions that have succeeded. We had Rockerfeller and his support of internationalism and donating his land for the United Nations. We had to creation of the Federal Reserve, a Fabian institution. And the idiotic teaching of Keynes that has been adopted as the dominant economic theory in the West. And then the genius of pink communism, environmentalism.
commented 2015-10-28 06:42:24 -0400
Yet we got lectured to by the media back then about how the Soviet Union was much better at utilizing it’s resources than the West was and that people in the USSR and East Bloc were not interested in having Western style freedoms. As it turned out though, we discovered that the media were kissing up to Tass and other Communist party controlled sources and basically ignoring the dissidents. Ones like the late Peter Jennings and others of his ilk must have been disappointed seeing people jump over the Berlin Wall one way as opposed to the other.
commented 2015-10-28 00:41:25 -0400
Ronald Reagan may well have single-handedly defeated the USSR, but we still got Fabian Socialism…
commented 2015-10-27 21:53:35 -0400
Harper and Reagan would have made a good combo for the Western World.
commented 2015-10-27 18:08:51 -0400
It seems even as the population of the world increases, we just cannot find a leader of his caliber – in Canada or the US. Where is today’s Reagan?
commented 2015-10-27 16:47:51 -0400
Reagan allowed himself to imagine a world without the Soviet Union and we got a world without the Soviet Union. Good Riddance.