Video Survey

A message from Ezra Levant, Rebel Commander: 

Thank you for signing up for! As you know, we haven’t fully built the company yet, but we’re already broadcasting video clips! That’s half the fun — not waiting until everything’s perfect before just jumping right in. It’s sort of like building an airplane while taxiing down the runway!

Our amazing video producer sent me three animated logos to choose from, called “stings” in the TV business. A sting is a quick flash on TV, usually going in or out of a commercial break. All three are gorgeous, and it's so hard to choose. And then I thought: why not ask everybody who has signed up on our website?

Can you fill out this five minute survey and help us out?

Option 1 - Distortion

Option 2 - Jumpy

Option 3 - Calm

Which of the three stings do you like best?