March 12, 2017

VIDEO: Turkish leader claims modern Germany “no different from its Nazi past”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Turkey's President Erdogan has been making inflammatory, jingoistic claims about European nations on his speaking tour, promoting a referendum to change the Turkish constitution to grant him more power.

Yesterday in the Netherlands, Turkish expats rioted in Rotterdam until a state of national emergency was declared.

Meanwhile in Istanbul, people shouting "Allah hu Akbar" took down the Dutch flag at the consulate:

Rioting in the Netherlands, specifically in Rotterdam:

Security at Turkish consulate as Turkish Foreign Minister banned from referendum propaganda tour speaking engagements:

Massive protest outside of Turkish consulate in Rotterdam:

This is a developing story.

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commented 2017-03-14 11:35:51 -0400
The Dutch will wake up one morning and realize the little gingerbread house of a country they built has disintegrated around them. Sugar and spice and everything nice will come to an end if they and the rest of Europe don’t accept their errors and start reversing them.
commented 2017-03-14 04:09:56 -0400
I just re watched the video where Ezra tells the Turkish dictator to fuck off. Good stuff. It needs to reappear here as a flashback video.

I also love the video where Ezra takes out the Dutch newspaper that has a pic of an ape in the place of the Turkish dictator.
commented 2017-03-13 23:56:08 -0400
@ SPACE MOOSE commented 20 hours ago

“The dutch elections are around the corner. The Turkish dictator picked the wrong time to get into a war of words with Holland. I hope this gives the dutch the motivation to vote Wilders in.”

sorry to bust your noodle but this will keep Wilders out and was a pre meditated act by the beloved dictator of Turkey, he even send his insurance policy for success.
commented 2017-03-13 17:48:19 -0400
From the nation that committed genocide.
commented 2017-03-13 11:56:11 -0400
All this from a man who, like Putin and Chavez, wants to become leader for life. And he calls the Netherlands a banana republic? Erdogan is just another two bit dictator.
commented 2017-03-13 06:24:32 -0400
Just a little more rioting should put the populist party over the top…
commented 2017-03-13 04:35:26 -0400
The world wide Jihad has an excellent ally in the foolish policy and mindset of the lefts multi-culturalism fantasy. Each and every migrant or refugee that manages to arrive in Europe of North America is not a Jihadist or radical Islamist. But behind them is a well organized movement with at its heart is the eventual overthrow of the host country . We don’t have to theorize about this, It is unfolding right in front of our eyes.
The Netherlands will perish as a society and nation if they don’t take action by electing Wilders .
commented 2017-03-13 03:27:31 -0400
The dutch elections are around the corner. The Turkish dictator picked the wrong time to get into a war of words with Holland. I hope this gives the dutch the motivation to vote Wilders in.
commented 2017-03-13 01:00:27 -0400
And the Euro cuck leaders take it like the wimps they are.
commented 2017-03-13 00:02:16 -0400
That’s rich. Being lectured on the meaning of democracy by a muslim. ROLF.
commented 2017-03-12 22:12:47 -0400
Taking a page from the Muslim play book, i’m pretty sure those 4 nations could correct a ‘historical wrong’ in a hell of a lot shorter than 6 days. After all, as a Christian, Constantinople is my 3rd holiest city (after Jerusalem and Rome). Hey, what’s good for the goose…
commented 2017-03-12 22:03:45 -0400
Oh what the heck, they’ve earned it. The US, UK, Russia and Israel.
commented 2017-03-12 21:49:30 -0400
I think the US, UK and Russia need to pull a western version of the 6 day war attack on Israel and take Constantinople back in a lightening attack.
commented 2017-03-12 21:30:07 -0400
If the Turks get riled, they will open the flood gates and let millions of Death Cultist’s into the rest of Europe, causing havoc.
commented 2017-03-12 19:37:57 -0400
Kick all the Turks out of Germany and Holland.
For that matter, kick all the Muslims out of Europe.
Islam is the greatest evil of our age…..along with its sympathizers.
commented 2017-03-12 19:19:21 -0400
Europe needs to stop being such pussies and tell the turks to shut up or get out of there countries, Sanctions what does turkey even have anyone wants besides vilolent Islamic BS its all they have. Grow a set europe
commented 2017-03-12 18:58:19 -0400
The one glaring difference between the Germany of WWII and today, is those who might be “persecuted” have a place to go.
commented 2017-03-12 17:47:56 -0400
Oh, and like the Muslim world towards Israel: FREE CONSTANTINOPLE!
commented 2017-03-12 17:40:17 -0400
And you’re no different from your head chopping, child raping, clit slicing, slave trading, caliphate past. And i’m sticking my tongue out at you.
commented 2017-03-12 15:50:26 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,957 Attacks, 211,377 Killed, 295,399 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-12 15:30:35 -0400
Well it isn’t as if we didn’t know what was coming in Europe. These people bring all their historic ethnic and religious problems with them and then start destabilizing the host country. Expats rioting in the streets? I would repatriate each and every one of them back to Turkey. Period
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