December 14, 2016

VIDEO: Women try to retake parts of Muslim FRANCE

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In this stunning video, two modestly dressed French women are refused service at certain cafes because they are female:

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commented 2016-12-15 12:01:59 -0500
They should make their own establishments free of Muslim males. If a Muslim man tries to enter, he should be refused service and everyone should do whatever they can to make him uncomfortable just like what these sexist assholes are doing to women there. See how they like it. But even then these males can never feel the full extent of the discrimination experienced by women. A woman is born with her biology while religion is a choice. Think about it, imagine being discriminated against because of the body you were born into, something you had no choice about. I seriously love being a woman, but I’m sick of the misogyny of this messed up society, especially misogyny so openly expressed like from Muslim men. Both women and every decent man in that country need to fight back against this misogynistic culture and actually physically show Muslim males that their primitive behavior and attitudes towards women will not be tolerated in any civilized country.
commented 2016-12-15 01:53:11 -0500
Great idea, there should be these ‘walks’ in every European country which has been overtaken by Islam. Take back your country.
commented 2016-12-14 22:35:35 -0500
Most average people in this area of France would believe the experience of these women. Why don’t the citizens, both left and right have a rally to spread the word around as to the customs of these people. ( Like the Alberta Carbon tax rally.)
commented 2016-12-14 21:43:47 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,427 Attacks, 207,789 Killed, 290,961 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-12-14 21:25:43 -0500
See, France is losing their territory bit by bit. It’s obvious, muslims don’t mix with a free society!
commented 2016-12-14 21:22:19 -0500
The Muslim woman said, I don’t have the need to go to a bistro, well so what, she’s probably not allowed to do anything anyways, so she thinks the French women should do the same. Nooooooo, these women are not immigrants & their rights are being taken away by what was a minority who is now becoming a majority. I say keep on organizing, stand up for your rights & fight like hell.
commented 2016-12-14 18:05:25 -0500
All those neanderthal men are obviously all muslims, that’s why they are not normal.

commented 2016-12-14 17:23:53 -0500
Good for them!! Good strategy! Too bad the men aren’t men any more! If this nonsense comes to my neighbourhood, believe me, I’ll be in their faces!!
commented 2016-12-14 17:20:01 -0500
What has happened to the French MEN? These women are their wives, sisters, mothers, aunts? WHy won’t this country, and other european countries stick up for themselves. I’m afraid for this country, if the little potato imports enough of these assholes.
commented 2016-12-14 16:40:40 -0500
So— It is OK for Muslims to refuse to allow females into their establishment – But— it is
ILLEGAL for non-Muslims to refuse to allow a female into a MASK in their establishment.
commented 2016-12-14 15:19:19 -0500
I guess if all the men have been cowed by leftist indoctrination then the women are on their own.
commented 2016-12-14 14:08:45 -0500
Canada will be just the same, give it three or four years and Justin Trudeau.