April 29, 2016

(VIDEOS) Thursday's Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Suspected Cologne rape ringleader ARRESTED

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

It will likely be impossible to stop at just five, but lets see where this goes tonight.

1. Let's start with an amazing interview with author and influential writer within the Three Percenters, Matt Bracken on Alex Jones on the 27th.

Skip ahead to 53 minutes and enjoy some sanity

2. All Belgians to be given iodine pills for nuclear safety

The Belgians must be expecting a major outbreak of goiter. Either that or a radiological bomb of some kind, but as Belgium has so many members of the Religion of Peace living there, it has to be goiter. 

The Belgian government has agreed to distribute iodine pills to the country's entire population as a nuclear safety precaution.

Health Minister Maggie De Block said current rules requiring pills to be given within 20km (12 miles) of a reactor should be increased to 100km.

Belgium's neighbours have criticised the state of its nuclear reactors.

However, the minister said the change was as a result of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

An earthquake led to a tsunami and all three reactor cores largely melted down.

"Every country has updated its plans for a nuclear emergency," Ms De Block told Belgian TV. 

3. Kenya erects "apartheid wall" on the Somali border

Just kidding. I know its only an "apartheid wall" when Jews build a barrier to Islamic terrorism.

GABORONE, Botswana — Kenya has confirmed it will begin construction of a 700-kilometer-long security wall along the northeastern border with Somalia as part of a broader national security plan to curb cross-border terror attacks by Somali terrorist group al-Shabab.

Addressing the media in Nairobi over the weekend, Kenya's Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery said that contrary to assertions by the Somali government and some influential clans and communities on either side of the border, the fence would not limit or deter the movement of people between the two countries.

4. Turkish Parliament's Human Rights Committee to examine Islamophobia in West

One marvels at how they find the time to search for Islamophobia in the West, between all the expropriating churches, humiliating the Armenians, slaughtering the Kurds and disenfranchising the non-Muslim minorities withn Turkey they do so well.

With rising Islamophobia throughout the West, especially in the European Union, a subcommittee, Reviewing Hostility to Islam in Western Countries, established under Parliament's Human Rights Committee, held a meeting on Wednesday and decided to examine Islamophobia starting in Germany where a large number of Turkish-origin people live. During the meeting, the subcommittee's chairman and Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) Sakarya Deputy Ali İhsan Yavuz said that the issue of hostility toward Islam is a serious matter and that they aim to compile a comprehensive report on it. He said that xenophobia and Islamophobia exist throughout Western countries and the subcommittee had finalized its roadmap at the meeting.

Not that Turkey would be trying to inculcate its expats with a hatred of unbelievers via state funded mosques or anything...

5. ISIS TERROR WARNING: Crazed jihadists 'threaten to launch MAJOR ATTACK on Eurovision'

CRAZED Islamic State terrorists are feared to be planning a "major attack" on the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden next month.

Eight fanatics have recently entered Stockholm after fighting for ISIS, also known as Daesh, in Iraq and Syria, according to the Daily Star.

One of the gang is said to have close links to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the notorious leader of the West-hating death cult.

Detectives last night revealed the contest on May 14 – to be attended by up to 16,000 people at the Globe Arena – is their target.

Europe will rise up to defend that. The 2014 Eurovision song contest winner is the ultimate symbol of modern Europe.



Who wouldn't fight for that?

Bonus link:

6. Police in Switzerland arrest man suspected of being ringleader of the Cologne sex attacks

See 'cause I kinda remember German authorities insisting it was not an organized thing at all...

POLICE in Switzerland have arrested a man they suspect of being one the main ringleaders of the frenzied sex attacks against hundreds of women in Cologne on New Year's Eve. [...] 

A check on his identity revealed he was one of the suspected "main suspects" in the frenzied sexual assaults and robberies carried out on hundreds of women on December 31 in and around the main station of Cologne.

Police said that immigrant men, most of them asylum seekers, were responsible for the attacks which caused an earthquake in German attitudes to migrants reflected in a huge surge for anti-immigrant political parties.

7. Four brothers beat sister to death in "honour killing"

Well, you know the old saying: "The family that beats the sister to death together preserves their honour together."

In a suspected case of honour killing, an 18-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her four brothers after she was found in the company of a man in Igrah village here.

The incident took place on Wednesday night. According to police, the girl's brothers also thrashed her lover, who hails from the same village, but he somehow managed to escape.
The Turkish Ministry of Euro affairs has designed is own logo. For some, it may indicate a sign of intent:
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commented 2016-04-29 16:29:02 -0400
I can only suggest that in the face of horrendous Islamophobia and the horrible conditions in the West that the Muslims make all possible haste to return to the Nirvana they so recently departed. Oh, and take Peter Pan with you so, he too, can experience this enlightenment.
commented 2016-04-29 02:29:02 -0400

I love the top five for the Counter-Jihad!

This is a good addition to The Rebel.

Many more of similar videos and articles can be found here…


I have found this site to be one of the most bold when it comes to the IN YOUR FACE TRUTH about the threat that we westerners face.

The site is updated several times a day, just like any news site.