February 19, 2018

Viktor Orban: “In Budapest, plain speech is in fashion”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban details why the country’s influence is more widespread than could be expected based on its size and economic strength, and lays out the different paths being taken by Western and Central Europe.


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commented 2018-02-21 11:30:01 -0500
RICK PLESNIK commented 2018-02-19 16:40:41 -0500
Orban always impresses! Would we had someone similar in Canada. Jihadi Justin could be finished quickly!

Rick, I have asked this question before but it is worth asking again. Why are there no great orators in Canada? Are the overwrought High School drama club gushings of the Tater Tot the standard for us now? Pathetic.

Have we really been dumbed down to such an extent that we have no one who can take a stand and deliver a powerful and memorable message of substance that calls people to something higher?
commented 2018-02-21 03:27:50 -0500
Tina Sleigh… The next time you visit Eastern Europe also visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania… You will be pleasantly surprised… And not just by the superb beer!…
commented 2018-02-20 17:23:21 -0500
Muta Ween: I visited Hungary Xmas 2016, we were in Christmas market in Budapest at same time as the tragedy that happened at the Berlin Christmas market and felt lucky to be in Hungary. Budapest is indeed a cultural capital of Europe worth visiting and protecting. Costs are lower than the Western capitals of Europe, we felt safe everywhere we went, efficient and clean public transportation as well as historical buildings, lively marketplaces, famous hot springs and outdoor skating just to name a few.
commented 2018-02-20 14:03:23 -0500
Instead of going to Muslim dominated countries like England ,Germany and France people should consider vacations to Hungary.
It would be nice to see the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben before the Muslims hang speakers on them to broadcast their call to prayers but it may too late for that.
commented 2018-02-20 01:22:29 -0500
Who the hell decided plain speech was a bad thing anyways?
Orban knows that the appeasing countries will not have much economic strength in the future.
commented 2018-02-20 01:20:42 -0500
The world needs more leaders like this or it is done for.
commented 2018-02-19 17:29:50 -0500
I love how Hungary is getting so much positive attention from around the world.
commented 2018-02-19 16:40:41 -0500
Orban always impresses! Would we had someone similar in Canada. Jihadi Justin could be finished quickly!
commented 2018-02-19 15:08:45 -0500
Congratulations Mr. Orban, you are not afraid to speak the truth. As You stated, the Brits, USA and Israel are the only ones prepared to tell the truth. You did of course, forget to mention Yourself. A word of warning, do not trust Theresa May PM, UK. She has yet to prove herself. She is, in my opinion, in bed with the EU. You will find that the majority of the White population of England is on your side, along with the Orientals, Chinese and so on.

It is time to get it together and start fighting back. As long as Canada’s Trudeau, remembers how to breath in, then Canada is your enemy. Again the majority of White Canadians are on your side. Trudeau’s time could well be nigh.

Let’s get it together.
commented 2018-02-19 14:52:20 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,759 Attacks, 226,200 Killed, 305,672 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-02-19 14:34:58 -0500
How can the UN deny the objectives of Muslims when they have even taken over the UN. It seems that only around 8 countries can see this. If Countries in Africa continue to have 9 kids per family, let them feed them and keep them in their own Country. Most of them only pull down our countries.
Orban always gives great speeches that make perfect sense.
commented 2018-02-19 11:19:55 -0500
Orban is the only sane politician in all of Europe, UK and of course Canada.

While our little Clown Prince Trudy is importing these Muslim animals by the plane load Orban is doing the right thing by protecting his people.
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