February 28, 2018

Violence in Gaza justifies Israeli presence in the West Bank

Rebel Staff

On last night's show, Clifford D. May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies joined me to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians and their advocates have argued that the Israelis must withdraw from the West Bank to bring peace in the region, but years of violence in un-occupied Gaza prove that would be a dangerous and hopeless decision.

Israel faces frequent attacks from on Gaza border, withdrawing from the West Bank would allow for deadly attacks to be launched on along a new front. 

WATCH my interview with Clifford to see why he think's peace efforts must being with Palestinian leaders cracking down on violent factions like Hamas and Fatah.

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commented 2018-03-01 01:35:24 -0500
EVERYTIME they give up land, they get attacked from it.
commented 2018-02-28 17:38:22 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,884 Attacks, 226,747 Killed, 306,346 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-02-28 14:47:41 -0500
Palestinian leaders cannot be trusted. They have proven themselves, and there is no way Israel will leave the West Bank and leave themselves open to more attacks. Palestinian’s brainwashed Islamic poisoned minds have not changed, and will not change . To Palestine there is only one solution for the Jew, ‘the final solution’. Until every Jew is dead, they will not rest. They have always said it . The live and breathe their hatred and will NEVER be satisfied with any other solution.

Which is why I have to wonder why Canada allows Palestinians to carry on with their hate filled rhetoric and threats on our Canadian streets. Remember Calgary?
Who needs it. Multiculturalism is no fun anymore thanks to Islam.